The Spinning Wheel Show!

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    "And may the odds, ever be in your favor..."

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    The Crystal Arena, Athemas

    "Welcome, Welcome, to the Crystal Arena, a future home to the 20th edition of Eurovoice, which for the first time is going to take place in Red Croatia!.." claps are heard from a uncompletely filled arena "..Tonight, decisions which is going to effect what country is going to send what artist to Eurovoice are going to be made, potentially ruining shots at winning for some countries, while at the same time increasing the shots to pretty much everyone rest. Let us see in whose favor are tonight's odds, aye'?..." loud claps are heard from a small audience, once again as two beautiful ladies reveal a covered spinning wheel.

    "Before we proceed, I'm going to once again explain what's going on. A theme is going to be randomly generated by our computer system, and then I as the host am going to spin the Wheel of Themes, and the two countries that I land on first are going to be sharing the 'provided' theme for Eurovoice XX. However, seeing as there are 15 countries and only 7 revealed themes, we have decided to provide a very.. 'special' theme to the last country standing.. Let's see what destiny has in store for us..." the large background screen starts switching between names of themes, and it suddenly stops at 'Boy Bands', resulting in loud cheers coming from the audience "Oh, this is going to be a fun one. Let's see which two countries are going to get a chance to win over hearts of young girls all over Europe..." the host proceeds to the spinning wheel and, well, spins it I guess.. and all that as dramatic music plays! Dumdumdum...

  • The Rechroats in the audience shudder as it looks as if their country is going to get the theme, but thankfully the wheel appears to have stopped early, resulting in it landing on Halsberg: "The first country to obtain the Boy Band Theme is.. Halsberg!" the rechroatian audience seems to be relieved, and starts clapping at Halsberg's theme... "Now, now, settle down.. there is one more country that's going to recieve this theme.. but the question is: which..." the host once again spins the wheel, and it seems to be stopping near Iyori..

  • As the dramatic music comes to an end, the wheel truly stops on Iyori, "The second country that's going to be sending a boy band to this edition of Eurovoice is Iyori!" the host laughs and claps are once again heard, as the computer starts to generate yet another theme, which one is it going to be this time.. "..and the second theme is going to be..." the computer generates the theme 'Girl Bands' resulting in the loudest cheer of the night so far coming from the audience, "Now this is the one that got Red Croatia excited.. let's see which countries get this theme.." the host proceeds to spin the spinning wheel as dramatic music plays.. "And the first country that's going to be sending a girl band to represent them in this edition of Eurovoice is..." the spinning wheel seems to be stopping near Qvait, could this be it?

  • As the spinning wheel reaches the top, where Qvait now is, it gets a slight push to it's right, resulting in a new country getting chosen to get this theme.. "And the first country is... United Romulan Empire! While the second one appears to be Northern Caesarea" the crowd gasps, sighs and then claps, as the computer generates yet another theme, "And the third theme of the night is going to be 'Songs from the 90's'!.." since this is pretty much a theme to pass by, the crowd doesn't really seem too interested, however they clap as loud as they can out of decency, as the spinning wheel proceeds to spin...

  • "The first reciever of the '90's Theme' is.." the wheel seems to be cautiously stopping "Os Corelia!" moderately loud claps are heard from the audience "..And the second reciever is..." the wheel gets spun again, and after several moments pass, it appears to start stopping.. "..the second reciever of the '90's theme is... Vinolici!" the claps, as well as noises of people asking what country is Vinolici are heard.

  • After a night of tension, disappointment and laughter, all of the results seemed to be in.
    Halsberg and Iyori are going to share the 'Boy Bands' theme,
    United Romulan Empire and Northern Caesarea are going to share the 'Girl Bands' theme.
    Os Corelia and Vinolici are going to share the '90's Songs' theme.
    Duxburian Union and Marrakechia are going to share the 'Movie/TV Songs' theme.
    Newfoundland and Red Croatia are going to share the 'Duets' theme.
    Gun-Toting Animals and Kryuland are going to share the 'Curent Generation Music' theme.
    TerraMortem and Qvait are going to share the 'Covers' theme.

    However, the biggest surprise of the night has ended up being the final theme that was handed to Inquista, which is now obligated to send a 'Ghetto' song to this edition of Eurovoice. The host has made it clear that tomorrow countries are going to be able to send their songs, and that the themes countries have obtained are going to be defined to avoid confusion.

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