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    A Statement from the Commissioner for Internal Affairs- 15:25 GMT, Europolis

    "It is with great pleasure that working alongside the European Councillor for Davishire I am able to present a bill to the European Council that will ultimately improve human rights.

    The Capital Punishment (Restrictions) Bill means which, if passed, will firstly limit the number of crimes for which a person can be sentenced to death. This means that any draconian laws which allow a sentence of death for petty theft will be thrown out of the window. Secondly the bill will limit the possible methods of execution that a nation may use. These include hanging, shooting and lethal injection. Thirdly we will be able to provide protection to people who may commit crimes in a country which is not there own. Therefore if a citizen of Davishire commits murder in a country with capital punishment they will not face the death penalty but will instead be sentenced as per the laws of their own country.

    Although many call this proposal madness, many people will say that it is not fair to allow a person who kills to live I say that we must remember that at the end of the day we are all human beings. I believe that nations which sentence people to death are wrong and I feel that it is necessary to restrict this as much as possible. It is a sign of a civilised society to show mercy. I have listened to what people have said in a consultation, originally I was aiming for a full ban on capital punishment however whilst writing this proposal both I and the councillor for Davishire the Right Honourable Nicola Heaven MP have made some compromises

    I would like to invite all nations to develop as a community and provide a unanimous vote for this bill. It provides a compromise for both sides which in the long term will benefit the union.

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    A Statment from the Office of Internal Affairs 19:40GMT, Europolis

    "As the Commissioner for Internal Affairs it is my job to ensure that nations within the region adhere to the minimum requirements for human rights. Late last week My bill was presented to the council which , if passed, would restrict the what crimes a person can be executed for and and the methods that could be used to execute a person for a crime. Admittedly I find the thought that people are being executed by the state as sickening however in order to have the greatest likelihood of improving this situation I had to work on a bill which provided compromise. A bill which will remove the possibilities for inhumane and degrading forms of execution and will also remove the possibility of the state executing someone for petty crime.

    I believe that it is important that lives are preserved and people protected from the possibility of state sanctioned execution and I feel strongly that the bill as it is presented before the council lays the first stepping stone toward the banning of capital punishment in this region.

    I encourage all governments to vote for this bill and prove that nations are prepared to stand up to human rights. I also do not understand why people would vote against this bill if they are not even prepared to debate on it or propose amendments.

    Vote for human rights, vote for the Capital Punishment Bill."

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    A Statement from the Commissioner for Internal Affair, Europolis, 25th April

    "It is with pleasure that I am pleased to support Westfallon on its quest for regional recognition of its existence and truly accept the referendum results in which over 80% voted in favour of being a territory of Os Corelia.

    I am pleased to hear about this and will give my full support to any measures which are taken through the council."

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    A Statement from the Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Europolis, 28th April

    "I feel that with the failure of the Abolition of Capital Punishment Bill to pass through the council the European Union has taken a backward step, in fact not just one step but several steps back in the process of human evolution.

    Over the past weeks both I and the Councillor for Davishire have written and proposed bills to the council. The first which would have enabled nations to retain capital punishment for some crimes was reject, many said that the bill did not go far enough therefore I wrote and the Davishire councillor proposed a second bill which abolished capital punishment completely.

    I fully understand the ideals of national sovereignty and I also feel that as a region we should ensure that member states have the power on how to punish those people which do wrong, however we must punish those people in a human way.

    Capital punishment is state sanctioned murder, why should governments kill people when it is law that killing people is a crime. I label all those governments that follow that belief hypocritical.

    It is also understood that sometimes the police and courts get it wrong, people are sometimes found guilty as a result of a mistake. With Capital punishment then it is not possible to rectify a mistake. In the past before Davishire removed the option of Capital Punishment from the statute books people had been executed as a result of a miscarriage of justice. People who say that miscarriages of justice do not ever occur in their country are frankly deluded.

    It has also not been proved that Capital punishment is an effective deterrent, it can often been seen to be the case that countries which have capital punishment as an option of sentence have crime rates which are similar to those where capital punishment is not an option.

    As Commissioner I will accept the vote by the council and I will not pursue total abolition further during my term of office, I will however look to seek other means of ensuring that our justice system is fair to all."

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    A Statement from the Commission of Internal Affairs, 25th May

    "As I am sure you are all aware the nation of Inqusta has launched a land invasion of the west sahara. As commissioner for Internal Affairs I condemn this action. It was done under the declared intention to provide freedom to the Western Sahara however I feel that this was conducted in order to bring more land under the control of Inquista. I also feel that this could cause increased stability and increased military spending as other nations feel threatened by the action.

    I shall be fully supportive of the Commissioner for Defence and Peackeeping in this matter and shall if requested assist him with his discussions. I do hope that a proper agreement is bought into place to ensure that the military occupation of Western Sahara is ended. "

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