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    Western Sahara Crisis Reaches New Levels; President to React

    Presidential Palace, London -- The Western Sahara has been occupied by the army of Inquista in a violation of international sovereignty conventions and has been doing so since 2011. President Cynthia Johnson has denounced the Inquistan government, calling them warmongers.

    "The warmongering going on in the Inquistan microstate are atrocious," said President Johnson. "They are violating international conventions and the territorial sovereignty of Marrakechia. The United Republic will not stand for this, and I will be travelling to form a coalition to stand against Inquistan actions."

    The Prime Minister was not available for comment.

  • Summit for Sahara: Is it Working?

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    Zardar, Red Croatia -- President Johnson, High President Michael Solomon of Halsberg, Archbishop Paul Craticus and HRH Queen Aleksandra Van Aries III have been at a summit in the Rechroatian capital trying to diffuse a situation that has created tension in Europe: the Western Sahara. The Inquistan and Rechroatian leaders have founded the WSA which has been working to apparently 'liberate' the region as a means of self-determination. However, the Internal and Foreign Affairs Commissioners of the European Union and several nations including Davishire, Groot-Belgie, Halsberg and the United Republic have all come out against the proposal.

    But is it an earnest, honest mistake? Several times, the Inquistan and Rechroatian leaders have stated that this is a means of giving self-determination and independence to a region that had been taken over by Marrakechia and already was independent. Halsberg and the President share a different view, as rather Marrakechia had always maintained control of the region in question, but then somehow lost control, which is where Inquista came in and stabilized half of the region.

    Several things must be made clear to the public:

    1. The dispute is not over the entire Western Sahara. It may be tempting to say that the entire Western Sahara is the disputed area, but it is not.

    2. The issue also arises with independence of Western Sahara. Marrakechia, the country from which the Western Sahara 'gained independence' did not fully recognize the region as a sovereign state, nor did anyone except...Inquista. The Western Sahara did not have a seat at the European Union.

    3. Military presence in the region does NOT equate to war. There has been no war declaration made by anyone involved, though there have been plenty of rumours regarding Davishire, Halsberg, and the United Republic forming an armed coalition force. None of these are substantiated in fact.

    Hope among all involved that this will not escalate into a greater conflict, however some may not share that same optimism. The Labour Party already have been planning their attack on the President, claiming she is weak abroad, as a means of increasing their majority in the Union Parliament. Mid-term elections in the United Republic have increased the rhetoric between the major parties, so maybe the President's position is also a game of politics abroad.

  • President Hosts London Conference; Western Sahara Subject

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    London -- The President has returned home from the Summit for Sahara in Zardar, Red Croatia with nothing to show for it, but rather the opportunity to play moderator/hostess in the conflict. She will be hoping to create an environment where the parties can reach an agreement, after talks reportedly got heated and stalemated in Red Croatia. It will be hard, however, for the sides to come to the middle, and it will be the responsibility of President Johnson to bring them there.

    The conflict stems from the recent activity in the Western Sahara, which includes the movement of tanks into the Western Sahara by Inquista, the declaration of independence by the people there, the Marrakechian and Davishire unrest over the issue, Halsberg troops movement to the region, and even strong reaction in Europolis.

    Britons around the United Republic are more hesitant to the conflict, as is the President. However, some have accused the President of getting involved into the conflict to boost polling for the Conservative Party. Opinion polls on the major parties of the United Republic show there is low approval for both Labour and Conservative, despite strong economic data coming from the Ministry of Commerce.

    This also becomes of greater importance in the United Republic, as 4% of the population are various Arabic immigrants from Marrakechia and beyond.

  • Elections 2014: Conservatives Take Lead in New Poll

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    Caleb Graham (shown right), Leader of the Conservatives, on Honest Talk, RBC One's most popular news and politics show

    London -- With Union Parliament elections set to begin June 1st, and the new Parliament and Government coming into power June 8th, the last couple of days of campaigning across the United Republic have begun. As an agreement and under party conventions, there has been no advertising on television or radio, nor any media coverage until the last two days. No debates in the public sphere, so the MPs have time to campaign door to door.

    The result of the campaigning door to door sees Labour losing control of the Union Parliament with the immediate benefactors the Conservatives, though not through a outright legislative majority, much like the Labour Party in this current Union Parliament. The 2014 Union Parliament had a legacy of increased public spending and greater access to means of welfare, while the economy experienced minor growth. The Conservative message of more private sector jobs, less regulation of the markets and national sovereignty have struck a chord in the electorate, particularly sovereignty in the light of the Western Sahara situation.

    Conservatives look to be in front with a 43% in the polls, followed by Labour with 27%. The Conservatives will have to look for a partner, and the most logical choice (given their rebranding, a so called New Conservative) would be the Libertarians, who are fighting in fourth place at 10%, which would give the coalition Government 52%. Labour would be in opposition with the third place Liberals (12%) and the last place Lib Dems (8%).

    The bump for Conservatives has to be thanked to President Cynthia Johnson, who before her election in 2012 was not a party darling. Known in there as "The Smiling Assassin", she presented herself to the public as a common sense politician, different from the ruling class in London. In her party, she was almost Duxburian with her ruthless ability, forcing a step to the centre for the Conservatives. The establishment groaned, but the people applauded as she moderated the policies that saw her party in as low as fourth place in the Union Parliament through the 2000's and looked to put them back as the first fully Conservative government in over four decades. Ironically, President Henrietta Marks in 1982, Prime Minister Simon Rathbone and the 'Common Sense' Union Parliament led the country to deficit, lower taxes but trapped by public opinion from decreasing spending.

    President Johnson seems to be looking to learn from the mistakes of the past.

  • Union Parliament Elections Closed, Votes Being Counted

    London -- While President Johnson is handling the London Conference, voters around the United Republic have cast their vote. The RBC has reported that nearly 60% of eligible voters have turned out, one of the highest ever since the Republic has been formed, and the highest since the 1994 Union Parliament elections, which saw the Labour Party start twenty years of governance.

    Exit polls very early into the night show that Labour is in second place behind the Conservatives, who maintain a 40% majority. Voting has recently ended in all councils, and votes are being counted for each constituency. If that holds, that would be 3% lower than their projected win by the RBC.

    With 2% of constituencies reporting:

    40% Conservative
    27% Labour
    13% Libertarian
    12% Liberal
    8% Lib Dems

  • Breaking: Election Results Have Been Called

    London -- The election of the Union Parliament has been called by RBC, and they are reporting with nearly 45% of all constituencies reporting that the Conservative Party will win the election, but not enough for an outright majority. The Conservative Party will have to ask another party to form a coalition government. They will have to find a coalition partner, as it is a hung parliament.

    With 45% of constituencies reporting:

    40% Conservative Party
    28% Labour Party
    12% Libertarian Party
    12% Liberal Party
    8% Lib Dems

    The race for third place will decide who is forming the Coalition with the Conservative Party.

    RBC's exit polling shows that the Libertarian Party may earn as much as 14% of the vote.

  • We Have a Government; Conservative-Libertarian Coalition

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    London -- In front of Number 11, where the President of the United Republic resides, the Conservative leader, Caleb Graham officially brings the red suitcase, which has been since the United Republic was formed, the signal that a functioning government has been formed. Now, before the President resumes her London Conference meetings today, she will have to approve of the new Government. Reports indicated that she was on conference call with the rest of the Conservative Party and leaders of the Libertarian Party to form the new Cabinet.

    The President has called for the Cabinet to be expanded to suit the needs of the modern state, and better serve the people. She is also the first President to actively place her input in the making of the Prime Minister's Cabinet. Most Presidents keep their eye solely on foreign policy and expanding the United Republic's image internationally, but she is transforming the office into a true steward of the whole government. When asked to comment on the victory for the "New Conservative" ideas, President Johnson said:

    "It is a victory for all Britons in the United Republic, no matter how you identify yourself. This is a new era of fiscal responsibility and efficient governance. We will give the people exactly what they have asked for in coalition with our Libertarian partners, who are excited to pursue the same path of lower taxes, lower government spending and hope to improve the United Republic to the standing of a true power in the European Union."

    With President Johnson's active role in trying to end the Western Sahara disputes and the new Conservative government coming into power on the 15th of June, the United Republic looks to change its image.

    Final Election Results

    40% Conservative
    26% Labour
    15% Libertarian
    11% Liberal
    08% Lib Dem

  • Parliament Opens; Government Budget Leaked

    London -- Ahead of the Budget Statement on Monday, the Parliament opened with a ceremonial session on Sunday, and all the Government and Opposition could discuss was the upcoming budget. Earlier, some details were leaked to the public about the latest budget. This was a vast departure from the Labour budget, as some spending cuts were huge among welfare and transportation, though the government gave tax incentives to the Transport companies. The biggest controversy however was the absence of the National Health Insurance Services (NHIS), the Government apparently taking an axe to the popular programme. The new Prime Minister, Caleb Graham, has stated:

    "The NHIS has caused billions of pounds of expense and many strings attached to the health of the people in this republic. It is an absolute sin that the previous Government started this wasteful scheme and destroyed the trust of the public in this. This coalition Government is devoted to the repeal of this law and instead come up with a tax break for families and working class people across Britain."

    The Opposition did not take the time to formulate an opinion then, choosing to wait for the official announcement of the Budget Statement, in which the Government will release its priorities.

    President Johnson was said to have been highly influential in the Government's path, as she will be the one to approve the budget and execute the wishes of Parliament by filling in the bureaucracy.

    The only vote that happened today was the appointment of Renata Kligenberg as Councillor for Great Britain and Ireland in the European Council.

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