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    Summits and conferences on the situation in the Western Sahara are ongoing, as is a Halsbergian military presence in the region. We in the Commission hope meetings such as the Zadar Summit and the London Conference will turn out well, and will provide a peaceful solution to the conflict. A conflict which, undeniably, is starting to show war-like situations. It is in our interest to defend peace and stability across the European Union, which has enjoyed a very quiet and prosperous time since the outbreak of the Dromund Kaas war, a conflict which has not even been drawn to a full close, that is how terrible it is. We do not want to see another war in our Union. That is why we fully support a diplomatic outcome of this issue. We would like to see an agreement made between the conflicting parties, if not by the end of this week, then by the end of the next one.

    If, however, these negotiations fail to provide a solution, the Commission feels inclined to make peace otherwise. We are not afraid of military action, and will use our capabilities and that of the nations that have pledged to aid the Commission to put a military action on the agenda. Let this, on one side, be a warning to the Inquistan, Rechroatian and Rimrothian authorities, and on the other hand, be an encouragement for the negotiating nations to provide the European Union with a peaceful solution to this inflammatory situation.

    Augustus Barrington, Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping
    Eric Pickles, Commissioner for Internal Affairs

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