Perseus Herald

  • a three year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate on modernizing the country?s Tourism Management and to implement the latest Tourism Management and Promotion technologies was agreed between Perseus Island and Sildavialand. As a sign of gratitude Perseus island created The " Sildavialand " chair at the Tourism University of Perseus Island. The two nations gladly welcomed the collaboration and the developing of an intensive program of visiting professors from the Faculty of Tourism of Las Torres University to the Perseus Island Tourism university is ready to function. perseus Island prime minister invited the colleague in charge of the Imperial Secretary of Science and Culture who will be in charge of this help and program to visit the facilities and hold a common press conference to the local tv network..Also the the king-emperor of sildavialand was pronounced honorary doctor of the Sildavialand chair as an expression of our goverments gratitude for the state of Sildavialand and his majesty.

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