Perseus Island welcomes mission of Sildavia

  • The oficial mission to the Republic of Perseus Island has started as foreseen. The group left Kronstadt Empress Beatriz International Airport in a flight of SildavAir to Calma Marina, Perseus Island's capital.

    The mission is chaired by the Imperial Secretary of Science and Culture, Mr. Sec CieCult Lib, and is formed by the dean of the School of Tourism and Public Relations of the University of Las Torres, the dean of the same School of the private university of Tebas (Principality of Setia) and several professors in charge of chairs concerning touristic management, services, information and development. The director of the Imperial Office of Tourism (IOT) has been attached to the group, as well as twenty students of Tourism, who will make a study visit to Perseus Island as part of their training and exchange experiences with their Persean fellow students.

    Mr. Sec CieCult Lib has been charged with transmiting a personal message of salutation of Empress Regent Teresa to the President of Perseus Island, His Excellency Miltiadis Kritikos. The Perseus Island government welcomed the the visitors with a great celebration to the beginning of the project!

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