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  • The Observant
    Following the commercial success of The Qvaitican Cascade, Qvaitican businessman, Frederick Williams, founded The Observant magazine, which covers historic events occurring in Qvait.

    The following are all of the magazine's releases:

  • "Day Zero" of the Second Qvaitican War

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    Victor Cutter is the SAR Secretary of Defense
    On 13 September 2013, a North Qvaitican rebel unit, "Emphasis Five", was killed in action with biochemical weapons while trying to take the North Qvaitican capital of Unicy. Recently disclosed by the federal government of the Second Arctic Republic (SAR) of Qvait, the rebel unit was a secondary reason of going to war with the Socialist States of the Qvaitican Republic (SSQR). Primarily, the SAR went to war with the SSQR after the latter had an assassin murder SAR President MacArthur Knight on 08 June 2013.

    After three months of lag, the SAR Congress, with the approval of President Johnathon Victor, issued a declaration of war against the SSQR a few moments before 14 September. Due to an ongoing civil war within the SSQR, the SAR had waited patiently to declare war. The SAR Secretary of Defense Victor Cutter was very supportive about the Second Qvaitican War that had begun following the declaration by the SAR Congress, saying that "[it was the] best move to an attempt of reuniting Qvait in favor of democracy."

    The SAR declaration of war against the SSQR would mark the first time in eleven years that South Qvaitican soldiers would be given orders to be deployed within SSQR territory. It would also mark the zeroth day of 81 days of the Second Qvaitican War.

  • Day 1 of the Second Qvaitican War
    At 0225 hours on 14 September 2013, SAR President Johnathon Victor issued Executive Order 42, resulting in the deployment of SAR Ground and Air Forces as the "first responders". However, Order 42 did not allow the deployment of the SAR Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard. At the time, the North Qvaitican rebellion had lost the Battle of Unicy to the SSQR regime. The SAR Ground and Air Forces of the Qvaitican Defense Forces (QDF) had been given the order to aid the North Qvaitican insurgents against the SSQR. The date 14 September had marked the beginning of the Northwestern Conquest.

    The first major conflict of the Second Qvaitican War had occurred in northwestern Qvait, where the Northwestern Conquest by the SAR had begun. The northwest features an icy desert terrain, close to the Arctic ice cap. By 2245 hours, about a fourth of the SAR Ground Forces, and a seventh of the SAR Air Force had been stationed in North Qvait.

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