Eurovoice XXI

  • The HBI has once again produced the recap video for this edition of EuroVoice, which can be viewed here:

    I Click My Link Back and Forth, I Click My Link Back and Forth

    ((OOC: You have no idea how long I spent trying to figure out how to put two captions on the same bit of the video.))

  • We still need votes from the following nations:

    Duxburian Union
    Red Croatia
    San Federico
    Nouvelle Picardie
    Northern Caesarea

    You have until May 21st 03:29 GMT to message these votes to me and Os Corelia

  • Still waiting on Altha, San Federico and Northern Caesarea. Only about 12 hours left to vote.

  • Icholasen is happy to be 4th! It's an amazing result for a first time nation. We'd like to thank Gun-Toting Animals for hosting it and we are congratulating the winner (Which I'm not saying because I might ruin it.) We'd also like to thank Miraco and Os Corelia for giving us 12, we'll definitely give you high scores next time!

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