Cross Regional Summer Games

  • I have been contacted by representatives from The Cross Regional Games Committee , who organise the interregional Summer Games held in Wysteria, inviting members of the European Union to compete in the next edition of the event. According to the representative, the EU was chosen as a potential participant thanks to our close relations with one or more of the four core participating regions, namely Wysteria, Yggdrasil, Texas & 10000 Islands. I am told that if there are individual nations who wish to compete in the games, we must nominate one to sit as an active member of The Cross Regional Games Committee. Before we nominate anyone though, it would be prudent to gauge the level of interest for an event like this. I would ask any nations interested in competing to announce themselves here.

    ((OOC: Basically the thing works like our sporting events, like the Winter Olympics and UEFA, except it features competitors from a load of different regions. I personally think that we should take advantage of this. I've seen similar, interregional events on their forums and it seems pretty fun.))

  • Sounds great! I think it's extremely important we keep foreign relations in shape, and this is an excellent means to do so. I wish Augustus Barrington had gotten this proposal when he was in the FA office!

  • Canada is also one of the regions that will be participating.

  • Admin

    This sounds like a good idea. I'm certainly in favour.

  • I am very open to this idea, lets rock their world!

    EU! EU!

  • Well, I think we can safely say there is a large amount of interest for participation in the games. Shall we then proceed to nominate someone to sit on the game's organisational committee? Remember that this role is an active one and if our nominee fails to deliver our participation in the games will be in jeopardy.

  • I nominate Pa-wait...yeah....ummmmm I guess the second best option Halsberg then

  • I'm certainly very flattered. If there is consensus, I would be more than happy to take up the role. If no one else wants it of course. I will gladly defer to another individual who would wish to take on the role.

  • I think Halsberg would be more than capable to do the job.

  • If no one else has any objections, I would love to take on the role. I thank you all for placing your trust in me, and I promise you that these games will be great for all of us!

  • I think Halsberg is a pretty good choice to participate.

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    Who else but our wonderful colleague Mr Halsberg!

  • The development of the games is going well, and we have decided on a number of things. I present two of those to you today.

    We were looking for ways for regions to be more involved in the games, moving past simply sending athletes. To this end, competing regions have been invited to send a judge to help allocate scores at certain events. I would ask that any nation who wishes to send the EU's judge apply here. Remember, the more interesting the judge the better.


    Photograph (Optional):
    Home Nation:

    We have also decided that we will allow competing nations to advertise goods and services around the games' venues. More information can be found here: Click here people

    Any nation which wishes to have their products advertised at the games may announce their intentions there.

    Thank you for your time,
    Benny Winters
    Commissioner for Foreign Affairs

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