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    Here is some of the RMB discussion, all I could find in fact, about the future of European Union. Note that I haven't put on the dates as I wasn't able to find out them with even 50 per cent accuracy. The beginning of this discussion, from the point I was able to see it, was around December 21st 2005.


    The Confederacy of European - Union

    we need to make this region better, we need to know who are our allies, and who are our enemies, and where the hell is our map,Site and forum??

    do we have a constitution??

    The Kingdom of Stargher
    I agree. We need direction.

    The Republic of Belarum
    I decided to remove our two forums, as they were not active. However, if the community feels that we need a "better region", then by all means I'll do what I can.

    Firstly, I do like the idea of a map. Is anyone good at making maps?

    The Republic of Belarum
    I would like to institute a new rule for all members of the European Union:

    All members that remain inactive for more than a period of two weeks without contacting the administrator of the region (in the case of vacation) will be ejected from the EU and sent to "The Rejected Realms". Any members that oppose this, please alert lodge a message within the next two days.

    The Kingdom of Stargher
    First off, I was not aware of the fact that we had one forum, let alone two.

    Secondly, I would love to be more active in this great nation, but I'm afraid I do not have any map making skills.

    Thirdly, I would like to go on record as agreeing with the proposed ruling for ejecting those who are inactive.

    The Republic of Belarum
    Bistrita-Nasaud and some semi rural finns were ejected because of their inactivity, but are not banned if they do come back. Mor inactive nations will be removed. Remember, if you do not agree with this please notify me immediately as no one has yet to object to this being the law of the land.

    The Repulsive Underpants of BongoBang
    activity sucks. i'm outta here

    The Confederacy of European - Union
    i can handel the map thing... but we need the delegate to write the forums, since too didnt know we had a forum... second we need to make an official website for our region, where we can post newsletters, maps, and basically infor from our regional events, elections, etc...

    The Republic of Belarum
    We can worry about map making and getting a little more technical later.

    Our main focus now should be a forum. Can anyone make a forum for us?

    The People's Republic of Aesop Rocks
    Greetings fellow European Union members! Came across your region whilst browsing through NS and was wandering some things:

    Are you organised like the EU?
    Do you pass laws through the same means as the EU?

    Also, I realise I'm new to your region, but I have a fair bit of experience (check out Hypnotic Waves - my main nation) and can build a forum pretty easily if you'd want me to. The s13 forums are down atm and they are what I'm used to using, but the updated version of invisionfree (the forum hosts), s14 is running as far as I'm aware.

    So if you want help, just say smile.gif

    The Republic of Corounne
    Happy Holidays!!

    The Democratic Republic of Some Semi-Rural Finns
    Hehe, I guess I'm going to oppose the inactivity rule. I let my nation just grow and don't pay that much attention in what happens in EU, which describes my way IRL btw.

    I just would like to sit here, as a member of European Union and log in when I have the time to log in. I don't know when I log in the next time, could be tomorrow, could be after five weeks, who knows.

    Then again, if I were to create the forum, I would have to be more active in European Union. Though choices tongue.gif
    And instead of Aesop Rocks, I have stayed in European Union months until the recent ejection. I have some sort of senior citizenship to European Union, one could say... I've been here even longer than our young delegate, hahahaha biggrin.gif

    The Republic of Belarum
    I will hereby overturn the inactivity rule.

    The Democratic Republic of Some Semi-Rural Finns
    Thanks smile.gif

    The Republic of Corounne

    The People's Republic of Aesop Rocks
    Yeah Semi-Rural - if you wanna create the forum that's cool really; I got a lotta work with other nations so it's hard to create the time, but if you ain't gunna then I'm more than happy to. Whatever really - whoever wants to can, I'm just saying that I can and will, if you guys want me to.

    The Democratic Republic of Some Semi-Rural Finns
    Ok, I'll ease up your workload Aesop Rocks.
    If you're satisfied with me being the creator of the forum, I invite you all to join in
    Seems like invisionfree gave me the old server EU had their forum, if memory serves.

    I've only just now created the forum so it's currently empty. I'll add more after this message. Input on which sort of forums should be created are welcome.

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