R. G. Barry Limited

  • Formerly known as

    General information
    Founded: 3 April 2014 by merger of R. G. Barry KG and L?onide Vuitton Kofferhersteller GmbH
    Headquarters: Windsor, Newportshire
    Managing Director: Mr. Andrew John "A. J." Barry
    Employees: 1,215
    Revenue: ?76.74 million (1H '14)
    Industry: Consumer goods
    Sector: Apparel/accessories
    Product(s): Handbags, footwear, luggage, and sportswear
    Stores: 6 (Llanowar)
    Website: rgbarry.ln

    Capital structure
    Debentures: ?50,000 principal 3.75% Senior Secured Debenture

    Share capital: 15,000,000 share authorization consisting of 14,250,000 common shares with 948,750 issued/outstanding and 750,000 preferred shares with 0 issued/outstanding

    Ownership structure
    100% insider-owned

    Organizational structure
    100% of R. G. Barry KG {Newportshire} (non-economic general partner is R. G. Barry LLC {Dublinshire})
    -100% of R. G. Barry LP {Newportshire} (non-economic general partner is R. G. Barry Corp. {Dublinshire})
    Brands owned: Baggalini, foot petals, and Umbro
    -100% of L?onide Vuitton Kofferhersteller GmbH {Dublinshire}
    Brands owned: L?onide Vuitton and Randa


    Number of stores therein:
    Location(s) thereof (optional):

    Please note, that the exact location(s) of stores are optional because I'm just listing the number in the country.


    Sporting club/federation (optional):
    Kit color(s):

    The sporting club field is optional because I realize that certain teams, national ones, for example, are stand-alone endeavors.

    Country: Llanowar
    Sporting club/federation (optional): Llanowar Football Federation
    Team(s): Llanowar Men's and Women's National Teams
    Kit color(s)/style: Pale orange/black vertical stripes with silver numbers (men's) and Pale orange with black numbers (women's)

    and Sporting club/federation (optional): Sporting Club of Mansfield
    Team(s): Mansfield Cricket Club, Mansfield Football Club, Mansfield Gymnastics Club, Mansfield Swim Club, and Mansfield Water Polo Club
    Kit color(s): Sky blue with silver numbers, where applicable (football main/non-football), Sky blue (top) and silver (bottom) right to left diagonal two-tone with black numbers (football alternate)

  • Financials
    R. G. Barry KG ("the company") would like to announce first half 2014 revenues of ?76.74 million, an increase of 31.5% from the first half of 2013.

    The company would like to announce the consolidation of its Motionwear?, TYR?, and Umbro? sportswear brands into a more diversified Umbro? brand and the closing of its acquisition of luggage maker Randacorp Limited.

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