World Youth Day 2014

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    OOC: Feel free to drop in and RP as bishops giving speeches to schools, or pilgrims who've come for World Youth Day, or whatever. Just keep it within reason.

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    Monday - Wednesday: Days in the Dioceses. Pope Aloysius visits the Dioceses of Wells (host: Cardinal Sidhu), Maien (host: Cardinal Ferghani), and Neomantua (host: Cardinal Purcell).

    Tuesday morning: Mass in Centenary Square, celebrated by Cardinal Evans.

    Wednesday: All-day registration and welcome for pilgrims.

    Thursday morning/noon: Pope arrives in New Birmingham, is driven through city. Pope briefly addresses pilgrims.

    Thursday afternoon: Bishops give talks in churches (all welcome) and schools across the city.

    Thursday evening: Papal welcome ceremony in Victoria Square (hosted by Cardinal Evans), followed by Papal Mass.

    Friday morning: Papal talk in St. Gregory's with monks, nuns, and priests, followed by Papal Mass for them.

    Friday afternoon: More bishops' talks in churches and schools. Pope visits schools.

    Friday evening: Candle-lit re-enactment of Stations of the Cross.

    Saturday morning: Papal talk in St. Gregory's with seminarians, deacons, and members of Third Orders, followed by Papal Mass for them.

    Saturday afternoon: Pope visits hospitals.

    Saturday evening: Eucharistic adoration.

    Sunday morning: Palm Sunday Papal Mass in Cannon Field. Followed by farewell ceremony, including meeting with volunteers.

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    The main venues: St. Gregory's Cathedral, Centenary Square, Victoria Square, and Cannon Park

    Confessions will be available in Victoria Square all day Wednesday-Sunday, except for Thursday evening. Victoria Square will also play host to stalls from a variety of Catholic organisations, including but not limited to: Opus Dei, Catholic Women's Association, Latin Mass Society, Action Against Abortion, Ecumenical Movement, and CathAid. Many of these groups will be running their own activities throughout the week.

  • OOC: See this as monday

    His Holiness Pope Aloysius landed in Neomantua on a brisk monday morning. The sky was blue but the wind had picked up and although the sun shone through he did feel rather nippy getting off the plan. Earlier before taking off from Nazione Italiana's main intl airport the Pontiff had kicked up a fuss about having his own plane ferrying him about but had to cave due to security issues. He was still seething at Captain Kenezen of the Papal guard for insisting it and made a mental note to change the protocol for overseas visits when he met with his secretary of state upon his return.

    The Pope got off the plane and asked his aide Msgr Amojin to hold his white zuccheto while he knelt and kissed the tarmac as a symbol of humility. He then stood to greet Cardinal Purcell with great warmth, with their last meeting being the consistory that saw the Cardinal receive his biretta. 'Austin my brother how are you keeping, I am overjoyed to finally see your archdiocese. This is my first ever visit to Angleter a strong seat of the church so your guidance will be required! It is so good to see you thank you for the invitation brother'

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    "Ah, your Holiness! An honour to have you here!" Purcell kissed the Pope's ring. "Well, we're doing great down in the old Archdiocese, yes, we are. We're running the gas off the electricity, and the electricity off the gas, and we've already saved ?200, and we're going to put the money we save into catechesis about the hermeneutics of Vatican II. And raffles, to raise more money. I suppose I should be showing you around the cathedral first, but what you want to do otherwise is up to you. I'm not one for tight schedules, me, no way, hose! I'm well, anyway, how's yourself?"

  • The Pope paused a little taken a back but delighted by the forward friendliness of the Cardinal: 'Brother Austin you have such a colourful charm about you that I profess to find fascinating. I will see the cathedral in time but I want to see the youth and I want to meet the youngest priest in your diocese and see how life is in the trenches so to speak'

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    "Ah, well, the trenches, now that would be the Church of the Immaculate Conception down in the Andrews district. Very difficult area, has some trouble with the drugs, y'know. Anyway, we've got Fr. Parrott down there, and he's an excellent priest, one of our youngest. Would you like to go and meet him?"

  • 'Fr Parrott sounds exactly the man I wish to meet please take me to his parish'

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    "Wonderful idea."

    The Pope, his entourage, and Purcell were driven off in a small convoy of cars, and headed for Andrews. Soon enough, they pulled up before the Church of the Immaculate Conception, a rather stately but slightly worn-out-looking church in the middle of a run-down area, and emerged.

    "Don't touch the electrics," Purcell whispered to Aloysius as they entered the church.

    "Fr. Parrott! Hello?" the Cardinal called out.

    A voice called out from the sacristy: "Your Grace? I thought you'd still be on the visit wi-"

    Fr. Parrott emerged from the sacristy and saw the Pope. "Your Holiness!" He fell to his knees.

  • The Pope went to his knee to be at the priests level 'Fr Parrott please do not bow or genuflect at my presence I find it a symbol of inequality for are we not all equal in the eyes of God as his children. Cardinal Purcell has spoken highly of you and your work in such a troubled community. I wondered if you would tell me of your work and show me round your parish'

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    Fr. Parrott cautiously got to his feet, making sure that he didn't get up quicker than the Pope.

    "Right. Er, well, we say Mass daily of course. We run a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. And we do outreach things - sports, activities, odd jobs, that sort of thing - for the young kids to keep them off drugs, out of gangs, and so on."

  • 'I would like to meet those you work with, those ailed by dependency and the youth you work with after all that's what this week is about'

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    "OK, then. Would you like to visit the rehab centre?"

  • The Pope's lead security agent Antonio Gualazzo stepped forward: 'Your holiness as your security adviser I must ask that we maintain our protection if you are to visit the centre and remove you if needs be in harmful situations'

    'Antonio my child you worry too much, God's will is strong and his work will be done, I cannot go blind on such things. Let us place faith in the Lord's protection and these people are inhabited by demons. Father please let us visit the centre'

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    "As you wish, your Holiness."

    Another brief car journey took the Pope, the Cardinal, and Fr. Parrott to the rehab centre. Heads turned as the Cardinal entered, and a sort of stunned silence broke out across the reception as the Pope entered.

    "Good afternoon everyone," said Fr. Parrott. "His Holiness and His Excellency have come for an unscheduled visit. Dr. Johnson!" Fr. Parrott pointed out a grey-haired woman in a lab coat. "Would you like to explain to His Holiness what sort of things we do around here?"

    Dr. Johnson nodded and cautiously walked forward towards the clerics. She knelt to kiss the Pope's, and then the Cardinal's, rings. Fr. Parrott stifled a laugh as he noticed Aloysius' obvious discomfort at his ring being kissed. Dr. Johnson struggled to her feet and led the clerics down a corridor.

    "Your Holiness, Your Excellency, let me first say what a pleasure it is that you've seen fit to visit here. What we do here is we aim to provide a 'normal' rehab programme that's infused with Catholic teaching. We realise that Catholic spiritual development is an integral part to ensuring a sustainable recovery from addiction. In fact, we have a support group meeting - where patients talk about their addiction and we say a few prayers - on now, if you'd like to observe?"

  • 'I would be delighted to Dr Johnson, to see the power of prayer in action. I must thank for doing your work, you are truly a disciple of Jesus by going to those in need and providing help and I can only offer you my admiration although I know that iot cannot compare to the gifts you have shared with these people' The Pope said as he grasped the doctors hands in his with the warmth of faith.

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