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    The United Kingdom of Icholasen


    Capital: Saint Regina

    Largest City: Saint Regina

    Official Language(s): English, French, Nicoleizian.

    Kingdoms/Principalities: Regina, Portland and Romain

    Ethnic Groups: Romantic, Anglo, other minorities

    Demonyms: Nicoleizian, Reginal, Romanique, & Portlandish.


    Main Climate: temperate - plains

    Ocean: around all the edges

    Mountains: a few

    Frequent Trouble: cold or ice storms in winter

    Wilderness: 16%

    Wild Animals: very rare

    Natural Resources: Rare Earth Metals, Oil, Lumber, Fish and Natural Gas.


    Political Structure: semi-Constitutional Monarchy

    Strong Influence: the Queen and Corporations

    Popular Issue: capitalism

    Stability: fairly solid

    Personal Freedoms: decent

    Scandals: infrequent


    Highly Values: obedience

    Known For: anti-Dairy Policy

    Popular Entertainment: drinking

    Respected Profession: manual labour

    Discrimination: age-based

    Major Taboo: certain sexual acts

    Major Social Ill: infidelity


    Christianity (59.5%)

    No religion (24.5%)

    Not Stated (4.4%)

    Judaism (3.3%)

    Islam (3.2%)

    Hinduism (2.2%)

    Other religions (1.9%)


    Urban: 70.1%

    Rural: 29.9%

    Literacy Rate: 98%

    Gender Ratio: 0.63 male(s)/female

    Fertility Rate: 2.4 children/family

    Life Expectancy: 70.8 years


    First Languages

    50.7% English Speakers

    18.8% French Speakers

    30.6% Nicoleizian Speakers

    Second Languages:

    50.3% English

    45.6% Nicolezian

    5.1% French

    Head of State: Queen Anastasia

    Prime Minsiter: Delphine Cormier

    Councillor: Duchess of Saint Pierre

  • Mapping the Capital:

    The Transit Network:

    Above Ground:

    Dark Blue: Royal Portland Railway. Travels from the Peninsular to Saint Pierre and to Portland.

    Red: Royal Saint Florence Railway. Travels from the Peninsular to Saint Florence.

    Black: Royal Saint Regina Railway. Travels from the Peninsular Northwards to join the Royal Saint Florence Railway and Southwards to Brussons, Saint Romain, and through the Eurotunnel.

    Dark Green:The Queen's Own Great Western. Travels from the Peninsular Westwards across Regina. It then spurts into a different section which travels south through South West Regina and into West Romain.

    Below Ground (The Selu):

    Yellow: Augustina Line. Travels East and West.

    Dark Yellow:(To be completed) connects Above Ground services on the Royal Portland Railway to the main underground system and will be part of the Augustina Line.

    Light Green: Regina Line. East to West Service, connects to the Alexandra Quays Line.

    Light Blue: Alexandra Quays Line, Coastal Service.

    Purple:Lord Robinson Line, Central Service.

  • PM, Deputy PM, Ministers and Others:

    Prime Minister: Delphine Cormier

    Deputy PM: Kitty Spears

    Chancellor: Tina Mountain

    Business Secretary: Angelia Roberson

    Health Minister: Nochilaus D'Arjois

    Minister for Transport: Jaida Maynard

    Minister of Education: Aura Blue

    Minister of Employment/Jobs: Joanie Saylor

    Foreign Minister: Lena Carver (Defected to PoJ)

    Pensions Minister: Xzavier Gilliam

    Justice Minister: Elle Woods

    Minister of Defence: John Prescott

    Minister of the Environment: Natacha Poulin

    Minister of Internal Affairs: Rowan Sidney

    Minister of Culture: Rodolph Lincoln

    Governor of North Regina: Trulie Julienne, PoJ

    Governor of South Regina: Mautirw Sseaurs-Lauls, DILF

    Governor of Portland: TBC

    Governor of Romain: TBC

  • Heraldry

    The Flag is meant to Symbolise the Union between the Kingdom of Portland, the Kingdom of Regina and the Kingdom of Romain. The white symbolises Romain, the Red Symbolises Portland and the Orange Symbolises Regina.

    user posted image

    The National Coat of arms is in the corner, the Keys symbolise the the 2 Cathedrals: Saint Regina Cathedral and Saint Pierre Cathedral. The Oak symbolises the Rurality of the nation and the bag of wool symbolises how Nicoleizian agriculture is wool-based.

    Royal Coat of Arms: The crown is there because it's Royalty, the hedgehog is there as it is the national animal, and the Eagle is carried on from a former house, the large crown is red as it's the Regina Royalty in the throne.

    Romain Coat of Arms: The Arms depict 2 lions that represent Regina and Portland. In the center there is the Royal Coat of Arms of Romain, even though their Royal Family is long since gone. Also the crown does not represent the crown of Romain, it represents the crown of Regina. The wring says "I will Maintain" in French (because it is the most French influenced region, thanks to its neighbour, Miraco.

    Regina Coat of Arms: The Arms depicts a shield with a golden eagle in front of a blue background. The shield is surrounded by King Nicolaevich's Imperial mantle, filled with bees. The shield is topped by a golden eagle crown, surrounding the shield is the Legion of Saint Regina. Cross behind the shield are the Scepter of justice and mercy.

    Portland Coat of Arms: This depicts dolphins as there are Dolphines on the East Coast. Also the Crests represent the blood line the Saint Pierre Monarchy had with Aleonoria and Miraco. The blue is symbolic to the Royalty of Saint Pierre, which - is opposed to the red colour of Regina.

  • Parliaments' Layouts:

    The Royal Chambre des Délégués.

    Royal Conseil des Délégués.

  • user posted image
    user posted image
    user posted image

    user posted image

  • Cities:

    Saint Regina

    Saint Novella

    Saint Pierre


    Saint Mary

  • Flags

    user posted image

    National Flag: Portland is represented with the Red Cross, Romain is represented with the White Cross and Regina is represented with the Orange Colour.

    Portland: The flag has routes in Havvenskar as they're geographically close, and they have other Scandinavian routes too. The Cross like most in Europe represents
    Christianity. The Blue Represents the Bluer Sea of the North. The Red Represents the blood of their children sent to war. The Yellow Represents the Scandinavian Connection.

    Regina: The Flag has 3 colours: Orange to represent the Royal Family, Blue to Represent the Oceans and Sea Commerce and White to Represent Peace.

    Romain: The White Cross also has routes in Christianity. The White symbolises Peace and the Blue Symbolises the Oceans.

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    user posted image

  • user posted image

  • National Anthems:

    Present Anthems:

    Past National Anthems:

  • Party Logos In Icholasen

  • Population Breakdown:

    Urban PopulationRural PopulationTotal Population

    NB: Icholasen Defines Rural Population as those who do not live in cities, and cities are classed as areas with a population larger than 1 Million

    Languages Map

    English: Red

    French: Blue

    Nicoleizian: Green

    By City:

    Saint Regina (Regina)15,260,000.00
    Saint Novella (Regina)
    Saint Pierre (Portland)10,000,000.00
    Saint Romain (Romain)
    Portland City (Portland)
    Saint Mary (Regina)
    Pierrecourt (Portland)
    Saint Gale (Romain)3,000,000.00
    Saint Adelaide (Regina)
    Saint Rose (Regina)
    Belleau (Romain)
    Saint Florence (Portland)

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