The Viscount Visits

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    His Majesty's residence during the Winter Games

    It had been a succesful competition. Emperor Hugh of Inimicus had been happy to host the EU Winter Games, and was already looking forward to next time's games, whether those will be held next year or later. The Os Corelian Viscount had been invited to the Games by His Majesty, to hand out medals and also to hold a summit after the games. Now that these had been concluded succesfully, the Viscount was invited to the Imperial Residence, to summit with the Emperor.
    His motorcade drove through the city of Patricio, drawing the eyes of tourists and Inimicians alike. When it arrived at the Residence, the Viscount and his entourage were greeted by His Majesty: "...Welcome, my friend! I'm sure your journey has been comfortable? Let's go inside..."

    A servant led the gentlemen to His Majesty's office, where some important Inimician officials were already seated. A famous Inimician coffee blend was poured, and the summit opened.

    "...Well, my friend...", His Majesty said, "...What is it you want to discuss?..."

  • Your Majesty I come with the good will of my people as we congratulate you what has been a successful Winter Games. I am sure like me you are incredibly proud of your athletes showing of strength and talent. Your successes in organising these games haven't gone unnoticed and we see this as the perfect time for us to open a diplomatic dialogue. We maybe haven't seen eye to eye in the past on some eyes, and may continue not to do so, but we feel that Inimicus is finding its place in the EU.

  • Taking a sip of coffee, His Majesty replied: "Thank you for your generous compliments, Viscount. I also think these Winter Games have been a success, and that we can be very proud of the athletes participating. It is also true that Inimicus has experienced a period of large turmoil and instability, which has affected our country and the region. I find it a terrible pity these things have happened, our nation has been much griefed by happenings in the crises. We lost a leader, a loved film producer, and many friends and family. But indeed, we have overcome these grave times, and established a stable political government, as well as an EU-favoured sentiment among the population.

    I think we have also established ourselves as a major EU power, too. After Nicholas Benfield, let us say a 'remarkable' figure in European politics, Sir Augustus Barrington took up the task of Foreign Affairs Commissioner back in September, when Inimicus was in the EU for nearly more than half a year. Sir Augustus, I think, has done the Foreign Office well. And now he has a good shot at the Premiership. If you look at Inimicus one-and-a-half years ago, and look at it right now, it has made the most incredible development I've ever seen.

    The EU has contributed to this success immensely. Me and former Prime Minister Cocx have been on many foreign visits, as well as having recieved many foreign delegates. Yet I do not recall ever meeting an Os Corelian official. Therefore, I think this is a historical meeting. We Inimicians have always respected the Os Corelians. Your reason, patience, sturdiness and care for each other is remarkable and to be honoured. Your trading and co-operating spirit is also to be admired. I therefore propose we open a trade agreement between our nations."

  • Well your majesty if you keep complimenting me like that you could probably ask me to sign over my country and I would! Well ok maybe not that far! Perhaps a bit of headland at best. Thank you for your kind sentiments about the people I serve I am sure they will welcome the warm words offered.

    When it comes to the Commission it seems where your citizens have zeal and passion, mine are remarkably apathetic for the first time in our constitutional history. The don't feel our liberal values will be represented amongst those candidates standing. My government may have to ask our councillor to submit a spoilt ballot at this rate. It indeed is such a great shame considering our own heritage within the Commission especially with the history surrounding Countessa Liszckoszi's legendary turns.

    I believe that trade agreements are crucial to creating a strong bilateral relationship. I'm sure you can guess what our main export is? That is what we have to offer and I can promise its something you will struggle to find anywhere else your highness.

  • "Hmm, yes, I understand the candidates for the Commission may not reflect the views of most Os Corelian people, but still, I think all peoples can be represented by, for example, Sir Barrington. He may not be a socialist or a progressive, but I think he would behave in a right way to benefit all European peoples and nations. I therefore ask you for your support in his campaign. A man may expect some good words from his Emperor, after all! I support Barrington to the utmost, even though he and his predecessor have caused quite some commotion in the European Council. He has proven to be a capable commissioner, serving 1,5 term as Foreign Affairs commissioner. But let's not turn this summit into a mere propagandistic commercial!

    Everyone knows the famous Os Corelian fishing fleets! Fortunately for both of us, Inimicus has not invested in its fishing fleets a lot. On the contrary, we have invested a lot of money and effort into the east of our country. You see, the eastern provinces of Inimicus are home to a wide range of fertile soil. Since the Empire was founded, the Inimicians have been extensively making use of a four-field crop rotation system, providing us with enough wheat and other agricultural products to sustain ourselves. Emperor William made this decision, but doing so also meant making the decision to pretty much forsake the fishery industry, even though we have a sizable coastline. Therefore, I would like to make a deal with you concerning these fisheries. Perhaps we could trade agricultural products for fish?"

  • I think that would be good but of course a straight trade wouldnt' work instead we need to figure an import/export agreement.

  • "Of course we should. Do you have any suggestions? Our wheat is cheap, as we have a lot of it, but I don't know about the price of Os Corelian fish. No doubt it's expensive, as it's of extraordinary quality! Hehe!"

  • Why yes your Majesty it is of extraordinary quality. We work well to fish within a sustainable framework using environmentally friendly techniques and ensure fish stocks are kept at a sustainable level. Now let me see what prices I've been sent with.

    The Corelian Seaboard have given me the following fixed per unit price on fish in Euros:

    Cod - ?3.09
    Herring - ?2.02
    Plaice - ?1.21
    Mackrel - ?2.12
    Shrimp - ?1.76
    Crab - ?1.91
    Lobster - ?2.99
    Haddock - ?2.22

    If you let us know what fish can be of interest to you and we can work out a quantity figure and agreement price. These prices have been frozen for this agreement but values can change and we would need an annual review of trade agreements.

    What can you do for us in terms of agricultural produce?