The Euro Tunnel.

  • The Plan:

    The United Kingdom of Icholasen proposes we build a tunnel from a City on our Pas de Calais coast to the Kingdom of Miraco. Key discussion points are:

    • Cost
    • Depth
    • Length (Which City to which City)
    • Financially viable?
    • Who will pay?
    • Public Opinion
    • TradeIn my opinion it would increase trade and make the United Kingdom of Icholasen's relationship with the EU stronger and more flexible. I think it will increase trade and make the people of Icholasen and their children less xenophobic and more willing to learn the languages of the European Union.

  • We have received some information to business in Davishire that they would be interested to work on this project provided the correct safeguards and incentives were in place. What were you thinking of?

  • I'll have to talk about it with the Kingdom of Miraco but our general consensus was that it would be government funded because Icholasen is a primarily Socialist country, however with negotiation it is still open and I'm not saying no, I'm saying maybe, we'll take other offers first.

  • Admin

    The delegation of Miraco have convened to discuss the Euro Tunnel project, the believe the Mertz-Manaranche corridor would be an excellent route throughout Miraco for the proposed construction. The government of Miraco has also decided to build a high speed railway for both passengers and commercial cargo throughout the tunnel and create EU wide connections from Miraco. Regarding finances, the government of Miraco has decided that we would like the majority of the project to be publicly funded, however we remain open to the possibility of investment (strictly from the EU) in the belief that it would create a multitude of jobs and bolster economic activity throughout the region.

  • The United Kingdom of Icholasen concurs with the Kingdom of Miraco. I would like to bring up the discussion point of where to and from, it needs to be a populous city, all the cities we can use are in Icholasen's Factbook.

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