The Regulation Of Puppet Nations

  • Regulation of Puppet Nations Act 2006

    Submitted by Comrade Trenchtown Phillip of Aesop Rocks, Leader of the European Liberal Party.

    An Act controlling and regulating the use of 'Puppet Nations' in the European Union

    Hereby defines Puppet Nations as nations controlled by an already existing member of the European Union.

    Hereby defines Mother Nation as nation in primary control of Puppet Nations.

    Article I

    Section I

    Nations may have a total of 3 Puppet Nations within the European Union, each one declared to the European Union Parliament and European Commission. The nation must be verified with these bodies within 3 days of joining the European Union. Any activity before verification must be within the laws of the European Union, including this resolution.

    Section II

    Puppet Nations shall not vote on any Bills, Acts or Resolutions within the European Union. Should any Mother Nation be found to be using Puppet Nations to vote more than once, Mother Nation shall have all Puppet Nations immediately ejected and banned. Said nation will be tried before the European Court Of Justice who, should nation be found guilty, shall impose immediate ejection upon said nation. Nation shall have all rights under EU law whilst being tried and shall be subject to a fair and open trial.

    Section III

    Puppet Nations shall be able to raise an army in accordance with regulations as set out by Warzone rules. However, a 10% limitation will be set upon available active forces when aiding Mother Nation. Therefore, should a Puppet Nation have 100 soldiers, only 10 of those are eligible for any battle the Mother Nation wishes them to fight.

    Section IV

    Puppet Nations shall not run for President or European Commission Offices, nor shall they be involved in the European Court Of Justice. Puppet Nations must not have any ability to influence decisions made by governing bodies on Mother Nation. Should any Puppet Nation be found in any of the afforementioned positions, Mother Nation shall be tried and if found guilty by the European Court Of Justice, be subject to permenant ejection from the European Union. Puppet Nations shall automatically be ejected and banned.

    Section V

    Puppet Nations may engage in any other RolePlay activity not restricted by this Article, including the ability to post in Parliament as an MEP.

    Article II

    Section I

    European Commission may reject any Puppet Nation from joining the region and ban them accordingly with a Simple Majority Vote. Should they do so, Mother Nation may request reasons as to why Puppet Nation was rejected. This request must be upheld by the Commission. Mother Nation may appeal against decision.

    Secion II

    European Commission shall keep a list of Mother Nations and their respective Puppets. It shall be up to Commissioners to stop any nation from gaining more than three puppets.

    Section III

    European Commission shall be obliged to review all requests made by a previously convicted abuser of Puppet Nations for a Puppet. An interview must be held to ask why the Mother Nation feels they need a Puppet. Commissioners shall then decide upon whether to allow the Puppet entry to the European Union.

    Section IV

    Nations previously convicted of abusing Puppet Nations shall have to request a new Puppet Nation before entry is made by Puppet into the European Union. Request shall come through Mother Nation and should Mother Nation be successful, Puppet shall declare him/herself immediately to Parliament upon entry.

    Section V

    Repeated offences shall result in an immediate ejection and ban from the European Union imposed upon all Puppet Nations and Mother Nation of guilty. Ban shall be unliftable. No appeal in such cases.

    Puppet Nations can be an exciting and great way to further nations experience on NationStates and within the European Union and this varied RolePlay should be encouraged. However abuse of this system is something we must not tolerate and so strict guidelines need to be in place to regulate the use of Puppet Nations. Until this Bill or a similar one passes, nations shall be able to have more than their fair share of votes and power within our region.

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