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    Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, Matteo d'Andrea, at a press conference

    **CITT? DI SAN FEDERICO (LA NAZIONE) **- The Central Electoral Commission confirmed in a press conference that preparations for the upcoming general election in San Federico, to be held on the 21st of May, were on schedule. According to the Commission, 'the required civil servants have been notified of their location postings, and the voting machines have been moved to the designated holding areas, in preparation for next Wednesday.' In all, more than 105.000 poll workers at more than 40.000 polling stations have been assigned, to deal with the estimated 50 million voters that are expected to show up on the 21st.

    The current Parliament will formally dissolve on Friday, in preparation for next Wednesday's election. The governing coalition of the San Federico Democratic Party and the Party of the United Left is locked in a tight race across the nation with the main opposition parties; namely, the Alliance for Democratic Change and the right-wing Vox Populi Front. The incumbent Prime Minister, Thomas d'Angelo, has previously stated his intention to retire at this election, and as such the voters will indirectly making their choice for Prime Minister known.

    The electoral system is the same as always, with 270 single member constituencies elected via instant-runoff voting, 100 members elected via an at-large list in each of San Federico's provinces, with the remaining 31 seats elected via an at-large PR list across the nation. The boundaries for this election were redrawn following the previous general election, and as such cannot be directly compared.

    Also at stake on the 21st is San Federico's Representative to the European Council. San Federico has previously remained notoriously neutral with regards to European Union affairs, and has refrained from sending a formal Councillor. Part of the platform of the outgoing Prime Minister was a change in this position, and the election on the 21st represents a personal victory for the outgoing Prime Minister. That position will be elected via instant runoff voting nationally.

    The Central Electoral Commission has remained committed to its steadfast opposition to public polling in this election, as it has in the past, with the small exception of a few day time window towards the end of the campaign. As a result, we should be seeing the results of the first polls within the next few days, before these polls disappear once again. Exit polls will only be allowed once all of the voting has concluded on Election Day.



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    Elisa will represent San Federico at Eurovoice XXI

    **CITT? DI SAN FEDERICO (LA NAZIONE) **- San Federico's national broadcaster, Radiotelevisione di San Federico (R.sf), announced earlier this week that San Federico would be participating in its first ever edition of the Eurovoice Song Contest, in Winchester. The Song Contest, which is in its 21st edition, has been watched by millions of viewers across the Continent for several editions, and has done quite well in San Federico, easily beating the traditionally strong-rated shows in the ever-present ratings wars that occur between television stations.

    Representing San Federico at Eurovoice is Elisa, a well-known personality in San Federican television and music, who will be singing "L'Anima Vola" in Winchester. The song has done quite well in the San Federican charts, and many of the people interviewed by La Nazione expressed positive feelings towards the song. Emma di Pietro, the Executive Director of R.sf, has stated that it is her hope that Elisa places well on the night of the Eurovoice Final.


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