Dilemmas, dilemmas, and more dilemmas

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    After Cardinal Unctious's shocking message and Cardinal Morales's plead to vote for Cardinal Schneider, the two Inimician Cardinals, William Oaks (pictured above) and Anton Hurkman discuss the remaining possibilities:

    Oaks: "I don't like this, Anton. Unctious is the only serious candidate for a conservative papacy, and now he's gone. Who to vote for?"
    Hurkman: "Well, Cardinal Morales has suggested voting for Ren? Schneider. Perhaps he's the right choice?"
    O.: "I doubt it. He's a man with good opinions, but if we vote for him, the conclave might take six months. We cannot be divided like that."
    H.: "What do you say we do? I mean, there's no way I'm voting for an ultra-liberal."
    O.: "There's no need for that. The most prominent of cardinals, Baraszi, might be a reasonable choice."
    H.: "You really mean that? I think we should vote for Schneider!"
    O.: "But he hasn't recieved ANY votes yet. We should now vote in the interests of the faithful, not for our own gains."
    H.: "You're a man of God, William, but I have to consider your opinion carefully."
    O.: "I know you will. Keep in mind the pope is there to serve all our interests, not just those of the cardinals he fancies most. If Baraszi is the man chosen by God, we must rally behind him. If he isn't, I will agree with you and vote for Schneider."
    H.: "I will pray for wisdom tonight. Let us hope we reach a decision tomorrow"
    O.: "Go with God, my friend."

    After this short discussion, the two Cardinals returned to their paperwork and thought about who they should vote for.

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