Official Statement on the Issue of Western Sahara

  • "Thank you all for coming,

    As I am sure you are aware their has been some tension caused as a result of a land invasion of the Western Sahara by a European Union Member State. It is the view of myself that this was an illegal invasion and I call for them to withdraw their armed forces and allow the Western Sahara to return to the control of its previous owner.

    I do however applaud the discussion that is currently going on between the main parties in the issue although I do feel concerned that other nations have been excluded from getting involved. This issue has the strength to affect the whole region.

    I encourage all parties to ensure that this issue does not turn violent and look forward to seeing the results from this."

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    Official Statement on the Issue of Western Sahara

    "I would like to say how pleased I am with the progress made by the Conference of London over the past week, I feel that a major crisis has been averted. However it is not yet over.

    As I understand it the Delegation from Great Britain and Ireland has proposed a treaty which should be signed in order to gain a compromise on a referendum. I feel that it is important that this treaty is signed and that all of the nations involved in the dicussion sign it.

    However despite this success I think it is most strange that the European Commission has not been involved in this process. As Commissioner for Internal Affairs I did ask for a message to be delivedered to the conference but this was ignored. I feel that in the future the Commission should either be more involved in the process of diplomacy or European Nations should seek to replace the commission.

    I do hope that the planned referendum goes on in a peaceful way without rigging however I do hope that these events do not occur in a similar way in the future."

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    Statement on Recent Referendum Results

    "I would like to say how pleasing it is to see people determine their own future in a free and democratic way.

    Recently the people of the Western Sahara which last month was occupied by a foreign military force has voted to become an independent country.

    I am concerned that the continued presence of foreign military forces in the area could have swayed the vote by the citizens of Western Sahara.

    I am calling for a public statement by the independent observers from the United Republic to confirm that no harassment of campaigners or voters took place and that the vote was truly free and fair.

    I am not disputing that the results are correct, I am just concerned about the possibility of the foreign troops in the region influencing the voters."

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