Royal Familes Take The Throne

  • The votes are in! and the people happier than ever! Recently there has been an ongoing investigation of the lost Monarchs of Vinolici, The nations scriptures found near Vodapad Milano has safely lead the team of historians and investigators to the humble home of the two lost Monarchs and their beloved Queens. Quickly the Vinoliciian military came knocking on their doors and had them escorted along with the Royal families crowns to The Palace of The Fathers. For many Vinoliciians it was hard to believe the magnificent find most likely the regions biggest find yet, But the people were humble and honored to be ruled once again by the Royal Families. Sure enough the President of Vinolici offered a step down from office to hand the people over to the two new monarchs Giovanni Framaleni and Petar Marovic along with their Queens Maria Framaleni and Rosalina Marovic...We know bring you to VBC (Vinolici Broadcasting channel) to show you the live countdown of votes!

    Greetings! Everyone, Mothers, Fathers, Children of Vinolici! I your host Franco Dele bring to you the live countdown of the nations votes! Today January, 20th 2014 brings a great day to the Vinoliciian history and the European Unions history! today marks a day for the future of Vinolici! Will the two royal families take the throne once more? "My beloved dove, For i shall return to you and bring love and the age of amo once more" quoting Adrijan Marovic the supposed last monarch of the Marovic family till now. Well its time! the votes are here! but before we announce the votes we would like to give to you our current president Nikola Ilici a chance to speak for the Vinoliciian people. Handing the microphone over to the President "Welcome! welcome all! to this wonderful ceremony, I Nikola Ilici have grown up as a little boy reading stories of the return of the Monarchs whom my grandfather told magnificent stories about the royal families. During my teenage years i dropped the idea of the return, and studied politics i for one thought as the return as a story told to young kids to expand their imagination. But when i saw that sparkling golden crowns from both families i was amazed and when we took the two young men for DNA testing it was as if i were in a fantasy story. No matter if or not the Royal families take the throne of Vinolici once more i shall lead the people of Vinolici to the best of my efforts." as he slowly stepped down and a huge applause erected from the crowed. "What a magnificent speech indeed!, The time is here!" as he adjusts everyone's eyes to the huge monitor hanging from the stage.

    Nikola Illic: Votes for: 23%

    Monarchy of Vinolici: Votes for: 77%

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    "What a magnificent victory for the Monarchy of Vinolici!" The sea of people screamed and shouted in excitement, tears broke out from some of the people, and fireworks were shot out into the night sky in the province of Dreneze. Again handing the over the microphone over to the new leaders of Vinolici "What an honor! this is quite indeed the biggest news through out the whole region! I Petar and Ginovanni shall bring Vinolici back to its true glory and have it standing back up on its feet! we shall bring the age of amo once again to this nation." "Well there you have it folks, citizens of Vinolici the Royal family claims their throne once again claiming to bring Vinolici back to the times of Amo! How exciting!" said a young news reporter. "Petar and Giovanni have also come to a conclusion of inviting several national leaders in The Palace of The Fathers for a meeting to introduce one another and discuss peaceful relations between various nations. "As the night comes to a close so does The Republic of Vinolici for a new governmental system shall be taking place known as The Kingdom of Vinolici yet there is some discussions that the official name shall be changed again somewhere in May of 2014."

  • The emperor of Groot-belgie wishes the best to his collegue

  • As Commissioner for Internal affairs I would like to congratulate your Royal Family. I do hope that your nation grows to become even more wealthy and prosperous.

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