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    "Hello, my European friends. It's the beginning of my 2,5th term in the European Commission, and I intend to make it my best so far. I was happy with the Office of Defence and Peacekeeping, especially because I have always felt a great need to tackle injustice and insecurity in the world. In this Office, I feel I can completely display my qualities. Consider this my 'inauguration speech', even though I have another important matter to talk about. I am planning to make a tour, visiting as many European countries as possible. I want to talk to national leaders or representatives thereof about their military and security. It is also my task to talk to 'nuclear nations' about their nuclear weapons arsenal, and how these nations make sure the weapons are stored safely. I intend to help countries with their national security, but not overrule them, as I respect nations' rights to defend themselves.

    I would like nations that would not mind me popping along to have a talk to register themselves here."

    Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping of the European Union Sir Augustus Barrington

  • Groot-belgie wouldn't mind to talk, we think talking can be good!

  • "Then I would like to start my tour by visiting the capital of the Groot-Belgian Empire! I will contact you shortly, so we can get things arranged. Thank you for inviting me"

    Augustus Barrington, Defence and Peacekeeping Commissioner

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