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    Rimroth Embassy Program_**

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    Rimroth is proud to present the Rimroth Embassy Program. All European Nations who are willing to have an embassie in Rimroth can apply here. Buildings across Rimroth-City are made available for diplomatic representatives from across the European Union

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    **Cloister Street 79, Rimroth City **

    1. Inquista
    2. Althanian Dominion
    3. The United Kingdom of Icholasen

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    **Baker Street 245, Rimroth City **

    1. Vathopia

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    Buckland Road 14, Rimroth City


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    Market Street 42, Rimroth City


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    Archer Street 27, Rimroth City


    Application Form:


    [i]Embassy Staff[/i]:
    [i]Security Staff[/i]:

    [i]Special Requests[/i]:
    [i]Preferred Embassy Location[/i]:

  • Nation: Vathopia
    Ambassador: Yikal Neshref
    Embassy Staff: 12
    Security Staff: 5
    Weaponry: Shotgun, AK-103 and a Magnum 500
    Vehicles: Fiat Multipla

    Special Requests: None
    Preferred Embassy Location: Baker Street 245

  • Ser Neshref is welcome in Rimroth, and accomodations will be prepared immediately.

  • Mod

    Nation: Microstate of Inquista

    Ambassador: Vette Chandelin
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    Embassy Staff: 20
    Security Staff: 2
    Weaponry: Tasers, pepper spray, semi-automatic pstols
    Vehicles: 2014 VW Beetle (cream yellow)

    Special Requests: Rename Cloister street to something else
    Preferred Embassy Location: Cloister Street 79, Rimroth City

  • Nation:The Althanian Dominion
    Ambassador:Atropos Nona
    Embassy Staff:15
    Security Staff:5
    Weaponry:Glock 17, Tasers, and the Sterling submachine gun
    Vehicles:Mercedes Benz luxury sedan

    Special Requests:N/A
    Preferred Embassy Location: Cloister Street 79

  • You are most welcome!

  • Nation:The United Kingdom of Icholasen
    Ambassador: Yulia Kwe
    Embassy Staff: 5
    Security Staff: 2
    Weaponry: None
    Vehicles: An Electric Car

    Special Requests: Coffee, Black
    Preferred Embassy Location: Cloister Street 79, Rimroth City Number 3

  • Welcome to Rimroth ambassador Kwe!

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