Leadership Election 2014

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    Dear Members,

    We have been in a bit of a lull period of membership with the absence of our dear party president it is believed the best course of action is to hold elections for a new leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe. President Arcturus has been missing in action for quite a long time and as we can only assume that she is not able to continue her duties we thus will hold the following vote.

    Countessa Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Co-Founder of ALDGE

    Nominations end: 29th April at 1925 GMT
    Voting ends: 2nd May at 1925 GMT

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    We've sadly not had a candidate stand. I therefore table we proclaim a candidate. I would like to move that we appoint Karolinasz Jaedala as our President. Karonlinasz has been a strong European commissioner for defence and peacekeeping with a strong record in the role in line with our vision. She also has immense experience as a human rights lawyer and would be perfect to transmit our message.

    Maleeka Liszckoszi

    As the Os Corelian ALDGE representative I vote for Karolinasz Jaedala as party president.

    Khayn Krimatak
    Os Corelian ALDGE Rep

    Voting ends: 2nd May at 1925 GMT

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    As there is no opposition to the motion it is passed and Karoliasz Jaedala is elected ALDGE Party President.

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