Perseus Island liberal alliance new leader

  • The Perseus island liberal alliance party during its scheduled meeting is ready to elect its new leader. The prime minister of perseus island and the current president of PILA party, Miltiadis kritikos a young and promising politician wishes to renew the bond with the electoral base of the party. Mr Kritikos a well respected classical liberal politician is the favourite for the re election. At the other hand Giannis Sideras current minister OF JUSTICE, TRANSPARENCY AND HUMAN RIGHTS a libertarian-leftist perspective wishes to measure its power the vote finishes at 12.00 sharp at December 30 2013.

  • After a celebrating ceremony at the end of the voting Miltiadis Kritikos was re elected president of the PILA party deafeating giannis sideras by a thrilling 96 % of the party s electoral base. Mr Kritikos will lead the party to the next elections at Perseus Island. Giannis sideras at a common press conference announced his acceptance of the result and expressed his support to the winner.