Statement on the forming of The Sahrawi Union

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    Commissioner Barrington has released a press statement on the recent events concerning the Inquistan occupation of the Western Sahara and the formation of The Sahrawi Union:
    "This afternoon I was, to my distraught, informed that also the Rimorothians have sided with the agressors in the Western Sahara conflict. This is especially disconcerning, seen to the fact that the commission has, so far, recieved only the formal support of the Republic of Great Britain. I would like to thank the British for their aid. I would like to urge all European nations that represent democracy and a peaceful attitude, to join me in condemning and denouncing these Inquistan actions. They say they have created an independent state: I see this state as an Inquistan puppet. After all, it was created by the Inquistans for the sole purpose of forming a buffer agains the Marrakechians and the rest of the region. Nations around the European Union, rally with me to counter this threat and aid me and attempt to restore peace in the European Union.
    I would also like to say something aimed toward the Inquistans, the Rechroatians, and even the Rimrothians. The Commission does not recognise the Sahrawi Union, nor the committtee created by the agressors to make the nation seem independent and democratic.
    Once more: any nations willing to join me against this aggressive bloc, make yourselves known and side with me"

  • Oh, you must have overlooked my statement for support or misinterpreted it wrongly commisioner because it was kind of "dubbelzinnig" I will support you in war or peace on this issue.

  • I thank the Groot-Belgians for their support in this matter.

  • The Government of Davishire is Prepared to join with you on and support the Commission on this issue. We echo the words of both yourself and of the Internal Commissioner in condemning this military action and we are prepared, if necessary, to use our own military force in order to change the situation.

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