Davishire & Icholasen Summit May/June 2014

  • It was a lovely sunny day in Sandford the Capital of Davishire. The Secretary of State for Defence, Liam Fox had called a summit with a representative from the new member state of Icholasen.

    The topic for discussion was defence and trade between the two nations.

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    The government was still nervous about creating pacts with newer nations to the region, the whole failure about the Joint Defence Organisation was an embarrassment for Davishire and it was hoped that it would not happen again.

    The Secretary of State (SoS) went into his office knowing exactly what he wanted to get from this meeting, he hoped that almost everything could be agreed today but it was unknown if that would happen. The government knows very little about this relatively new island nation and it is hoped that more would be learned very soon.

    The representative from Icholasen was shown to the SoS's office in the Ministry of Defence by the Minister of State for the European Union Nicola Heaven who would also be attending the meeting. Mr Fox shook their hand wished them a good day before they sat down and started to speak.

    As the representative walked through the door the SoS

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    The Secretary of the Militia, Danielle Brooks entered the meeting hall with an open mind. She remembered that the Country was Religiously pacifist, but defense -especially at this time was of paramount importance for the People of the United Kingdom of Icholasen.

    "I invite State for Defence Liam Fox MP and the Minister of State for Europe Nicola Heaven MP to begin discussion, I propose we start with the defense agreements."

  • "Firstly may I welcome you to the Ministry of Defence here in Davishire. Built over 150 years ago government has been conducted from this room for many generations. "

    The SoS took a brief sip of water.

    "I agree I think we should start first with defence. I would like to open with some questions. Firstly what defence capabilities does your nation have, secondly how do you feel it would be best for our two countries work together on this issue?"

  • "It is certainly a very nice room, SoS Fox. The Defense Capabilities of the Unite Kingdom of Icholasen are very limited. No money goes into the armed forces. We have a system similar to Switzerland, where Civilians are called to arms when the nation needs defending. There is no training, but there are sufficient supplies to fight back an invader and if necessary to form a resistance. I feel it would be best to work on this is to maybe set up military bases, airfields and ports in the Country. Do you think this plan would work SoS?"

  • "Well I am suprised that a country of your size has such limited military capability. As a nation Davishire has nearly 6 million military personnel and nearly 50% of our national budget is spent on defence matters. However that is mostly as a result of recent defence funding boosts.

    There are several different matters which Interest us, the first is the establishment of military bases. My government would like to establish two military bases in your country. They would both be situated in the souther half of the Island. It would consist of a naval dockyard and facilities and also an airbase further inland.

    My government has also stated an interest in helping your government to train a defence force fo sorts and assist with equipping them also.

    What do you think of this?

  • "The Southern Half of the island would be ideal as it is least densely populated. The United Kingdom of Icholasen would be willing to agree to the two bases. What would that training involve? We are considering funding the military more. I have provided a map to help us."
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  • The Secretary of State drew a diagram on the map which was given to him,

    The Map

    "The most southern area would be a naval dockyard which would accommodate a small fleet of ships and some 5,000 men and support staff.

    Slightly north of that we would like to construct a city like military base. This would consist of very large forested and grassland training areas alongside barracks and support facilities for 100,000 soldiers of our airborne divisions. Their would also be a runway able to accommodate transport planes and the like alongside some combat aircraft with 1,000 support staff.

    The third base which is detailed we would like to establish a smaller base with no runway but 3 helipads for helicopters and barracks and facilities for one batallion of special forces and small destroyer flotilla with accompanying facilities housing a total of 5000 men and staff.

    Totalling a deployment of over 100,000 personnel which would fluctuate.

    We would be able to provide any training as is necessary once the bases are established which would take months with a longer period for the runway. You would also be able to make use of the training areas and docking facilities. What do you think?"

  • The Southern Bases are very much acceptable, as it is in a very sparsely populated area. QUOTE

    The third base which is detailed we would like to establish a smaller base with no runway but 3 helipads for helicopters and barracks and facilities for one batallion of special forces and small destroyer flotilla with accompanying facilities housing a total of 5000 men and staff.

    This might be a problem, here is my UKoI folder and if you look on the Regions and Cities Map you'll see that it is situated on the city of Saint Novella, which would not be good as 1 Million people live there. Maybe you could suggest another place, now that I have provided you with a population guide.

  • Link to military map

    I have made a change. The most northern base has been moved further north away from the population area. Would this be a more suitable area?

  • Yes, that will be quite alright. When do you propose we start? Do you want to move onto Trade agreements?

  • I will write up a treaty which can be signed by our two Monarchs when they meet after the coronation. This can be a ceremonial acceptance. In reality I can have initial forces deployed to Icholasen tomorrow in order to being preparations on the military bases. This will mean that we can have an immediate military presence in your country. We can then begin the construction very soon.

    Now that is over with, and I am surprised that we got it all done so quickly. As I am sure you can see from the EU map our two countries are very close together, I feel that it would be a good idea to discuss the possibility of a joint travel and trade area where we have low customs tariffs and remove the need for citizens to have visas when travelling between our two countries. We could then open it up for other countries to get involved. What do you think of the idea?

  • We look forward to the treaty. Your military personnel will be welcomed with open arms. Builders from our country will help your military efforts and any materials you need will be catered for. Icholasen (which is the demonym) Young Men and Women will assist and Government officials will supervise.

    I was going to build a Eurotunnel between Weselton or the other nation that's near to us but that never happened, however I feel that we are close but not close enough. I am completely and utterly on board with the free travel zone. Will this include immigration?

  • It was at this point that the Minister of State for the European Union, Nicola Heaven started to speak,

    "In terms of the Free Travel zone I was thinking about allowing people visa free travel to live and work provided that they have been full citizens of our countries for at least 5 years. That way we can ensure that only citizens of our two countries move between the two. However we would have to continue with passport checks and the like.

    In terms of establishing transport links I was thinking about opening up one of our old Docks in the coastal city of Portland and then operating a ferry service several times per day between Portland and your settlement of Portland. It could be called the Portland ferry connection!"

    The Minister gave a break but awkward laugh, she was along in finding her comment funny.

    "Davishire also has a two weekly ferry service to the overseas territory of The Chilterns and back via Os Corelia alongside a twice daily air service. We could also allow those to stop in your country"

  • Dave Summers, Foreign Affairs Minister was called into the meeting room:
    He let out a slight giggle at the joke Nicola Heaven gave.
    [I]"I agree that they must be citizens for 5 years so they don't do benefits or health tourism. Passport checks are important, we're trying to make it free, but not allow terrorists into our countries! The Portland to Portland ferry sounds like a great idea, and the UK of Icholasen is very close to Os Corelia, so we might consider getting ferries there as well (green ferries for reasons you know) and to the Chilterns. It also could be beneficial to make Portland into a transport hub, building an airport and fast railway. That sure is a long way from the Chilterns.

  • Nicola Heaven appreciated that at least one person has a little giggle then went on to say,

    "I agree the Chilterns are a very long way from Davishire and Icholasen which is why we stop at Os Corelia already, a stop in Icholasen would serve both to transport people but also attract additional tourism. I also believe that the development of a hub port would be great for trade also allowing cargo ships to flow through.

    Now I feel that it is important that we work on a treaty for each head of state to sign when they meet after the coronation. Any ideas?

    (OOC-I am now off for the night. Ill continue tomorrow.

  • I think that would be a good idea, we'll have to talk to Os Corelia and the Chilterns about this, obviously.

    ((OOC I don't feel like working on the treaty tonight, but goodnight!))

  • I don't see why we would have to work with Os Corelia in any direct fashion. Our ships already stop at Os Corelia and this would be just an additional stop on a journey.

    If however you wanted to run ships to that nation and the like it would be necessary for your government to conduct separate negotiations.

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