The Coronation of Anastasia Coverage

  • The Coverage of Anastasia's Coronation

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    Aerial View of Nikolai Cathedral
    Sally: Hello, this is Sally Cartwright covering the Coronation of our new Queen.
    James: This is James Tymoshenko.
    Sally: So on screen here we're looking at the Procession, and it's cleared up a bit so the marching band has been able to perform today! The Queen is in an exquisite carriage with gold plating even though we're in a recession and I'm only doing this because I have 3 children who need money to live.
    James: Sally why are you so depressing?
    Sally: I don't know James, I don't know...
    James: Now the Queen turns the corner and is approaching the Cathedral, which looks great with the sun rising again after the storm.
    Sally: It just looks marvellous. All the other delegates and guests have already arrived and are waiting to start.
    James: And she's on the last stretch. The Princess Anastasia gets out of the carriage and looks stunning doing it. She's wearing a lovely dress, it is dark to signify grief, but light to signify new beginnings. I love the style. Pictured in a sketchhere
    Sally: Now Anastasia is going into the Cathedral, she is walking up the aisle. This is a historical event for Icholasen as it is the first monarch to be unmarried. All previous monarchs (and yes that's 2) have been married. It's probably because she's very young.
    James: They still don't know who killed the king!
    Sally: I hope they find out.
    James: At least after a security breakage there's always more security so everything should be fine now.
    Sally: I went on the tube the day after the Saint Regina terrorist attacks and I was fine.
    James: You see!
    Sally: You can see now, she's made it to the Altar.

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    James: Isn't it surreal?
    Sally: Yes, quite.
    James: Now the Ceremony is beginning. The King still lies in state here, so it's really awkward to look at your predecessor when you're succeeding him, but at least the coffin is shut.
    Sally: The Bishop of Saint Regina is starting now, so shut up James.
    The Bishop: The Old King of Icholasen is now dead. The New Queen is here. Let's take a moment to look at his time in the jungle:
    James: We're looking through his time in the jungle that is the Monarchy. He fought fascism and the country is sad he's dead.
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    The Bishop: The Queen may now sit on the Golden Throne (not iron, we're not cheap) We will begin the ceremony. But first, we ask the Bishops of Norse North, Capital Centre and the Superficial South disagree to this woman becoming the Queen of the United Kingdom of Icholasen?
    Norse North Bishop: For Norse North I do.
    Superficial South Bishop: For Superficial South I do.
    Capital Centre Bishop: For Capital Centre I DO NOT!

  • Sally: James who is the Bishop of Capital Centre?
    James: I believe it is a woman, and that is not a woman.
    Sally: Get a close up!
    James: I believe that is...
    Sally: The King?!
    James: He's talking!
    The Bishop of Capital Centre / The King: I am the King of this United Kingdom. My life was attempted on, by my own daughter!
    James: He does have a lot of daughters.
    The King: I mean the Duchess of Saint Pierre, James
    Sally: The Duchess of Saint Pierre comes up onto the stage, booed.
    Duchess of Saint Pierre: Why do you accuse me of this ridiculous claims, do you have any evidence?
    The King: YOU were the only person who could of orchestrated such an attack. Only you are cleared for access to my room for more than 15 minutes, the guards rotate.
    Duchess of SP: Fine...
    Sally: The Duchess broke into crying.
    Duchess of SP: I just wanted to speed up the Monarchy. I knew I could easily kill Anastasia and get myself into the top job.
    Anastasia: You heartless woman.
    Duchess of SP: Well I won't be staying here for much longer, Pierre!
    Sally: A security guard comes down from the rafters and grabs the Duchess. The Royal guards shoot at them but they get away. They crash through the symbolic Stained Glass window. Police outside try to catch them, but they have a helicopter and are making their get away.
    James: This is quite the turnaround, I thought this was going to be boring, but it's mildly interesting / not extremely boring.
    The Bishop: Well shall we get on with the Ceremony?
    The King: Yes, I have abdicated my throne to this country now. It's time for the Next Generation
    The Bishop: I will continue with my Ceremony.
    Sally: Anastasia sits, once again on the Golden Throne.

  • The Bishop: I give you the Orb of the Norse North. The Staff of the Superficial South and the Crown of the Capital Centre.
    Anastasia: I gracefully accept the opportunity and the burden of being Queen of this United Kingdom.
    The Bishop: Do you accept the title of Her Majesty Anastasia the First, by the Grace of God, Queen of Icholasen
    Anastasia: I accept the terms and conditions.
    The Bishop: Then I Crown you Queen Anastasia the First, by the Grace of God, Queen of Icholasen.
    Sally: Now everyone is leaving in their coaches. The Queen will be the First to leave, some might say to put the kettle on and put the chips in the oven, but she's got staff for that.
    James: Yes, and here's the dining room they'll be eating at.
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    Sally: It's not the largest in the Palace but only a special amount of people are attending.
    James: And we don't know if they King is going to be there.
    Sally: This is a first in our history definitely.
    James: We have a dark, dark history.
    Sally: Yes, but the past is not to be repeated, James.
    James: Now they've returned to the palace.
    Sally: Yes, James. They're now eating their Tea.
    James: Yes, and it's been a lovely day here in Saint Regina, really calm, no Duchess flying away in a helicopter or anything.

  • [I]It was the date that the coronation happened. The emperor and the prime minister came in 2 separate planes.

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