The Future of the Commission

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    Hello and Welcome Back,

    During my election campaign I talked about the future of the commission and how there is room for reform. I would like to ask you as European Union Member States how you believe the commission is to survive into the future. If you could answer my questions from the point of view of your government that would be great.

    1- Do you feel that the commission should have more power to legislate or should bills remain fully at the will of the regional council?

    2-How do you feel the commission should adapt to move into the future?

    3- Do you believe that we need a commission when we have a regional council?

    I thank you for your time.

    Eric Pickles,
    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

  • 1. No, I don't think that the commission should have more legislative power. The european bills must be up to the control of all the member - states.

    2. I think that we should increase the term of a commission from 4 months to 6 months, because it is important to give time to a commission to apply its program. Also every commission should have a specific program, which must be presented in European Council after 3 weeks from the latest european elections.

    3. Of cource it is necessery the existence of the European Commission, which have the excecutive power.

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    1. Bills need to remain within the main legislative body of the European council, we would encourage more direct election of councillors for citizens.

    2. The commission needs to go into managed decline, 5 offices is too great a number

    3. The commission isn't that relevant as the union progresses we would like to see innovation of new models of executive power.

  • Thank you all for getting back to me. I have some questions and points for discussion.

    "The commission isn't that relevant as the union progresses we would like to see innovation of new models of executive power."

    What new models of executive power do you believe would be right for the union?

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    The executive should lie within one accountable office that of a premier commissioner or a president of the council who is democratically elected and whose role it is to sign legislation into law, be an ambassador to other regions, visit member states and offer a role impartiality where possible.

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    OOC: If the Commission does not have enough to do, commissioners could role play the implementation of various acts that fall under their jurisdiction. We didn't want to do this in the past out of laziness, but now it could be interesting. Premiers could have a press conference when they sign legislation into law, defense commissioners could inspect decommissioned chemical weapon sites, and the Econ commissioner could RP the process of putting together our 2014 budget.

  • Both Commission and Council must have right of legislative initiative. As the executive power of the European Union, the Commissioners work day after day with the continental legislation and they can see better if a reform or a new law is required.

    The Council, as the representatives of the democratic goverments of the member states, are the voice of the European Peoples in the European Union, so they can detect the demand from the public opinion in favour of a new law or the reform of an existent act.

    Hugo Basescu
    European Council Delegate ad interim

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