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  • This is the place to talk about Royals. Please feel free to post ANYTHING all is welcome. The United Kingdom of Icholasen's King is King Nikolai Fooza the Second, he has reigned for Two years and is 24 Years old, the reason he is such a young Monarch is that his father died at 50 in the War of Independence in 2013. He is the King in my signature.

  • The Queendom of Jyllandet's queen is Queen Anne Bl?svend the Fifth, born 5th november 1984, and ruled since 1995.

    She converted Jyllandet from a absolute monarchy to a unitary constitutional monarchy in 2000, and greatly contributed with denmark in The War of Faroe Islands
    (Faroe's War) 7th July 2001- 1st December 2003.

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