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    Friday, 03 January, 2014

    By Henry Cross

    Day 20: 2014 Election Results and North Qvait Referendum

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    CHICANE, QVAIT ? The 2014 presidential election has been, by far, the most surprising upset victory in the history of Qvaitican politics. In the final two hours of the election, Dmitri Buzinsky (Centrist) defeated Gabrielle West (United Conservative) by a mere 200 thousand votes. On the other hand, Dominic Frost (United Conservative) easily defeated Tyler Wilson (Democratic) in a blowout.

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    Graph of the 2014 presidential election

    In the 2014 presidential election, Dmitri Buzinsky and Gabrielle West battled head-to-head for the most votes, but the Democratic candidate, Donovan Gaunt, as predicted, was "left in the dust." It is obvious, even though it was close, that Buzinsky was the underdog for the entire duration of the election. However, the centrist politician managed to overcome the odds and become the new President Elect.

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    Dmitri Buzinsky in August 2013

    On 01 April, Buzinsky will be sworn into presidency, become the fourth President of the Second Arctic Republic of Qvait, and the first President to be aligned as a centrist. Immediately after the election, West and Gaunt conceded to the new President Elect. With Buzinsky's victory, the 2014 presidential election has become the first election of its type where the United Conservative Party was unable to bring one of its members into the presidential office.

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    Graph of the 2014 vice presidential election

    Unlike the presidential election, the 2014 vice presidential election was a blowout. The conservative Dominic Frost garnered 56 million votes while the Democratic Tyler Wilson received less than 10 million, making the 2014 vice presidential election the worst performance for a candidate. As a result, Frost has become the Vice President Elect and will be sworn in as the third Vice President of the Second Arctic Republic of Qvait on 01 April.

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    Dominic Frost (left) defeated Tyler Wilson (right) in a blowout

    Meanwhile, the referendum that had been issued to the North Qvaiticans saw that they would not prefer to join the Qvaitican union and wait until a more preferable time comes. The referendum had come about after the Second Arctic Republic (South Qvait) had defeated the Socialist States of the Qvaitican Republic (North Qvait) in the Second Qvaitican War.

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    Rubble of what is left in Unicy, North Qvait

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