Michael Solomon arrives in Velenze

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    As the nation waits for the arrival of High President Michael Solomon, Vinolici sends five f-22 raptors to escort the private jet to the capital city of Velenze. Where High President Michael will then be escorted to The Palace of The Fathers where the two monarchs await him for the meeting, Subjects have been arranged by both Vinolici and Halsberg to discuss about. "This truly marks a new point in our history" claims a citizen standing outside of the palace. "What we wish to accomplish on this meeting is to create a strong friendship or bond between Halsberg, We wish to work with one another as partners" claimed Petar Marovic in a recent interview before the arrival of High President Michael Solomon.

    Subjects being discussed

    1. Gay rights
    2. Nations number one priority
    3. Brief history on the nations
    4. Desired subjects either side wishes to share

  • Michael Solomon seemed relaxed during his flight to Velenze. This was no doubt thanks to his eagerness to get away from the Presidential Palace. Away from the constant phone calls, the constant whisperings in his ear from one aide or another. He'd been in the job for, what was it, four years now, and still he wasn't used to it. Still, the foreign visits were definitely a highlight. Travelling had been a passion of the High President when he was young. Sometimes, he could still see himself as the young would-be explorer, out to see the world. That young adventurer would never have guessed he'd be touring the globe, let alone as High President. His musings were interrupted by Merehwit, his most trusted aide...and friend. Merehwit's lined face, old before its time, played host to brilliant blue eyes, that small, curt mouth that had so often spoken words of comfort to the High President.

    "Care for a drink, Michael? According to my...sources, the wine cabinet is very well stocked. How about a nice vintage? A chardonnay perhaps?"

    The High President chuckled. Merehwit had been trying to recruit him to the wine connoisseur ranks since they had first met. Unfortunately for him, the High President liked nothing more than a good pint.

    "You know, I should fire you on the spot", Solomon said with smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. "Trying to get me drunk on a diplomatic trip, absolutely disgraceful. Remind me to fire you when we get back."

    The two men started to laugh. Peering out the of the window, the High President had a clear view of the ground below. The snow covered expanse of tundra stretched as far as the eye could see. A pilot of a F-22 Raptor saluted to the High President from his cockpit. Solomon, understanding even more the significance of his visit, returned the gesture. The captain, who's voice had a gruff, heavy tone, broke the silence and announced the craft's imminent descent.


    The High President, along with an aide or two, were in a car approaching the palace. The ride through Velenze had been pleasant. The streets were clear of traffic, no doubt because of the High President's visit, and he had had time to take in the scenery. The architecture, he remembered, had been particularly nice. He was approaching The Palace of the Fathers. A remarkable building, he thought to himself. Crowds had gathered outside the palace, eager to catch a glimpse of the High President and indeed their new monarchs. The car came to a halt outside the main entrance of the palace. The driver opened the High President's door.

    "Show time", Michael Solomon said, mostly to himself.

  • The doors to the palace emerge open, sure enough the two monarchs of Vinolici along with their beloved wives, began waving to the crowed surrounding the palace. "What a pleasant view is it not Petar?" smiling Petar replied "It sure is, i could not imagine a much more pleasant day than today." Slowly the two monarchs holding their wives arms in a former position approach the heavily armored limousine commanding the guards to step aside assuring them it was safe. "Welcome High President Michael Solomon!"both monarchs shaking Solomons hand and their wives curtsied in respect while on the corner of their eyes noticing flashes from hundreds of cameras "We assume you trip was pleasant President Solomon was it not?" asked Giovanni trying to sound as polite as possible.

  • "Oh yes, it was very nice. I've never been to this part of the world before, so seeing it unfold below me was certainly a sight I'll never forget. I even got a few snaps on my trusty polaroid. Everyone keeps saying I should get a digital one, but there's just something about actually holding a photo that's quite nice."

    The Monarchs and their wives looked oddly at the High President, who seemed to be in his own little world of nostalgia. They almost jumped when he suddenly spoke again.

    "This is certainly a wonderful building", the High President said, looking around as he did so."I must say though, getting a wee bit chilly out here, eh?" Even with his long coat and scarf, the High President was feeling the cold more than usual. No doubt he had something coming on, what with all the traveling about and meeting people. "Perhaps we should disappoint these photographers and retire inside?"

  • "Yes of course! right this way" motioned Petar and Giovanni, escorted by guards into the Royal Palace. Slowly making their way up the stairs one of the captains ordered the guards to seal the entrance once they had entered to ensure safety for their new guest.

    As they walked through the palace Michael Solomon seemed to be amazed at the price less historical artifacts from the old Kingdom of Vinolici. He stopped in his tracks and started in amazement at what to him seemed like a painting of The Battle of Rosa and a bleeding dove on the right hand corner

    "Excuse me your majesties but may i ask what this painting means?"

    the monarchs and their wives stopped and turned around with a huge smile on their face

    "Ah this piece, yes this piece was painted by a famous Italian/Serb that went by the name of Francesco Mihajlovic, He created many art works during the Age of Amo that are considered to be the most expensive through out the whole region. But to answer your question, The bleeding dove is supposed to represent the death of the monarchs defending Vinolici from their invaders." Replied Giovanni,

    He was then interrupted "Your majesties if you may, we have set up the conference hall ready for the meeting at hand" Exclaimed a humble friend of the monarchs.

    "Oh yes! we mustn't forget the meeting" right this way Mr President.

  • "Lead the way, your majesty." The High President followed the monarchs through the hallways of The Palace of the Fathers. Everywhere he turned, there were exquisite works of art, tapestries, paintings...they had even found a way to make the curtains interesting and beautiful. The High President was surrounded by the colours of red and gold, giving the whole place an appropriately regal feel. This was certainly something Halsberg had lost throughout its history. He made a mental note to try and revisit Halsberg's traditional past.

    The party had entered the conference hall. Like everywhere else in The Palace of the Fathers, the builders had really gone to town. The large bay windows overlooked the palace grounds, the light sprinkling of snow giving a magical feel to the trees and bushes. As he sat down at the long, mahogany table, a member of the household staff offered him a cup of tea, which he accepted gratefully.

    "Now, your majesties, what shall we talk about first?"

  • The two monarchs honored of the arrival of High President Michael Solomon took a seat and motioned to one of the waiters for tea to accompany the president. Slowly raising the cup from its plate and sipping it, Monarch Petar spoke in a former voice.

    "We are very much honored President Solomon of your arrival, we could not of thought to share our friendship with a nation such as yours. Considering our nation is still very much young and growing but with a rich history background"

    Giovanni peered through the windows of the palace.

    "Why not start us off with some of your nations historical background? We would love to hear about it, i mean its only fare considering you have seen paintings, sculptures, and artifacts of our old Kingdom" stated Giovanni

    "Yes indeed what a wonderful and rich background your nation must have!" Rosalina, wife of Petar Marovic exclaimed with a smile full of joy

  • ((OOC: Apologies for the late reply. My laptop is being annoying and only connecting to the internet when it feels like it.))

    _"I'm sure you flatter Halsberg and I. The modern day country came into existence in 1923. Of course, there had been people living in the area for millennia. Since the Renaissance, the area of Halsberg was a collection of city states, most very prosperous economically and culturally. It was then when most of Halsberg's great buildings and artworks were created. Unfortunately, the city states were not too interested in a military, and were seen as easy prey by other, more expansionist neighbours. The states, in the face of a common enemy, banded together to fight off their attackers. After a relatively swift conflict in the early 20th century, the peoples of Halsberg realised that uniting together wouldn't be such a bad idea. However, most, if not all, city states were unwilling to give up all their autonomy. Therefore, the Confederacy of Halsberg was born, made up of 4 confederate commonwealths, reflecting the four founding commonwealths. The foreign aggressor that had unwittingly caused the unification of the country had until now been operating as pretty much a puppet state, with parts of it simply occupied. There were many within the new confederacy who wished to proclaim an empire. I'm sure that The Great and Bountiful Halsbergian Empire was mooted as a possible name. But eventually, the message of peaceful reconciliation and unity won out, and the country was integrated into the confederacy as four completely equal commonwealths.

    "In the late 1940s, after the depression following WWII, a more imperialist government was elected, who pledged to rediscover the nationalist thinking that proposed The Great and Bountiful Halsbergian Empire. It was during this time that the word "imperial", was added to most aspects of government and the military, such as the Ministry for Foreign and Imperial Affairs. However, this was pretty all they did. There was no constitutional change.

    "Well, that's about it really. Like I say, not the most fascinating of histories, but we're still proud of it! What about Vinolici? We've been hearing so much of lost monarchies and the like. Your history must be intriguing. _

  • "Why...Giovanni that sounds very much like the old Kingdom of Vinolici doesn't it?" Petar spoke excitedly

    _"Yes! of course i mean the culture, the beauty that happened in the Age of Amo is similar to those that took place in the Renaissance. Back when the two founding fathers established the mighty Kingdom of Vinolici they promised the people peace and prosperity, They then founded the capital city what we know now as Velenze and created this majestic palace full of their past history."

    "I have got a brilliant idea your majesties!" Exclaimed Maria wife of Giovanni
    "Why don't we show President Solomon some of our artifacts? im sure he will find them to a liking"

    "What such a brilliant idea! you couldn't of thought of a better one my love!"_Said Giovanni

    The monarchs then ordered the guards to bring in some of the nations prized possessions, Slowly bringing out the encased handkerchief giving to King Milan Marovic before the first battle of Rosa by his wife Rosa Marovic.

    "You see this handkerchief President Solomon? This is no ordinary handkerchief, These designs of doves, these designs of love were all ordered by Milan for his beloved wife Rosa whom he loved with all his heart. Those doves were quilted on there because Milan refereed to his wife as his little dove. The handkerchief was then later passed down to Adrijan Marovic by his wife again in the second Battle of Rosa where she prayed for his return. It was said that the handkerchief was given to Adrijan wet from the tears that soaked it. In honor of his fathers love for his mother Radmilo Marovic established the province of Rosa." Spoke Giovanni proudly of his nations historical past.

    "For this is one of the many ancient artifacts we have in this palace and in the Vinolici National Museum. I am sure you can come back for another visit President Solomon but we must not leave the meeting unattended" Said Petar smiling with respect.