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  • Hermes Pervenerit

    The Holy Emperors of Vathonia are proud to announce the official newspaper of Hermes Pervenerit.
    This newspaper will keep you updated on everything you need to know that happens in Vathopia.

  • Hermes Pervenerit

    Vathena, 24-5-'14: The Vathopian Embassy Program has launched. Minister Balthazar had received the task of establishing an embassy program and reserve buildings to be used as embassies. He succesfully managed to reserve some of our beautiful buildings to be used by the future ambassadors. Let us hope this will strengthen our bonds with our neighbours.

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    Minister Dishyurt Balthazar of Foreign Affairs, upon hearing there already is an ambassor ready to move in

    On a sidenote, our Holy Emperors congratulate Inimician Emperor Artabanos of Astro for winning the imperial elections. These elections started after their former emperor Hugh resigned after his condition worsened by the Crohn's Disease. Let there be glory for both our countries.

  • Hermes Pervenerit

    Vathena, 20 June 2014: Five ministers of the Vathopian government have been arrested by the Imperial Police this morning. The reason for this arrestation is conspiracy, revealed the Police.

    Tengri emperor Cengiz has recently heard from an unknown source that there was a conspiracy in the government against the Holy Emperors of Vathopia. He ordered the Imperial Police to investigate this matter as soon as possible. The Police found out this was indeed the case. Using spying instruments, the Police have been able to interrupt and record this conversation of the Minister of Education, Maya Aisberg, with the Minister of Agriculture, Shoson Kral, on the phone last Saturday:

    Aisberg: "Good afternoon, how can I be of your help?"
    Kral: "Good afternoon, Maya. How are plans going along?"
    Aisberg: "They're going very well. Emperor Joseon will be visiting the orphanage the 24th of June. We have everything ready. Once he leaves the orphanage, he will be shot by one of the snipers hiding in the gardens. The amount of bodyguards will be minimum to prevent scaring the children."
    Kral: I see. Excellent. I have just arranged the shift of cleaners. The cleaner will attach a time bomb in the office of the emperor this evening. It will explode right after Joseon is shot. Harrim has already set up the fall of Leung. They'll all three die at the same time.
    Aisberg: Very well. And will be victorious.
    Kral: Indeed. I'll have to go now. Dishyurt wants to speak with me. Goodbye.
    Aisberg: Bye.

    Emperor Cengiz said he felt uncomfortable in his office for a long time. When he found a time bomb above his lamp, he immediately called the police. Fortunately they were able to diffuse the bomb without much effort. The Emperor immediately suspected minister Kral to be behind this, as he said he would personally pick a cleaner to clean up his office, the cleaner being the only person who came inside the office for a whole week.

    The Police found out that not only the ministers Kral, Aisberg and the minister of Defense, Aykut Harrim, were behind this. The ministers of Transportation and Culture, Lee-sum Han and Parro Imperri, were also involved in this conspiracy. Minister President Erahifel ala Fos has yet to comment on this conspiracy in his government.

  • Hermes Pervenerit

    Vathena, 21 June, 2014: Early in the mornin, Prime-Minister Erahifel ala Fos has finally made an appearance after the arrestation yesterday. His speech goes as the following:

    "Brave people of Vathopia, you all have heard about the scandals that have been happening in my parliament. I want you to know that I am much angrier, much more disappointed and much more unnerved by the conspiracy. A conspiracy thought up by people I had always thought I could trust, people who would always be loyal to their country and their superiors. However I was wrong. This conspiracy has brought shame and dishonour upon this country. The least I can do as Prime-Minister of Vathopia, is to denounce my position as Prime-Minister and sincerely apologise to the Holy Emperors of Glory. This failed parliament will hereby be resigned. Thank you for your attention. And I once more apologise to our country and her leaders."

    user posted image

    Now former Prime-Minister Erahifel ala Fos

    Soon after this, emperor Luang made an appearance infront of his palace outside Vathena:

    "Dear Vathopians far and wide, in response to the message given to us by now former Prime-Minister ala Fos, we have accepted the apology he had given us this morning. However, the resignation of the ala Fos' government leaves us empty. The elections for the new government will be held on the 27th of June. The results of the elections will be announced as soon as possible after the elections. My fellow emperors and I will then form a new government. Thank you for your attention and have a good day."

  • Hermes Pervenerit

    Vathena, 4 July 2014: The results of the elections are finally in. After the conspiracy by several of the countries' ministers, the prime-minister Erahifel ala Fos resigned his government. Holy Emperor Luang made an announcement the elections for the new government would start on the 27th of June. Around 79% of the Vathopians who are allowed to vote have visited the voting booths. The results are the following:

    user posted image

    The SIP ended up having the most votes, followed by the VS, the SV and the PP. The chairman of the SIP, Kafes Donquixote, is confident. He said that he knows exactly with who he will make a coalition with. The entire country is curious with what it will be, but Donquixote has been seen having small talks with the chairman of the SV. Holy Emperor Joseon made an announcement that the new cabinet will be formed as soon as the Eurykleia is ready.

  • Hermes Pervenerit

    Vathena, 14th of July, 2014: After running around the government building like chickens with no heads, the coalitions have finally been formed. Emperor Joseon himself announced that the coalition formed by the Sentral Innovation Party, the Sahlaka Vathopia and the Party of Progress have succeeded to have more than half of the seats in the parliament. The president of the SIP, Kafes Donquixote, has stated that the people of Vathopia should have no worries, as a new era has arrived to the empire.

    user posted image
    President of the SIP, Donquixote

    The three emperors announced that the new cabinet will be formed soon, the inaugurations will take place right after that and the new glory of our country will then take their seats to rule over us all with prosperity.

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