WSA Committee

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    The Sahrawi Union's Flag

    Committee for Western Sahara's Autonomy

    Core Nations:
    Red Croatia, Inquista

    Involved Nations:
    Rimroth, Altha,

    Nadia Ali-Sayed, Paul Craticus,
    Henry Von Cavill

    During these modern times, a state whose history was yet not redeemed stands divided by borders of Marrakechia and Inquista. But soon enough, that shall change. The Committee for Western Sahara's Autonomy rises from the tears of Sahrawi People and the iron wills of Inquista and Red Croatia. Sahara will be separated no longer over the wishes of Marrakechia.

  • The first nation to join the Committee for Western Sahara's Autonomy has been declared Rimroth, whose leaders have agreed that this is a move worthy of making, seeing as they too wish to ensure Sahara's safety, and are willing to place trust in their rechroatian neighbors. Rimroth's initiation into the Committee was signed by Aleksandra Van Aries III and Rimroth's infamous Baron Giesel Farindar.

  • Soon after Rimroth's initiation into the WSA Committee, one of the newest countries of the European Union: Altha has decided that it wants to support the cause of Inquista and Red Croatia as well. Due to that, Nadia Ali-Sayed and Queen Aleksandra Van Aries' representative have decided to sign Altha's initiation into the WSA Commitee, along with the leader of the said country: the beloved Anitax. Now, the WSA Committee has four members, and is hoping to recieve even more.

    Anitax has also mentioned that she's interested in spreading the Althanian religion trough the Sahwari Union, but it was soon decided that this is a matter to discuss another time, and that defeating Marrakechia in this political matter is WSA Committee's priority.

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    Henry Von Cavill's Visit to Icholasen
    After several discussions in which Inquista was not involved, it has been announced by Aleksandra Van Aries III that she wishes for her spot as one of the co-leaders in the WSA Committee to be taken by Henry Von Cavill -- Red Croatia's new head of military. And then, only several hours after her wish was fulfilled - Henry Von Cavill has made his way to the island of Icholasen and has signed Icholasen's initiation into the WSA Committee with Prime Minister Laverne Cox. Icholasen has stated that it supports the WSA Commitee's noble mission, and that it believes Sahara should have the right to be independent.

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