Embassies in Vathopia

  • Vathopia's Embassy Program

    The Vathopian minister of Foreign Affairs, Dishyurt Balthazar, was given the task of constructing an embassy program by the Holy Emperors to hopefully increase the nation's interacting with its European neighbours. Special buildings across Vathopia have been reserved to be used as embassies. The ambassadors will be welcomed whole-heartedly and will then take home in the embassies.

    Vathopia will be hoping to receive ambassadors very soon. The buildings reserved as embassies are the following:

    1. Tempozan Shrine, Tempozan Park, Vathena

    user posted image

    2. Larcumba Castle, outside Vatueira

    Inimicus: Kyros of Telum

    user posted image

    3. Yeongwha Shrine, Heleris Park, Lijiang Vath

    user posted image

    4. Kahraf Castle, outside Vatueira

    Inquista: Lionel Pellegrini

    user posted image

    5. Haewyong Pagoda, Vathena

    user posted image

    6. Olipuru Street 42, Vaatsburg

    user posted image

    7. Rukiya Tower, Vatavia

    Rimroth: Walter Johnson

    user posted image

    8. Efe Towers, Vatlanta (2 spaces)

    user posted image

    9. Furuhyong Shrine, Vatayama

    user posted image

    10. Revolution Tower, Vathena (2 spaces)

    user posted image

    Application code:

    [i]Embassy Staff[/i]:
    [i]Security Staff[/i]:

    [i]Special Requests[/i]:
    [i]Preferred Embassy Location[/i]:

  • Nation: The Empire of Inimicus
    Ambassador: Kyros of Telum
    Embassy Staff: 6
    Security Staff: 10
    Weaponry: MP5 Machine gun, 9mm pistols, electric batons
    Vehicles: armoured limousine, security vehicle

    Special Requests: -
    Preferred Embassy Location: Larcumba Castle

  • Our nation welcomes sir Kyros of Telum and he will take place in Larcumba Castle immediately smile.gif

  • Mod

    Nation: Inquista
    Ambassador: Lionel Pellegrini
    user posted image

    Embassy Staff: 20
    Security Staff: 2
    Weaponry: 1 FN SCAR, 1 Armsel Striker, 2 USP pistols
    Vehicles: Maserati MC12

    Special Requests: That free WiFi be accessible inside the Castle
    Preferred Embassy Location: Kahraf Castle

  • Sir Pellegrini is welcomed in our nation, and his requests is of no worries, since there is already free wi-fi in the castle. smile.gif

  • Nation: The Barony of Rimroth
    Ambassador: Walter Johnson
    Image: user posted image
    Age: 44
    Embassy Staff: 14 Embassy Personnel
    Security Staff: 8 Security
    Weaponry: Sub-machine guns, tasers
    Vehicles: Bentley Continental GT, reinforcedand with tainted windows

    Special Requests: -
    Preferred Embassy Location: 7. Rukiya Tower, Vatavia

  • We will be welcoming sir Johnson in Vathopia immediately smile.gif

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