Barrington's Tour: Stop 1

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    Commissioner Barrington's plane lands in Antwerpen, Groot-Belgi?

    ANTWERPEN, GROOT-BELGI? - Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping Sir Augustus Barrington has begun his tour of the European Union by landing in the capital of Groot-Belgi?, Antwerpen, and touring the city together with the Groot-Belgian Emperor and Prime Minister. The plane landed at 12:47 this afternoon. Sir Barrington was greeted by the Belgian Emperor, to whom he bowed slightly. He them shook the Belgian Prime Minister's hand, and was accompanied by the two to a motorcade.
    They then toured the city of Antwerpen, visiting sites such as the "Boerentoren", a monumental skycraper in art-decostyle; "'t Steen", a medieval fortress in the old city centre of Antwerp, built after the Viking incursions in the early Middle Ages as the first stone fortress of Antwerp; the statue of Silvius Brabo, a celtic warrior; and the Cathedral of Antwerp, which seemed to impress Barrington enourmously. The motorcade then proceeded toward the Groot-Belgian Parliament building, where the Commissioner met a couple of Belgian Members of Parliament and discussed about his position as Defence and Peacekeeping Commissioner.

    Afterwards, Barrington was brought to the Royal Palace, where he was seated in a comfortable armchair and, while enjoying a cup of Groot-Belgian coffee blend (not as good as the Inimician, he thought!) he began the conversation:

    "Thanks to you for having me here, Your Majesty, Prime Minister. As you know, I want to tour the entire European Union, adressing internal issues to do with Defence and Peacekeeping. I think visiting Groot-Belgi? is a very good start! I would like to, first of all, adress an issue that sparked up some debate in the council recently, namely your role, Your Majesty, in the Groot-Belgian government. I am not challenging Your authority or saying you should abdicate or lose powers, but I would like to get a clear overview of what your powers are. That way, all nations in the European Union can get a clear overview of a nation of which, admittedly, not much is known."

  • The emperor sat in his big chair in the room also drinking coffee. He listened carefully to the commisener. He sat queitly thinking before replying

    My power you ask? asked the emperor with a smile **My powers are rather limited, but I have a god-like status in my country. I have a seat in parlement I can join in political discussion there but I have no voting rights, not for the elections and not for passing bills in parlement.

    I have my own court for misconduct against the monarchy where I am the grand judge so to speak. No jury whatsoever. Punishments are not that harsh in most cases but range from a small fine to the deathpenalty.

    Ofcourse, as head of state I have to sign the laws, and in case of war I have the right to take command of the army. And thats about it.**

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  • You want to know about my powers you say? said the Emperor smiling

    **Let me start with the simplest of things. I cannot vote in elections, tough I have a seat in parlement I can take part in discussions tough I again cannot vote in the voting of laws and I have to sign them. I have my own court Which is used for crimes against the royal family. In times of war I can take command of the army, and if we had nukes I would know the codes for it.

    Oh, you problably want to know more about the court. It was only used once for the death penalty.**

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  • "Thank you, your Majesty, for your answer. Yes, I would like to know more about these courts of yours, which, frankly, don't seem very nice to me. I would also like to know whether you are in posession of nuclear, biological or chemichal weaponry."

  • **I'm going to answer in reverse answer your question. The simple answer is no, we don't have any nuclear or chemical weapons. And neither do we have biological weapons

    The more complex answer starts the same just the same but with the simple reason added that we consider them unhonorable and for cowards who hide behind weapons of mass destruction because they can't win the war by any conventional means.

    That is the reason I said that IF we had them I would have known the codes for it**said the emperor smilingly

    then his majesty's face turned a bit grim What exactly do you want to know? What kind of crimes get you before the royal court? Why it exists?

  • Barrington felt a little uncomfortable asking the Emperor about his powers, and this very suspicous court, but he felt like doing so anyway:
    "Yes, since no know knows about this court in the region, I definitely would like to get some explaination on the subject. Is this court biased? What does a person have to do to get him before the Royal Court?"

  • **No this court isn't biased. Most of the hearings are done by the best judges of the country. Because I also have to do other stuff. There has to be absolute certainty to get there. If I act like the judge, the eirlier mentioned judges will still be there.

    For the crimes you have to face in this court, fraud involving one of the members of the royal family (prince's, even myself if I would do this), common people can get here for trying to asassinate me or one of the members of the royal family.

    And what is believed, but untrue in most cases, is blasphemy against my person. Only one kind of blasphemy against my person is the one saying you will try to assasinate me.**

  • Barrington frowned at this answer, not seeming to understand:
    "But, Your Majesty, why are these cases, which seem to apply not only to the royal family, but also the entire Groot-Belgian populace. After all, does it make a difference whether someone threatens to assassinate a farmer from the most remote village imaginable, or the Emperor? Shouldn't everyone be treated equally before the law? Even the Emperor of my country, Inimicus, who is formally worshipped in a religion (although nobody does in real-life) and even He is judged by the very same laws as that farmer."

  • There is no difference between the farmer and the emperor on that aspect. When in court both will judged by the very same laws just the places are different. You might call it some extra administrative work.

  • Again, Barrington frowned: "Then why bother with this court at all? Why not rid the entire world of the mists that hang (or have hanged) around the Royal Court, and the unclarities this court has caused. I am still worries, as I can only think up arguments for abolishment of this court. Or perhaps there is more to it?"

  • **No need to worry, it is one of the last remnants of the time the emperor had all the power in the country. That time is long since passed.

    Now there must be other things we have to talk about? **

  • "Hmm, right, I can't say I agree with this Court, but I don't want to cross national sovereignity, so I'll leave you to it.
    Yes, there are some things I would like to ask you before I leave. For example, why has Groot-Belgi? decided to drastically increase its military after it threatened to not abide by an EU law?"

  • I'll leave that to the prime minister because it is outside my "jurisdiction" said the emperor

    The prime minister tought about his answer to the commisionner We are in fear of foreign invasion because of not abiding by the european law. The specific bill we wouldn't have abided with hasn't passeds it was all for nothing. But we are keeping the extra military anyway just in case war breaks out.

  • Barrington kept being surprised by the answers given. He took a large sip of coffee before continuing: "You must understand that, as Commissioner for Defence and PEACEKEEPING" (additional stress was deliberately put on this word) "I am especially concerned by this warmongering speech. I can assure you no nation will invade you, if you don't do any very queer things. By enlarging your military for this reason, you are actually enlarging the risk of being invaded, rather than doing the opposite. I would kindly advise you to stop these warmongering practices, if not for yourself, then for the sake of your people. We do not want to see a second Dromund Kaas scenario, after all! My nation, Inimicus, has been in this dangerous status for a time, as well, and we have learnt from it. We have learnt very much. For your sake, Prime Minister, stop this mass mobilisation!"

  • It's still a dangeruos world we live in, we have one of the smallest armies in the eu, we must be able to defend ourselve! How is it that other nations with a larger military can feel so treated that they would invade us because we increased our military?

  • It seemed as though Sir Barrington could not stop frowning: "With respect, I think you've completely missed the point. No one, not a single nation, would ever invade you for a reason like that. I do not want to take nations' right to their own military away from them, but I am the Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping, and tasked with the responsibility of keeping our region safe.

    Let us move on to another subject, as neither you nor me are prepared to alter our views, apparently. Let's discuss the European Relief Force. Even though it has deployed successfully in the caribean, to aid the victims of a severe hurricane, I do not consider it finished. Arming the ERF needs to continue, therefore I would like to ask you if you'd be willing to contribute to the armament of the ERF. I will set up a system for it shortly. Also, I'd be more than happy to welcome Belgian soldiers to the ERF"

  • **We could pledge our entire airforce for an amount of time **

  • "I'm flattered by this offer, but I do not think it very wise to pledge an entire wing of your armed forces to the ERF, especially when you feel so threatened. But all right, I'll take it in mind. Thank you.
    Now, I think we've spoken about what I wanted to, I thank you warmly for taking me for a tour around your beautiful city and for discussing important matters with me. If you'll excuse me, it's best I return to Europolis now."

    Barrington gathered his papers, excused himself and walked out through the door after shaking the Emperor's and the Prime Minister's hands. He stepped in his car and drove off to the airport, to depart back to Europolis.

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