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  • ((OOC- The purpose of this is to roleplay moving my military assets into a position to be able to act should the peace talks fail. That is why it is all in character secret. I will not be attacking anyone.))


    It was 03:30 Davishire time and the DS Talbot and the DS Tireless and DS Talent were sailing at periscope depth through strange waters. The vessels are 3 of Davishire's newest Guided Missile Nuclear Submarins (SSGNs), each vessel has a payload of 25 cruise missiles. They were travelling at a slower speed now they approached more hostile waters but their captains were among the best in the navy.

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    "All Stop!" "Down to depth two zero five"

    An order was barked by the captain to the crew, all of whom were unaware of where they were. Many believed this was a training exercise. It wasn't.

    They had set out from Davishire at the beginning of the West Sahara crisis some 2 days earlier and had sailed at full speed to arrive at the RV on time. Their orders were to wait and hide until further orders were issues. The Commodore in charge of the small flotilla of submarines new little about what was going on politically, and in all honesty he didn't care but he knew of the 4 possible orders that he would be given by the Prime Minister.

    All of the crew were nervous in a way, they didn't want to lose the exercise but the officers knew better. They knew that to lose would spark a war. Hide and seek to the extreme in the cold murky depths.

    more to follow

  • IC Secret

    _Sandford, Main Cabinet Office Briefing Room, 09:00hrs _

    It was a lovely sunny day in Sandford as the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister crossed the bridge into the Cabinet Office from the Prime Minister Residence. Steve Mannion and Gordon Brown both knew of what secrets were about to be discussed however the press were blissfully unaware of their presences as they walked over them.

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    Once in the meeting room the heads of Intelligence and the Armed forces were already seated. The Prime Minister sat and started speaking.

    "Ok, I am sure you are aware of the dangerous situation developing in the Western Sahara area.

    I have pledged to support the commission on their view that the invasion should be reversed and the territory handed back to its former owner. As I am sure you are aware the navy has already got guided missile submarines in the Mediterranean sea their main role is to stand as a listening post and if we have to take action as an underwater gun platform. Can the navy just confirm that please."

    The vice admiral stood up,

    "I can confirm that the submarines are in place and awaiting instructions. The boats are currently on 45 minutes readiness"

    Steve Mannion started speaking again,

    "That is good news. Now I really do hope that the Commodore in command of the small flotilla doesn't have to use their weapons and that this peace process works. However we must prepare for the worst. I will now pass over the the Secretary of State for defence"

    The SoS stood up,

    "Prime Minister, our forces are currently writing up the plans as necessary however in the short term any action by Davishire is likely to be more of the missile firing and air cover because these assets are much closer"

    The SoS turned on the projector and pointed to a map. " We have 2 carrier groups that have just left Chilterns armed with weapons they shall be in place 300 miles south of Os Corelia in 2 days time. Although it is not likely that our carriers will be able to get into the Mediterranean without a massacre if war does come. "

    The Prime Minister interrupted,

    "so what are we going to do about that?"

    The SoS started again

    "We shall provide the fleet with additional fighter support and submarine shields and extra anti-air destroyers. In the meantime we have more cruise missile armed subs moving toward the South Atlantic. I cannot say how many but I can say a large number"

    The Deputy Prime Minister coughed then spoke in a harsh tone

    "I cannot believe we are actually discussing this, it could break all trust within the EU if others found out about this. I agree a solution should be found but I do not feel it is healthy to be warmongering."

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    Steve Mannion quickly issued a reply

    "You think that I want to talk about this. We have been trying to work with our European Partners since we joined this union however we must show our strength"

    The DPM then shouted back,

    "what good do you think that will do? Using our armed forces against those who should be our allies. If our planning is spotted it could be a spark a war!"

    The Prime Minister Stormed toward the door,

    "I will not have you speak to me like that Mr Brown, this is the planning which is taking place. We must do this despite my hope that it will never be used."

    Before leaving he said in the manner which firmly reassured everyone of his intention

    "secretary of state please give the necessary orders to the subs!"

    He then walked out and the meeting was adjourned.

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  • I would personally create a new one. But remember you know nothing of this.

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    OOC: Always create your own military thread unless you're doing a joint operation with someone. Also, there are things that can't completely be hidden from the world, like how a mobilization this size will appear on satellites and radar. People may not know where stuff is heading or why, and may not be able to identify the units or their nation, but they may see them moving. Since we don't know their intentions, you (the universal you, everyone in general) should be careful with military moves, since you can start wars even if the player knows OOCly that you aren't actually invading anyone. IC, all they see is the mobilization and/or movement and must come to their own IC conclusions.

    Subs, especially nuclear-powered, will generally not be noticed unless they get too close to shorelines or other military presences.

  • OOC- Many thanks for the advice smile.gif

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