Meetings of The Grand Pontifical Council

  • The Grand Pontifical Council of Cardinals

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    Grand Convenor
    His Holiness Pope Aloysius

    Grand Secretary
    Cardinal Caedred Auvray, Archbishop of Beorma

    Council Members
    Cardinal Kindness Lindstrom, Archbishop of Last Point
    Cardinal Theodosios Thales, Archbishop of Venia
    Cardinal Derek Ferghani, Archbishop of Maien
    Cardinal George Evans, Archbishop of New Birmingham
    Cardinal Godric d'Audrieu, Archbishop of Aldhurst
    Cardinal Rub?n L?vesque, Archbishop of Gamazo
    Cardinal Calico Endanza, Archbishop of Kaldoon

  • IC Secret

    Pope Aloysius had been praying in a side chapel with fellow members of the guest house he lived in when his secretary came and whispered in his ear the the council members had arrive. The Pope made a sign of the cross, genuflected and slowly walked out with respectful dignity. He walked through the vast corridors of the Vatican and came to the Papal Apartment meeting room shook the hands of his cardinals and took his seat as his secretary sat opposite him to take minutes.

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    'My brothers I have gathered you here on a mission, to bring the voice of God to all the darkest corners in the world to give hope to those that have none. We are in the service of all those who need to know God's love. We need to take the issues that are attracting the most attention and define clear lines on them to our flock whilst not being afraid of redressing old balances and making way for modernity. We will have a tough journey ahead and we will use prayer to guide us through these decisions.

    A few areas of doctrine have troubled me as a man in the service of God. I feel some of it hinders or misrepresents identities and communities within our church and we need to make everyone feel welcome to be within the warmth of God's love. Today our meeting will talk through these issues and see what we can do about them. I will set a topic my opinion and ask that you speak freely on all issues. I may be Pontiff but we are all equals in the eyes of God and Christ.

    I would like to start our meeting with a topic that needs attention and that is the representation in the church hierarchy for our sisters in Christ. Currently there is no representation in any Vatican body for our sisters who have taken vows or indeed the sisters who take their lives and examples from our mother Mary. How do we examine and address this? I feel we need to grant them representation within the curia perhaps a supreme mother general position or a council of orders? I ask you brothers what you think.

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    Cardinal Derek Ferghani leaned forward to speak:

    "I would favour a council rather than a single Supreme Mother General. I fear such an office could be seen, especially in the secular Western media, as a sort of 'female Pope'. However, I do feel that a council of leading nuns would be a good idea. But the easiest way to promote a female presence in the Curia would be to strive towards equality between men and women among lay members of the Curia - theologians and the like."

  • Cardinal Endanza interjected with his opinions

    'The task we have here is difficult to balance the teachings of old with necessary modernity. On this issue I echo the thoughts of Cardinal Ferghani it would be most ill advised to have a supreme mother general for the reasons he suggests. We can have curial input from a council of female orders but they should not be given access to doctrinal decisions. I think we must remember that they cannot fulfil the Eucharist the most important act of faith our church commits. We should let these orders fulfil their motherly roles in the example of Mary'

    Cardinal Lindstrom edged in

    'Now I think brother Calico is being too hasty for did not Mary carry within her womb the giver of the Eucharist and gave birth to the Eucharist itself. Mary is often placed as a subservient figure. Perhaps we seriously consider that aim for full equality in the church. We could start by letting women enter the deaconate'

  • Cardinal Theodosios Thales added his opinions

    "I agree that a leading council of nuns will be most advised, but I disagree into letting them into the deaconate and most certainly if we follow this path priesthood. I see this because women in the Church must be valued, not 'clericalized'. Women's position in the church is fundamentally more different than men, without them the Church would be missing maternity, affection, tenderness. But you do not need to clericalize them to achieve this equality which already exists in its own manner, a council of leading nuns best serves today's needs and follows the writings of old."

  • Cardinal L?vesque takes the mic

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    We can learn a lot from the experience of our sisters and we can promote their work and optimize their inputs without having to take decisions that can create division in our Church.

    Nuns and women who participate in catholic institutions can have a lot to say in fields like education, healthcare and charities. There are also very brilliant female theologians In my diocese women seat in parish councils and in my Cathedral Chapter. In the Holy See, women can be promoted to lead some dicasteries or executive departments. Their vision and wisdom would be welcome, in my opinion.

  • Thank you Brothers for your contributions. I would like to invite my brothers from Halsberg to comment before we recess for my considerations.