Concerns on Groot Belgie

  • Dear European Councillor

    As Internal Commissioner it is my responsibility to observe relations within the EU and try to keep the peace, as well as ensuring that laws are followed.

    I am rather concerned about recent reports within your press which state two things;

    1- You will not abide by an act of the European Council

    2- You are increasing your military size as a threat to invastion

    Admittedly I have some understanding of your concerns however I feel that you are going to create tension within the EU. By joining the European Union you agreed to the principle that laws passed within the European Council are enacted in all member states.

    I understand that you are concerned about the possible passing of the Capital Punishment Abolition Bill and you have expressed that you will not enact this law if it is passed. I highly advise you to reconsider this statement as this will bring negative views upon your nation and your reputation will significatly worsen. It is also possible that the Internal Commission would seek to issue not only the mandatory fine for not passing the act but will also bring a settlement against you in the ECoJ whilst looking for other methods to ensure that this bill would be enacted.

    Secondly, I would like to reassure you that no other nation will take military action against you at this time. You are seeing a threat which is non-existant. I encourage you to stand down your armed forces and stop this provocative action.

    I fully understand your concerns, and I remember when Davishire was in the same position as this exactly a year ago. I encourage you to persuade your government to take back what it has said confirm that you will not take military action and that you will enable this law to take effect if it is passed.

    If you have any concerns please reply to this,

    Yours Sincerley,

    Rt Hon Commissioner Eric Pickles
    European Commissioner for Internal Affairs

  • The councillor read his letters when he saw he saw on of his collegue he quickly replied quickly.

    My dearest collegue,

    I am only a diplomat and not a chosen member of the goverment of my beloved country. Either way, these bills made the goverments position even weaker than it already was, it is losing it's grip over the people.

    They want to regrain some grip over said population by stating what they did firmly. They have a big frear of our own population and they are in this panic state already because of that. They have now the fear that war will break out after this bill passes and they refuse to pass this bill.


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  • Councillor,

    I understand that you are not a member of your government.

    Although I didn't make this clear I would like you to pass this message to your government,

    Commissioner Pickles

  • Dear collegue,

    I will get it on the agenda.


  • "If I may, Internal Commissioner, I would also like to express my concerns with the so-called "Royal Court" Groot-Belgi? seems to have. The Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping is currently on a state visit to Groot-Belgi?, and he has informed me about the questions he has asked to the Groot-Belgian Emperor, as he stated that "...I have my own court Which is used for crimes against the royal family...". Following this statement, Barrington asked the Emperor for clarification about these courts, but all he got was a grumpy look and counter-questions. I would like to urge the you to ask for more information on this institution, so we can see how this court functions and what a criminal has to do to get in front of it."

    Ralph Jaevons, Inimician EU Councillor

  • "Thank you councillor,

    that is concerning, I will look into considering an in depth investigation into this secretive court. I must first consult my advisors"

  • Our country will answer any questions the EU has. For the sole reason there is almost nothing known about us.

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  • This is an Open Message to the Prime Minister of Groot Belgie

    Prime Minister,

    Having returned from his recent tour of your nation the Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping has raised some concerns with me. I will discuss them here now but I would like you to give me an in depth response.

    On multiple occasions your government has informed the region that it is increasing your military capacity through hurried recruitment and conscription. Can you please explain to me the methodology behind this. I understand that you feel threatened about a possible invasion but can you please explain why you feel threatened.

    Secondly the Commissioner commented on your nation having a secretive court under the jurisdiction of the emperor. Can you inform us of the last 5 people to be tried in that court, their charges and sentences.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Rt Hon Commissioner Eric Pickles
    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

  • Dear commisioner,

    I will answer these questions you have.

    On the military growth in our nation. There are non-mandatory bootcamps for youth. Like I already mentioned these are non mandatory tough parents send their children to these camps. They can leave at any moment and there are NO crimes against humanity comitted just basic military training as you might say. Only thing is, if you want to join the military You have to have done this. thats the only thing it is mandatory for. It's simple math, more people in these (altough non mandatory) camps the more our army can grow.

    I would like to say that that court is not secretive, that are your words and not any of ours. The records are open to everyone that has clearance (not to the grand public because of privacy reasons) the last 5 people that have been sentenced or been proven not guilty are:

    -Erika Peeters: needed to appear in court for causing civic unrest in the neutral zone around the Royal palace. Found not guilty been compenseted 25.000 Belgain Francs
    -Bart De Wever: Broke into the royal palace, found guilty, sentenced to 3.5 years in prison a fine of 1.000 Belgain Francs and needed to repay the damage of 565 Belgain Francs.
    -Peter De Ridder: Keyed the main car of the emperor. Fined 200 Belgain Francs and needed to repay the damage worth 6.987 Belgain Francs
    -Aline De koninck: Tried to poison the emperors food in a public restaurant. Found guilty, Deathpenalty was asked but the emperor sentenced her to 30 years in prison without the chance of perol.
    -Harold Durum: punched a prince in the face. found not guilty

    You see how this is just a regular court with a different name and place?


  • Many thanks for your reply. I do apologise for the delay in my reply however I have been out of the office for the past few weeks for personal reasons.

    I would like to thank you for replying to me with information about this court. Admittedly most of the crimes which are discussed here relate to crimes against the emperor and your royal family.

    Considering the rest of your judicial system I am presuming that you allow people to be tried by an unbias jury of their peers? Can you confirm this please.

  • tough the Jury by their peers is the topic of debate in Groot-Belgie, it is used if the fendand so wishes. It's standard but you as the defendand can dismiss it.

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