Commission XVI Candidates' Debate

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    The spotlight shines on the moderator, John Bloom, with seven silhouettes standing behind lecterns barely visible in the darkened background.

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    Seven candidates. Five Commissions. And only one Premiership. Next week, the time comes again for Europe to decide who will lead the region for the next four months - and now, we have with us the candidates, the Magnificent Seven, if you will, before a representative audience of Europeans, to put forward their case as to why they should be entrusted with the near future of the Union. It's expected that any serious candidate will engage with the questions posed to them in this debate. So, without further ado, let's introduce the candidates:

    The rest of the stage lights up, illuminating the candidates

    Sir Augustus Barrington, one-and-a-half term incumbent Foreign Commissioner, an Inimican with the UEC;
    Xristos Kalabouris, an ECL candidate, from Perseus Island;
    George, Duke of Weselton, Weselton's man in Europolis, and an independent;
    Vladimir Buckley, also an independent, and current European Councillor for Rimroth;
    Bernice Winters, another UEC candidate, hailing from Halsberg;
    Eric Pickles, our third independent, from Davishire;
    Chasca Nayra, from Nouvelle Picardie, and also not affiliated to any Europarty.

    Now, we have the standard rules and regulations that we need to get out of the way:

    • Questions to be posed to the candidates must be sent to yours truly, i.e. me.
    • Be sure to specify who each question comes from when you send it to me, along with where they live (be as specific as you want), and what their occupation is.
    • Questions may be submitted anonymously.
    • The debate moderator (AKA me) reserves the right to reject any question if I feel I have legitimate grounds to do so.
    • Pose questions to an individual candidate, or to the whole group, whichever takes your fancy.
    • Be as biased or as unbiased as you like in your question.
    • Only myself and the Commission candidates may be allowed to participate in the debate.
    • Let's not be racist.

    So, then, I'd first like to invite the candidates to make their opening statements.

  • Chasca Nayra took the opportunity to deliver her opening statement in accented English.

    "First of all I would like to thank John Bloom and Sirion for hosting this discussion among candidates for the 16th Commission and thank the members of Commission 15 for their public service. I would also like to wish the other candidates good luck and hope to see their respective nations participating in Council discussions no matter what the outcome of elections for this Commission.

    Why am I running for a position on Commission? The short answer is that I wish to serve Europe and believe that I have the potential to be a capable Commissioner. Although I most interested in environmental issues and preserving national sovereignty, as a Commissioner I intend to place the interests of the EU above my own political opinions.

    Under the 16th Commission I hope to see the revival of discussions on the topics of interest identified under Commission 15. Perhaps the most likely of these topics to start with would be environmental legislation as there have already been discussions and an attempt to pass legislation in Council, although I believe this would be a matter for the Council and not need some special intervention by the Commission.

    In Commission I would strongly support the four month timeline, proposed by Roebuck in late January, for the committees on the Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Hopefully the leaders of the committees will provide updates on the work of the committees in the near future. Should the deadline pass without satisfactory progress, or the release of draft documents for discussion, the smallest response I would support would be replacement of the leadership of the committees as proposed by Roebuck. Consideration should also be given to alternate methods, such as an extended Council discussion, of reworking the Constitution and UDoHR if the committee model fails, although alternatives likely bring their own drawbacks when compared to committees.

    But, before I get too carried away, I would like to hear the statements of my colleagues."

  • Eric Pickles, the first ever Commission nomination ever sent rom Davishire, stands and speaks-

    "It is with a great honour that I am able to represent Davishire in these commission elections, and the possibility that I could represent the whole of Europe is a greater honour.

    It has been one year since the Government of Davishire joined the EUropean Union, and admittedly our entry and the first months were rocky. However take my nomination as a sign that Davishire is here to stay!

    I believe it is a time for new nations to take a key role in the leadership of the region. A time for us to work with other nations to improve this region for the future. If elected commissioner I would endeavour to ensure that throughout the region human rights are met, resources exploited in a green, clean way , and campaign for nations to work together for the benefit of eachother for creating trade links

    I look forward to taking part in this debate and thank all those who put questions to me."

  • When Eric Pickles sat down again, Vladimir Buckley stands up, and started to speak:

    "With the European Comission comes a great responsibility. I think a commissioner should be someone who can deal with that responsibility. It should be someone the entire European population should be able to trust. I feel honoured to be able to get a position like that, to represent the Government of Rimroth, and to mean something for the European Union.

    The Barony of Rimroth is almost a year in the Union now. I agree with Eric Pickles that the somewhat younger nations should take a role in leadership, together with the veteran nations. Together the perspectives of the younger and the veteran nations will be able to bring up the best in all of the nations. Together we will be able to think of the best solutions for the European Union. Together we will create a good future.

    I think that all the nations in the European Union should mutually benefit from each other, to improve the European Union as a whole, but also all the nations individual. Nations shouldn't lose their own identity in one big Union, because each of the identities is something to be proud of, and should not disappear. But working together is vital for a well functioning Union.

    If I would be elected as commissioner I'm willing to ensure a good future, where we will be proud of. A good well functioning Union.
    I wish the best for the other candidates."

    With those words, Vladimir Buckley stepped backwards, and took his seat again.

  • It was Augustus Barrington's turn to make his opening speech, something he had done a lot of times. But this time, it seemed special.

    "Thank you, Mr Bloom. And a thank you, too, to the European people, to allow me to come before them once more to say why I should be in the next commission. I have been on two commissions before. I was in Commission XIV when the absolutely fantastic Colleen Bennet sadly passed away and left the Foreign Affairs office vacant. Then, I served in Commission XV as Foreign Affairs Commissioner again. Now, I hope I can get whatever spot in Commission XVI. Of course, it would be fantastic to achieve the spot of Premier Commissioner, but let us not speculate on that yet.

    I think the European people would be wise to allow me to sit in another Commission, as I've kept an excellent record as Foreign Affairs Commissioner. I've proven myself to be an active politican, continuously posting mothly updates, taken responsibility for a capable recruiting force and I even collated a second Embassy Review. I think I can keep up this excellent record in Commission XVI.

    I hope I will be faced with many tough questions in this debate, as I've always loved them! I can remember having to face even my own mother in one of these debates, so I'm anxious to know what I will have to face this time!"

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    Thank you very much, candidates. Our first question tonight comes from Professor Jack Challoner of the University of Telum, and he wants to ask the candidates who haven't yet served on a Commission this:

    "You have not been on any commission before. How do you think you will organise your office, and what commission spot do you prefer? Why?"

  • "Thank you very much for the question Professor Challoner.

    I haven't been on a comission before.
    I would like to organise the office structured, no loose ends. I can propose bills myself, and consult the Councillors and see what they think of it, so the best so we can get to the best solution, and all be happy.

    I do prefer one comission spot in particular. I would very much like to be the in the Comission for Defence and Peacekeeping, so when a conflict between nations emerges we can get to a good solution so both sides will be contended. In this way we should not lose our unity, and can keep the Union functioning.

    Of course I would also be happy with any of the other comission spots. As long as I can do something good for the European Union"

  • "You have not been on any commission before. How do you think you will organise your office, and what commission spot do you prefer? Why?"

    "It is difficult to say how I would organise the office I was elected to, assuming I was elected, and the organisation could vary depending on the position. In general I would be inclined to avoid forming smaller committees to study issues as has occasionally been done in the past.

    Probably internal, economics, or defence due to my previously stated interests."

  • You have not been on any commission before. How do you think you will organise your office, and what commission spot do you prefer? Why?"

    Thank you for the question.
    I would not know 100% how I would organise my office until I knew which commission I was appointed to, I would however first look for another person to act as a deputy to assist me with my work. I would also regularly consult councillors on possible avenues through which legislation could be passed.

    If appointed to the role any office would be a pleasure to be appointed to and I do not favour any particular position.

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    Now we have a question from outgoing Defence Commissioner, Blair von Schroeder. She wants to know:

    "Why do you think you're better then the competition?"

  • Why do you think you're better than the competition?

    "Well, I think I have the necesarry experience and proven quality to achieve a seat in Commission XVI. As you know, I have been Foreign Affairs Commissioner for one-and-a-half term. I think I did well in this office, and therefore I think I can do just as well or even better on the next commission, whatever office I will be allowed to take up."

  • "You have not been on any commission before. How do you think you will organise your office, and what commission spot do you prefer? Why?"

    As many of the candidates have said, you can't really answer that question fully until you know what office you get! But I can tell you this. I'm a firm believer in the Commission-led think tanks and discussions that have been employed in the past. Giving councillors the opportunity to discuss and debate potential legislation with the respective commissioner is a great thing. I would probably agree with my friend from Nouvelle Picardie when they say they would avoid the smaller, set committees for each commission. In my view, it's important to get as wide a range of opinions as possible when you're thinking about an issue, and that's what I want to achieve with the whole-council discussions.

    If I had to choose a preferred office, I'd have to go for foreign affairs. I would be more than happy to be in any office, of course, assuming I'm elected! But I've always loved to travel, and I think that I could make a real difference following on from Commissioner Barrington's sterling work.

    "Why do you think you're better than the competition?"

    An excellent, direct question Mrs. Van Schroeder. Now, I would hate to trample on the toes of the fine gentlemen standing here, especially Mr. Barrington, who I admire quite a bit! But I would point out that I am a fresh face in regional politics, something I share with many of Tue candidates present. But what I have which they do not is the inside know-how and experience to get the job done. I served as Susan Callaghan's personal assistant during her times in office, both in Halsberg and during her time in the European Commisison. I know the tricks of the trade, I know my way around the corridors of Europolis, both figuratively and literally! Therefore, I think that I have the best of both worlds when it comes to experience and freshness.

  • "Why do you think you're better than the competition?"

    I would like to thank you for your question.

    Policywise I believe I provide Europe with a larger range of options than other candidates. I support not only protecting the regions key natural habitats whilst monitoring economic development in those areas. I support protecting our region from the growing danger that is nuclear weapons, I support developing better trade links between nations, I support democracy and human rights.

    And personally, I am not tied to any national government or party. I am truly independant and I am prepared to represent the views of all. I want to visit other nations to hear their views, if elected I will try to make this a regular occurrence.

    I believe I am the only candidate who will be able to represent the views of the majority as we work towards a more democratic and prosperous region.

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    We've got two more questions - the first is specifically to Augustus Barrington, and comes from Garrett Kenney, who's 25 and an Inquistan veteran of the Saharan War. He asks: "Why should you deserve a 2.5nd term despite the fact that your first term was perhaps the weakest Foreign Affairs performance in recent history and your most recent term was almost as nonexistent as Marie Rivas?"

    And then there's a, erm, certainly a unique question for all the nominees. Angelie Gervous, a 28-year-old Reiki Master from St. Dominico, wants to know: "How will you increase the positive energy flow in the European Union and how will you realign all the chakras in the region?"

  • speech of christos kalabouris ,Perseus Island candidate

    Dear friends ,
    we share a common dream about our region. We are here taking a difficult trip through a demanding path of creating Europe of tomorrow. We share the same fears and the same needs for our people ,we are here under the historical moment of change all over the world and facing the challenges of a new era.Our common past taught us that we are able of writing golden pages in the book of history when we work together putting aside our little dissagreements and our personal agendas. Europe united more than ever must step towards the spotlight of the world , Europe must be able to be the leading power of a new world built with new components.Each and every time, a new generation has risen up and done what's needed to be done. Today we are called once more - and it is time for our generation to answer that call. I am proud to be a candidate and part of that new demanding journey for our we have the chance to face the challenges of this millennium together, as one people - as Europeans.Let's be the generation that makes future generations proud of what we did here.It does not matter who will win because its not us who must be consider winners or losers through this political event, It s Europe the true winner that must be announced at the end of this election. Thank you all for your support and lets make the change possible ,let s become the change we d like to see to our region .

  • You have not been on any commission before. How do you think you will organise your office, and what commission spot do you prefer? Why?"

    It is not easy to answer about the way you will organize an office without knowing which office that would be.every office has different demands and priorities and the way that will be organized has to be according its purposes and primal goals in order to be productive and efficient. I am ready to produce work for any office possibly will be chosen to work for in order to achieve our goals but if you allow me foreign affairs is a field that would interest me a lot .

    "Why do you think you're better than the competition?"

    I'm in this race not just to hold an office, but to gather with you to transform a region.I want to win that next battle - for justice and opportunity.
    I want to win that next battle - for better schools, and better jobs, and care for all.I want us to take up the unfinished business of perfecting our union, and building a better Europe. I felt the destiny calling and saw a future of endless possibility starching before us and hearing lots of you willing to give this fight with me I felt ready to take up this cause and march with you and work with you .

  • "Why should you deserve a 2.5nd term despite the fact that your first term was perhaps the weakest Foreign Affairs performance in recent history and your most recent term was almost as nonexistent as Marie Rivas?"

    Well, I definitely don't think I've been the weakest Foreign Affairs commisisoner in recent history! Under my Commissionership, the Cultural Ambassador programme has been set through, we've gained new relationships with other regions, and we continued to recruit new members. And yes, it's true, in the start of my term, the member count did decline, as I've said in other debates, too. But now we are at a stable level, and I do not think we will decline further. Our recruiters deserve praise for this!

    As for my second term, I did less than I initially wanted, but that's mainly due to my tasks in Inimicus. I had to hand over the Ministry of European Affairs to the capable lead of Ralph Jaevons, who is the current European Councillor. I did publish an embassy review, however, and I have some plans for it in the future. I cannot say more how important foreign relations are. I therefore would wish whoever gets the Foreign Office under their arms next term a huge amount of luck and success, and if it will be myself again, let's hope I can do even better than I have over the past 6 months."

    "How will you increase the positive energy flow in the European Union and how will you realign all the chakras in the region?"

    "I must admit I've never looked into traditional Indian culture and energy flows in the body, although I can remember chakras are set points on the body and can't really be realigned! But let's continue to serious business, I know that I can be the one who can reinvigorate the European Union. I followed a great Foreign Affairs Commissioner, and I have always strived to do just as good or even better than her.

    Also, if I may, I would like to respond to what the honourable Davishirian candidate said. He said he'd support protecting our region from the growing danger that is nuclear weapons. But wasn't it the government of Davishire that denied the verdict of the European Nuclear Arms Associastion and threatened to produce nuclear weapons, despite being denied a lisence! Wasn't it the Davishirian government that stated: "The current Imperial Government of Davishire does understand the ENAAs decision regarding our current nuclear weapons stockpile however due to security issues and the general election the Imperial Commonwealth will not be abiding by the ruling and will continue to possess nuclear weapons. "? I would like clarification by the Davishirian candidate on this issue, if I may be so free to ask so."

  • "Why do you think you're better then the competition?"

    "I have been Rimroth's European Councillor since Rimroth joined the Union, so I have been able to represent Rimroth quite well I think. I know my ways in the game of politics. Also, because Rimroth isn't in the Union for a very long time, I have a fresh view on the matters at hand."

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    One more question comes from Dr. Harold Lawson, from Ravndall University in Rimroth City, and he wants to ask this to Augustus Barrington, as the only candidate who's already served on the Commission:

    "Are you going to change anything in how you are going to work in the Commission, in comparison to your previous terms?"

    And then we have an OOC question, for all candidates:

    How do you think we can revive activity in the regional RP, and what will you do on the Commission to bring that revival about?

  • "Thank you for your question, Doctor Lawson, it's a good one. I think it depends solely on the office I'm assigned to. Now, that would be a rather short answer, so allow me to explain my stances on different offices. First of all, the Premiership. It's the office I would like most. I would love to lead the region into a more prosperous future. If I were elected to this office, I would like to do a tour across the Union, meeting national leaders and the peoples of different countries. I would oversee the commission with a fierce, yet wise, hand to make sure this commission will not be weak or inactive.

    For the Foreign Affairs office, I think I needn't change anything. I intend to intensify the recruiting programme and tie new bonds with other regions. I think I did a good job in this office for the past months, yet I feel it would be wise to hand the stick to another, and since the Halsbergian candidate, Mrs. Winters, admires the office, I would like to see her as next Foreign Affairs Commissioner.

    As Internal Affairs Commissioner, I would tour the EU, as I would as Premier, because as IA Commissioner, one has a responsibility of tying bonds between individual nations, and working closely with the Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping to ensure nations don't blow each other to smithereens!

    The Office of Economics seems the least attractive to me, yet I would still like to take this office if other offices are taken. I have no specific plans yet for the economy though.

    And finally, the office of Defence and Peacekeeping would be my second choice. Even though the Rimrothian candidate, Vladimir Buckly, really wants this office, I wouldn't mind occupying it either. I would continue with the halted project of arming the European Relief Force, and trying to expand and organise it more and more."

    OOC: How do you think we can revive activity in the regional RP, and what will you do on the Commission to bring that revival about?
    This is indeed a hard question, one which I have had to face many times as FA commissioner. I think recruiting is key in this process. I must admit I have to pick up my recruiting, but so do others. The big recruiter in the region is Gun-Toting Animals, who deserves all the praise for it. This would be the task of the Foreign Affairs commissioner. The second thing we need to do is promote joining the forums. This would have to be done under the command of the Internal Affairs Commissioner.

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