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    The 9 Dominions of Icholasen


    Capital: Saint Regina

    Largest City: Saint Regina

    Official Language(s): English, French, Nicoleizian.

    Kingdoms/Principalities: Regina, Portland and Romain

    Ethnic Groups: Romantic, Anglo, other minorities

    Demonyms: Nicoleizian, Reginal, Romanique, & Portlandish.


    Main Climate: temperate - plains

    Mountains: a few

    Frequent Trouble: cold or rain storms in winter

    Wilderness: 16%

    Natural Resources: Rare Earth Metals, Oil, Lumber, Fish and Natural Gas.


    No religion (50%)

    Christianity (39.5%)

    • Protestantism (24.5%)
    • Catholicism (14.5%)
    • Other (0.5%)

    Not Stated (4.4%)

    Islam (3.2%)

    Judaism (1.9%)

    Other religions (1%)


    Urban: 70.1%

    Rural: 29.9%

    Literacy Rate: 98%

    Gender Ratio: 0.63 male(s)/female

    Fertility Rate: 2.4 children/family

    Life Expectancy: 70.8 years


    First Languages

    50.7% English Speakers

    18.8% French Speakers

    30.6% Nicoleizian Speakers

    Second Languages:

    50.3% English

    45.6% French

    5.1% Nicoleizian

    Head of State: Queen Anastasia

    Prime Minsiter: Eilidh Whiteford

    Councillor: Duchess of Saint Pierre

  • Cartography of the 9 Dominions of Icholasen

    The Nine Dominions are split into areas of roughly equal populations, whilst also trying to maintain former boundaries of the four constituent countries of the former United Kingdoms of Icholasen. This has made oddly large regions around smaller cities, like in Saint Romain. 

    The Capitals of the Dominions are as follows:

    Saint Romain - Saint Romain

    Saint Regina - Saint Regina

    Saint Pierre - Saint Pierre

    Saint Novella - Saint Novella

    Nuwnociluosoaulaunk - Saint Mary

    South Regina - New Haven

    North Regina - Saint Rose

    Portland - Portland City

    Romain - Beaulieu 

  • The Key Figures of Nicoleizian Life

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    Queen Anastasia II 

    Queen Anastasia has been reigning since 2014, shortly after the 9 Dominions of Icholasen joined the European Union. She is part of the Romanov dynasty, which is a Russian dynasty which has become Nicoleizianised over time, leading it to becoming rather different, but amicable, with its mother house in Russia. Anastasia has been married two times, but widowed each time. Often, the press speculates over whether she will marry again. However, Anastasia has an heir from the first of these marriages, Princess Augustina, who is 3 years old. Despite all of these events, Anastasia is only 29 years old. 

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    Eilidh Whiteford

    Eilidh Whiteford has been the Royal Premier of Icholasen since her landslide election victory in the summer of 2017. Serving a term as Premier Commissioner, Eilidh is probably Icholasen's most experienced politician, making her almost the matriarch of Nicoleizian politics. Her politics, however, is rather bland. She manages to appeal to most of the population by neither appearing too right wing, or too left wing. Whiteford is probably one of the most iconic Nicoleizian figures on the European stage, owing both to her position as Royal Premier, and also as Premier Commissioner. 

    Duchess Poppy Carlton-Romanov

    Icholasen's European Councillor is member of the Royal Family, Poppy Carlton-Romanov. She was, however, picked for this role due to her talents as a speaker, and of voicing the opinion of Icholasen on the European Stage. She is also regarded as being one of the most fashion-forward people in Icholasen, often becoming a trend setter. She is also regarded as one of Icholasen's chief diplomats, as is co-chair of the the Nicoleizian Diplomatic Network (NDN), which is largely independent from the executive. 

  • Heraldry

    The Flag is meant to Symbolise the Union between the Kingdom of Portland, the Kingdom of Regina and the Kingdom of Romain. The white symbolises Romain, the Red Symbolises Portland and the Orange Symbolises Regina.

    user posted image

    The National Coat of arms is in the corner, the Keys symbolise the the 2 Cathedrals: Saint Regina Cathedral and Saint Pierre Cathedral. The Oak symbolises the Rurality of the nation and the bag of wool symbolises how Nicoleizian agriculture is wool-based.

    Royal Coat of Arms: The crown is there because it's Royalty, the hedgehog is there as it is the national animal, and the Eagle is carried on from a former house, the large crown is red as it's the Regina Royalty in the throne.

    Romain Coat of Arms: The Arms depict 2 lions that represent Regina and Portland. In the center there is the Royal Coat of Arms of Romain, even though their Royal Family is long since gone. Also the crown does not represent the crown of Romain, it represents the crown of Regina. The wring says "I will Maintain" in French (because it is the most French influenced region, thanks to its neighbour, Miraco.

    Regina Coat of Arms: The Arms depicts a shield with a golden eagle in front of a blue background. The shield is surrounded by King Nicolaevich's Imperial mantle, filled with bees. The shield is topped by a golden eagle crown, surrounding the shield is the Legion of Saint Regina. Cross behind the shield are the Scepter of justice and mercy.

    Portland Coat of Arms: This depicts dolphins as there are Dolphines on the East Coast. Also the Crests represent the blood line the Saint Pierre Monarchy had with Aleonoria and Miraco. The blue is symbolic to the Royalty of Saint Pierre, which - is opposed to the red colour of Regina.

  • The Most Important Buildings in Icholasen:

    Palaces and Homes of the Royal Family

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    Alexandra Palace

    Alexandra Palace is the residence of the Nicoleizian Romanov House in Saint Regina. Often, however, it is open to the public and to tourists, as seen in the photo above. When Anastasia is in residence, the Nicoleizian Royal Standard flies, and the gate of the courtyard is closed to the public. It used to be here where the monarch would invite the Royal Premier for weekly meetings, however, with the advent of modern forms of transportation Royal Premiers now take a trip to the countryside to the Belvedere Palace.

    The Belvedere Palace

    The Belvedere Palace is Queen Anastasia's private residence in the Dominion of North Regina, where she entertains guests and the Royal Premier, but also holds galas and the like for a variety of charities. It is here where Anastasia spends most of her time, it is only about an hour away from Saint Regina in its surrounding countryside. This palace is rarely ever open to the public, due to the fact that it acts almost as a family home for Anastasia and her children.

    The Lacapelle Palace

    Located in the very south of the country, the palace is in the Dominion of Romain. It is the summer residence of the Romanovs, and they stay here from June-August, and the Royal Premier and the Queen take a break from their weekly discussions. It is built in a traditional Russian style, owing to the fact that the Romanovs are of Russian descent. However, it is much smaller than most of the Russian palaces owing to the fact that the Romanovs built this early in their reign, and they never quite reached the sheer wealth of their Russian counterparts. This palace is usually not open to the public, because it is de facto Prince Thomas' residence, however he also routinely stays in his privately owned house, the Bridge Street Residence. 

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    The Bridge Street Residence (Left)

    The Bridge Street Residence is Prince Thomas' official home in Saint Regina. The Prince stays here routinely, as the city of Saint Regina is where much of his activities as both a socialite, and as an attendee of charity galas and the like take place. It is a much more lowkey residence than other royal residences, owing to the fact that the matriarch of the house, Anastasia, has often demoted Prince Thomas from official roles due to his behaviour which is lacking in morals. 

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    Romanov House

    Romanov House is the official residence of the Duchess of Saint Pierre, Poppy Carlton-Romanov. She rarely actually stays here, owing to her work in Europolis, but when she is gone the palace is used for diplomatic meetings between the Royal Premier and any foreign dignitaries. It bridges across the Romain River in the Dominion of Romain, owing to its stunning natural beauty. But this comes at a cost, the house is actually eroding, which will take lots of restoration to stop. 

    Political Buildings

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    The Senate

    The Senate building is where the majority of the country's representatives go to vote on the issues most important to Icholasen. The east (right in the picture) part of the building holds the actual Senate room, and the rest holds the offices, meeting rooms and other rooms which are needed for such a highly used building. It is located outside of the city of Saint Regina, but not by far, it falls within the semi-orbital motorway of the city. The Senate has 650 members, and currently has a majority in favour of the Party of June. 

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    The Nonet

    The Nonet is where all nine of the Governors of the country gather. However, they also serve as the upper house. The powers of the Nonet are somewhat limited, however they are allowed to reject proposals, and send them back to the Senate with changes which they believe make it pass. However, if a 60% majority is achieved in the senate, they can override the Nonet, and whatever is being voted on becomes law. The Nonet rarely convenes, other than to ratify bills that only achieved 50% or more. However, the Nonet can decide who becomes the King or Queen if there is ever a dispute. The balcony pictured is for the purpose of revealing the monarch via town crier. 

  • The Royal Family

    NB: Grey indicates a deceased persons 

  • Dominions' Capital Cities:

    Saint Regina, Saint Regina

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    Saint Pierre, Saint Pierre

    Image result for portland maine

    Saint Novella, Saint Novella

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    Saint Romain, Saint Romain

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    Portland, Portland

    New Haven, South Regina

    Saint Mary, Nuwnociluosoaulaunk

    Saint Rose, North Regina

    Beaulieu, Romain

  • Flags

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    National Flag: Portland is represented with the Red Cross, Romain is represented with the White Cross and Regina is represented with the Orange Colour.

    Portland: The flag has routes in Havvenskar as they're geographically close, and they have other Scandinavian routes too. The Cross like most in Europe represents
    Christianity. The Blue Represents the Bluer Sea of the North. The Red Represents the blood of their children sent to war. The Yellow Represents the Scandinavian Connection.

    Regina: The Flag has 3 colours: Orange to represent the Royal Family, Blue to Represent the Oceans and Sea Commerce and White to Represent Peace.

    Romain: The White Cross also has routes in Christianity. The White symbolises Peace and the Blue Symbolises the Oceans.

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  • National Anthems:

    Present Anthems:

    Past National Anthems:

  • Party Logos In Icholasen

  • Population Breakdown:

    Urban PopulationRural PopulationTotal Population

    NB: Icholasen Defines Rural Population as those who do not live in cities, and cities are classed as areas with a population larger than 1 Million

    Languages Map

    English: Red

    French: Blue

    Nicoleizian: Green

    By City:

    Saint Regina (Regina)15,260,000.00
    Saint Novella (Regina)
    Saint Pierre (Portland)10,000,000.00
    Saint Romain (Romain)
    Portland City (Portland)
    Saint Mary (Regina)
    Pierrecourt (Portland)
    Saint Gale (Romain)3,000,000.00
    Saint Adelaide (Regina)
    Saint Rose (Regina)
    Belleau (Romain)
    Saint Florence (Portland)

  • Governors, and Nonet Members for each Dominion

    South Regina - Lord Harringsworth, NAP 

    Romain - Pierre de l'Asornance, NAP

    North Regina - Georgie Campbell, NAP

    Nuwnociluosoaulaunk - Morhaul Girluchuz, Socialists

    Saint Novella - Delphine Cormier, PoJ

    Saint Romain - Alexis Grandie, PoJ

    Saint Pierre - John Prescott, PoJ

    Saint Regina - Paloma Faith, PoJ

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    Portland - Aldwyn McDonald, PoJ

  • Political System of Icholasen

    General Elections

    General elections are held usually every 5 years, but are held if such a motion receives a simple majority in the Senate. In General Elections, each Dominion votes to elect Senators and Nonetors who are elected to the respective houses of Parliament. Though general elections are held every 5 years, Dominions may go through by-election if the Governor resigns or dies. This is rare, though it has the potential to stir up Nicoleizian politics. 

    The Senate 

    The Senate is the Nicoleizian lower house, elected via first past the post and proportional representation. 80% of the Senate is elected via first past the post with the Dominions themselves being seats. 80% of each Dominion's Senate seats go the sole winning party of that Dominion's vote - whether that is by one vote or thousands. 20% of that vote is done via proportional representation, (ie 50% of the seats go to the party that one 50% of the votes) but this 20% of seats excludes the percentage of votes won by the winning party and only includes the residual parties. The Senate has many powers. It drafts legislature, makes the majority of the laws, and the largest party within the Senate  decides the government and who becomes the Royal Premier. 

    The Nonet

    The Nonet is composed of the 9 Governors of the 9 Dominions of Icholasen. They are chosen by the largest party in the Dominion's elections, either as part of a general election or a by-election. The Nonet has to sign off all legislation made in the Senate, so that it is made sure all the 9 Dominions are in accordance with the laws proposed. Though, the Nonet can be overrode with a 70% majority in the Senate on regular laws, or an impossibly large figures for constitutional change - 95%. Therefore, making the Nonet the near de facto king-maker for all laws. The Nonet has some of the most powerful people in the 9 Dominions, with the leader of the Nonet, Delphine Cormier, being extremely powerful, able to lead her 4 Party of June colleagues to vote against the government in the Senate if she so chose. However, this hasn't happened as there is currently harmony between these two houses of government, however fragile that may be. Cormier in the Nonet, however, is meant to act as a counterweight to Royal Premier Whiteford, the leader of the Senate, in order to create balance. The Nonet also acts to ensure that each Dominion is given an equal say in the laws of Icholasen, not leaving the heavily populated Eastern urban regions to decide everything in a typical system.