On the Western Sahara conflict

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    "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for coming here at such short notice. Time is not on our side, as the matter I will be speaking about today is progressing right now, and is potentially very inflammatory. You have probably heard about the Inquistan invasion of the Western Sahara. This corner of the region has been the ground of many conflicts in the past, but I had thought they had settled down. It appears I have been proven wrong. This morning, the Inquistan armed forces crossed the border and occupied a large part of the Western Sahara, and are still continuing at this very moment. I understand the Inquistan authorities think they are acting in favour of peace and an independent nation of Western Saharas. However, any military action is acting against peace and stability in the region. And I, as Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping, are tasked with protecting the region from confict and instability. I therefore condemn the Inquistans and their allies, the Rechroatians, for invading a foreign land with military force. I summon the Inquistan Archbishop to come to discuss this matter with me in Europolis, so we can find a sensible solution to the conflict. In the meantime, I order all military action to be suspended henceforth until further notice. Should the Inquistan authorities fail to comply, I will be forced to bring this matter to the European Court of Justice.

    I would like a reply from Inquista as soon as possible. Thank you"

    And with that, Commissioner Barrington left the press room.

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    Aleksandra Van Aries III
    After a brief discussion with the Archbishop of Inquista, Aleksandra Van Aries the Third, the Absolutist Queen and it's Matriarch was the one to arrive instead of the Archbishop, in Europolis in her luxurious private plane, forming quite a reaction from Europolis' denizens. Upon exiting her plane and walking trough the capital's streets while surrounded by four bodyguards while wearing a armani dress and gucci heels, which made her look like she was going on a fun trip rather then a important meeting - which hinted at the way she was planning on behaving during it, she made to sure to greet everyone she saw and commend them for their work, having the city's jaws drop. However, this little parade of positivity soon came to an end as the Queen made her way to one of the most majestic buildings in the grand city, the building dedicated to all rechroatian internal business in Europolis... And after doing just that, she sent Barrington a text message that told him to arrive at her current location and that she will be doing the Archbishop's job seeing as he's too busy, right before ordering pizza to arrive while she was waiting, using the very same device.

  • Frowning when he read a suspicious text message on his phone, Barrington was being driven to the Europolis Airport. Having arrived there, he was still unhappy with his visitor. He had wanted to see the Inquistan Archbishop coming out of that private jet, but no, he had sent his puppet, the Rechroatian queen.
    'Welcome', Commissioner Barrington said while shaking the Queen's hand, 'although I had expected someone else. Anyway, let's proceed to the car.'

    The two discussed a little during their walk to the motorcade, which would take them to a meeting room in Europolis. 'So, Mrs Van Aries, you have decided to invade together with the Inquistans, eh? I'd never have seen that in you.'

  • "Spare me, Barrington. I'm sure that you're interested in doing this the traditional way, but there are far more important things going on now in Europe, especially the Western Sahara, that both of us should get involved with. I'm only here because you've stated that you're against our actions, and I'm here to prove you wrong. The military efforts in Western Sahara is the Inquista's military making their presence known. The real war will be fought with words. And besides, those military members are quite spread out, and aren't there for combat: which means that we're not breaking the European law, and even more importantly: we're not breaking the moral laws, present on Earth everywhere, not just in the European Union. The brave men and women that entered Marrakechia are infact, just like we're trying to, aiding the Western Sahara by cleaning the streets, supplying the hungry with food and helping mantain law. Therefore, as the Queen of Red Croatia, and as a citizen of the European Union, I reject your demands." she then smiles at the man, right before proceeding to speak: "However, you're right about one thing. This entire thing is going to be one wild ride. It shall be a war fought with words, like I've stated, and you're more then free to fight, being the Commissioner of Defense & Peacekeeping. Me and the Archbishop are more then willing to speak up for the Western Saharian people, even if we fail miserably over men like you. Have I made myself clear, commisioner?"

  • I would like to state that, The empire of Groot-Belgie is ready to go to war over this.

  • Even though commissioner Barrington had always been friendly and kind towards the Rechroatian Queen, she was really annoying him right now.
    "I neither like your tone nor your warmongering, Van Aries. Let me make myself absolutely clear: the Inquistan authorities have acted againt European regulations, invading sovereign territory with military power. As Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping, I have demanded you stop these actions until we have worked out the situation. You have just ignored my demands and continued anways, and now you are insulting me?! I have some very powerful forces behind me, Mrs Van Aries. Not just the European Relief Force, but the Inimician Armed Forces, too. I have even recieved word from senior Halsbergian officials, who fully support the Commission's position.
    If you are just here to threaten and insult me, you can get your royal self back onto that plane immediately."

  • "The reason you don't like my tone is because you're forcing me to discuss like this. As I have previously stated: we're not breaking the law. Most of these units aren't armed, therefore, they're there as a sign that we're prepared for war if it comes down to it. However, the majority of these soliders have made their way to Western Sahara to aid the situation, they're not using weapons no'r violence at all. No'r are they acting as a military unit, even though they are members of the military. We're not searching for an armed war, Commissioner Barrington. Don't you know the ideals behind me and my country?"

  • "I know the Rechroatians are pacifist. That's the reason I was especially surprised to hear of you joining the war. I don't differentiate between so-called "actions of peace" and military invasion. Fact is this action is illigitemate and unlawful. And since we are never going to be able to resolve this conflict this way, I suggest you leave now and I will see you next time. Goodbye."
    And with that, Barrington departed.

  • "I'll be more then happy to." Aleksandra smiles and nods, taking this meeting as a success. She then stops the car and exits it, entering the red one that driven by one of her bodyguards that was behind her. After that, she proceeds driving her way trough Europolis for a few hours, having quite a bit of fun, right before returning back to Zadar.

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