Commission XVI Elections, March 2014

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    It's now time to vote for our new Commission. The vote, which totally started two hours ago, works in the following way: One vote per PLAYER, and for this election we are using a preferential voting system. Simply rank as many candidates as you wish in order of preference. The five Commissioners will be determined using the Single Transferable Vote system, and we will use the Alternative Vote system to determine the identity of the Premier from them.

    The candidates are as follows:

    ? George Barringer (the Duke of Weselton), Weselton, Ind.
    ? Sir Augustus Barrington, Inimicus, UEC
    ? Vladimir Buckley, Rimroth, Ind.
    ? Xristos Kalabouris, Perseus Island, ECL
    ? Chasca Nayra, Nouvelle Picardie, Ind.
    ? Eric Pickles, Davishire, Ind.
    ? Bernice Winters, Halsberg, UEC

    Voting started an hour ago and ends March 26th, 0:55 GMT. The new Commission will then immediately take office.

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    1. Chasca Nayra
    2. Bernice Winters

  • 1. Sir Augustus Barrington, Inimicus, UEC
    2. Bernice Winters, Halsberg, UEC
    3. Vladimir Buckley, Rimroth, UEC

  • 1.Xristos Kalabouris, Perseus Island, ECL

  • 1. Augustus Barrington
    2. Vladimir Buckley
    3. Bernice Winters

  • 1. Augustus Barrington, Inimicus, UEC
    2. Chasca Nayra, Nouvelle Picardie, Ind.
    3. Bernice Winters, Halsberg, UEC
    4. Eric Pickles, Davishire, Ind.
    5. Vladimir Buckley, Rimroth, Ind.

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    1. Chasca Nayra
    2. Augustus Barrington
    3. Bernice Winters

  • 1-Eric Pickles, Davishire, Ind.
    2- Chasca Nayra, Nouvelle Picardie, Ind.
    3 Augustus Barrington, Inimicus, UEC

  • The Empire of Sildavia, aka Sildavialand, votes for

    Xristos Kalabouris, Perseus Island, ECL

    For Sildavia,
    Her Grace Dame Juana de Tebas-y-Set, Countess of Kheper, OTO,
    Ambassador of His Gracious Imperial Majesty to the European Union

  • 1. Chasca Nayra
    2. Bernice Winters

  • 1. Chasca Nayra, Nouvelle Picardie, Ind.
    2. Bernice Winters, Halsberg, UEC

  • 1. Chasca Nayra, Nouvelle Picardie, Ind.

  • George Barringer (the Duke of Weselton), Weselton, Ind.

  • 1. Chasca Nayra
    2. Sir Augustus Barrington
    3. Bernice Winters
    4. Xristos Kalabouris
    5. Eric Pickles
    6. Vladimir Buckley
    7. George Barringer

  • According to the results of the European Elections held in the Federal Republic of Northern Caesarea, I vote as follows:

    1. Chasca Nayra
    2. Xristos Kalabouris
    3. Eric Pickles
    4. Sir Augustus Barrington
    5. George Barringer
    6. Vladimir Buckley
    7. Bernice Winters

    Hugo Basescu
    European Council Delegate

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    Results are in! Turnout was a lowly 11.4%, 14 out of 123. Anyway, firstly, the results of the STV process which determines our five Commissioners:

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    Congratulations, then, to Commissioners Nayra, Barrington, Winters, Kalabouris, and Pickles. Commiserations to Messrs. Barringer and Buckley.

    And now the AV process, determining which of the five shall become Premier Commissioner:

    user posted image

    Congratulations to Premier Nayra, and best of luck to the new Commission XVI. Premier Nayra is now invited to allot each Commissioner their new office. We shall reconvene, as things stand, in four months' time to elect Commission XVII.

  • Now that the campaigning is finished I hope the newly elected Commissioners are prepared to accept the responsibilities of their positions and serve Europe?s citizens to the best of their abilities. I would also like to thank George Barringer and Vladimir Buckley for participating in the elections and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors, perhaps even in a later Commission. In four months, at the conclusion of this Commission, I hope that those entering new positions in Commission XVII will feel that they are stepping into well functioning offices. On the subject of Commission offices I would like to wish my colleagues well in their positions.

    The Foreign Affairs Office will be in the capable hands of Bernice Winters. With her desire for travel, and admiration for the excellent work of Sir Augustus Barrington, this should be a fine office to match her talents. Eric Pickles, with his interest in policies which could improve the well-being of all Europeans, will be responsible for Internal Affairs. Sir Augustus Barrington is appointed to Defence & Peacekeeping. His experience serving on past Commissions will be a great asset for this Commission and I am sure he will be an excellent mentor for the new Commissioners, myself included. Finally Commissioner Xristos Kalabouris is appointed to Economics.

    Thank you for your support and keep in mind that we are your Commission and here to serve you. If you have concerns, please contact us for assistance.

  • I would like to thank Premier Commissioner Nayra for appoiting me to the Office of Internal Commissioner. I would also like to thank to all those that considered me an option when voting.

  • We would like to congratulate the premiere commissionaire Nayra and the other elected members of the commission and to thank all the voters who considered mr kalabouris as a good prospect for an office and honoured us with their vote. We would like to thank premiere commissionaire for the office of the economics and we will make our best for the best results due to our responsibilities .

  • "I would like to thank everyone for their votes, whether tey be cast on me or someone else. It's always good to see this democratic process take place. It is especially comforting for me to see so many Europeans have voted for me. It gives me a lot of confidence to work with in Commission XVI. And, even though I did not make it to the Premier's seat, I will give everything to the Defence and Peacekeeping office. I will especially be concerned with continuing arming the ERF, and paying visits to European nations to ensure their well-being and to discuss their military capabilities.

    I would like to congratulate Premier Commissioner Nayra for the victory achieved. It has been a nice and fair campaign, my friend. I wish you all the wisdom and luck in the world.
    I will support all commissioners if necesarry as all are new to the Offices and I'm the only one who has served on a commisson before. Yet I also think it is their own job to keep their office in order, I should not have to manage that. If anyone would have any questions they would like to ask me, I invite them to do so at any time. Thank you once more for electing me, and I hope to get into contact with you soon!"

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