OOC: Embassy Review 01-2014

  • As it's very unclear and messy to find out with who we currently have embassies, I have contemplated an embassy review:

    NationStates embassies (click on names for NS page):

    • 10000 Islands

    • Canada

    • India

    • United Kingdom

    • Occitania

    • The Ascendancy

    • New Republica

    • CapreciaEmbassies established on foreign offsite forums:

    • 10000 islands

    • United Kingdom

    • The United Federation

    • Europeia

    • British Crown Dependencies ~ NO CULTURAL AMBASSADOR

    • Canada
      I've checked on all cultural ambassador's jobs, and most of them are doing fine. To sum up, here are the ambassadors and their regions:

    • 10,000 Islands: Red Croatia. December Update still needs to be posted!

    • Europeia: Gun-Toting Animals. Every update posted, embassy taken care of very well.

    • British Isles: Inimicus. All updates posted.

    • Canada: Kryuland. November AND December updates still have to be posted!!

    • The United Federation: Inimicus. I am unable to post any topics on their forums, because our updates contain more than five or so URLs. I have contacted United Fed moderators about this.

    • New Republica: Bakrova. This ambassador has fallen three updates behind, is no longer active, and is hereby discharged from duty. NEW AMBASSADOR NEEDED

    • United Kingdom: No ambassador, currently taken care of by me. All updates posted.

    • Region Inc: North Europa. Well-maintained embassy, all updates posted.
      There. Now we have an overview of which embassies we have, which embassies others have from us, and which NS embassies have been established.
      I would like volunteers to take on the job of cultural ambassador to New Republica and British Crown Dependancies, and I would like to tell Kryuland to keep your embassy updated, or I will!

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