Dinner at Anastasia's Coronation

  • Guest List (anyone else can crash the party):
    1. Newly-crowned Emperor Artabanos
    2. HM King Charly, HM Queen Consort Lara, Crown Princess Sara and Prince Skijler
    3. Prince Jacques Astor and Lady Violet of Miraco
    4. Phillip Thora and all members of the royal family of Terra Mortem
    5. Paul Craticus, the Archbishop of Inquista
    6. Prince Regent George and Crown Princess Theodora
    7. Emperor Jules and the Prime Minister of Groot Belgie
    8. His Majesty King Hubert
    9. The High President, Michael Solomon, along with his wife Marie and Edmund XI, the Duke of Roeburg
    The servers served everyone their starter, which was requested by each delegate the Kitchen staff tried their best to cater to everyone's meal requirements. Queen Anastasia had a nice soup with only the finest bread. The old King and the Queen Mother had the same.
    "Welcome everyone to the Coronation Dinner!"
    Everyone was given a generous serving of wine, beer or something else. The Queen loves her wine.
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    The Archbishop was a bit reserved at the dinner. He had just finished at London, and now he was here, in Icholasen. He hasn't had a break in long while and he felt extremely jet-lagged. However, the earlier ceremony was refreshing. The drama in the Icholasen Royal Family was extremely exciting to say the least. They should consider having their own TV show. The Archbishop began observing the guests around the table. Queen Anastasia was the star of the night, and she was sure celebrating like one. She was drinking from two different wine glasses at the same time, and had a third glass at the ready in front of her. When they say the Queen loves wine, she really does. As Craticus eyed all the other guests, Emperor Jules of Groot Belgie caught his attention.

    Craticus snicked under his breath. He grabbed his soup spoon and collected some peas from his dish. Without hesitation, he flung the spoon and sent peas flying towards the Belgian Emperor. The peas hit Emperor Jules right in the eye. The Emepror flinched and the Archbishop didn't even try to cover up his laughter.

  • The Queen was still sure to drink water between each glass, there was about 2 litres in a ceremonial jug. She was sure to engage in conversation with the Archbishop, about the London Conference.

    She was tired from the Coronation so she didn't bother to tell the Archbishop off. She was considering doing the same since he butted in on the IBC News Broadcast of the Coronation.

  • Emperor Artabanos was nervous: it was his first visit to a foreign country as head-of-state. He had been invited to summit in Rimroth, but he deemed this special occasion mroe important. He arrived in the usual Imperial Limousine, an armoured beast with built-in weaponry and everyting His Majesty's security serviced needed to keep Artabanos safe.

    "I seem to be the second to arrive", Artabanos said as he entered the banquet room, "ah well, I don't mind being a tad late. Thank you very much for inviting me, Your Majesty Anastasia. I am honoured to be the first Inimician government official to visit your wonderful country. And greetings to you, too, Archbishop. Even though our countries have not been on wonderful ground the last weeks, I am happy to meet you here today."

  • The Queen saw nervousness in the Emperor's eyes. She reassured him.

    "Emperor, it's alright I'm here to guide you, we're both new to this."

    It's her first time inviting loads of people into her house. She feels Red Croatia will be ingesting substances that are totally legal in Icholasen because this is the land of the free.

    "There's a lot of conflict and issues in the EU at the moment but this dinner is supposed to bring us all together. Icholasen loves you all equally and hopes to stay very much neutral."

  • The High President was most entertained by the events that had taken place at the coronation. According to his aides, the media had heard him comment that it was like a "...a bloody soap opera...". Oh well, I'm sure the region has a sense of humour! Solomon was exhausted. He had just come from the conference in London, and before that the failed summit in Zadar. The coronation was his first chance to have any form of break, and indeed see his wife Marie, who was looking splendid in her new dress. Many had frowned upon the large age gap between the High President and his wife, with the former being 70 and the latter being 25. At the time, Solomon had dismissed the furore, referring to it jokingly as "President's Perks". Of course, everyone made a big deal of it at the time, but as with every news story it had faded back into obscurity.

    The High President was interrupted in his recollections by a series of peas that whizzed past, making contact with the eye of Groot Belgie's Emperor Jules. He couldn't help but join in with Craticus' laughter. No doubt more of this was to come, and the High President couldn't wait.

  • The Queen was delighted to see the High President was present. She was stirring her soup feeling rested she was enjoying the bread but not so much the soup. She had eased down on the wine so to not pass out into the ocean of soup. She had already accepted the fact that she would be the Queen for the rest of her life. She needed to marry and create a successor because all her siblings had either tried to kill her, or not fit for the Throne. The King was still alive and he wanted to see the Monarchy live on. None of that "Republicanism" that was so popular nowadays.

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    Aleksandra Van Aries III
    As the celebration has begun, Aleksandra Van Aries - the Matriarch of Red Croatia still hasn't made her arrival, and instead was in a rather strange but amusing lesbian bar in Icholasen, drinking vodka and listening to loud music: "Ah, Icholasen is such a adorable little country. I can't wait to see it get fully intergrated into the European Union. It's going to be a party!.. I just hope that these women realize that I'm not interested in.. what they're offering.." she then turns around and snickers, managing to catch the coronation's ending on the bar's TV.

    "Oh dear, it looks like it's ending.. time to make an arrival at the after party. I just hope that the Queen isn't offended because I missed her coronation. But those are even more boring then weddings. Being crowned myself was exhausting enough!" she then leaves the bar, stepping on the heads of drunken women that kneeled down and held onto her leg as an attempt to prevent her from leaving. And after that little spectacle, she manages to exit the bar and get into her fabulous limousine that drew her all the way to the capital's castle. Knowing that she has to make an entrance to liven up the place, she did just that.

    As she made her way to the castle's gates, she immediately removed her earings and her hair clip prior to taking off her adorable and fluffy summer outfit to reveal a much more challenging on under - - all in front of the gate's guards. She then winks at them, immediately forcing them to let her in - even though she was not on the technical guest list. Having gotten quite the kick out of it, she gigglesnorts and goes through the grand gates with a grace that even a cat would envy and the pride of a matriachal queen. And to top it all up, she simply looked effortlessly gorgeous, wearing diamond tipped heels and a summer dress that revealed both a portion of her cleavage and her hips while fashioning her beautiful, cascading red hair. But soon enough, that vision of perfection was ruined as the Queen playfully screams out and does the jazz hands at the gates, yelling out words to be remember: "I came here to fuck bitches! Woooohoooo!" But the reaction? It's not what she expected. Instead of the cheering youthful crowds she imagined, she only heard old people eating pickles.

    "Well, this doesn't look anything like my coronation after-party.." she then looks around at the staring crowds, cringing as she eyes the faces such as those of High President Solomon, King Charly, Emperor Artabanos and others. Knowing that the best thing to do right now was to forget her entrance ever happened, she simply puts on a smile and begins walking her way up to Craticus who seemed to be approached by Emperor Artabanos. "What a poor soul.." she thought as she grabbed Craticus' hand and begun dragging him away as she looks at the Emperor: "Can I steal him for just a second? Thanks." and then the newly crowned Queen, whispering to her: "Love your dress.."

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    The Queen Anastasia was also looking fabulous in her dress. She appreciated Aleksandra Van Aries III will for a party, and they probably would not be able to find it here, but it was official business she guessed. Anastasia loved Aleksandra Van Aries III because because she was a strong woman like her.

  • "She looks nice..."

    The Duke of Roeburg was seated next to the High President, and as such had an excellent view of the new Queen at the top of the table. What a tough few days she must have had, he thought. First losing her father, then finding out not only is he still alive, but that her own sister had tried to kill him. It was remarkable that she was remaining so composed and seemingly happy, smiling as she chatted to the guests around the table. She looked so beautiful in that dress...it goes so well with her eyes. Her lovely eyes...

    "Don't stare", the High President said gruffly. "We're here to represent the country, not ogle at the local royalty.

    "I wasn't ogling her. I was simply admiring her dress. It looks very nice on her. And also, it would be nice if you called me 'your highness' even just the once. It doesn't even have to be anything big. 'Would you like a glass of water, your highness?', 'excuse me your highness, but do you have the time?'. Or even, 'Please excuse me, your highness. I need to go to the little girls room'", Edmund replied, with a slight hint of irritation. He noted while he was speaking the somewhat spectacular entrance of the Rechroatian Queen, Aleksandra. Now that was someone who knew how to make an entrance.

    "I don't need to say anything of the sort to you", Solomon said midway through a mouthful of bread and soup. "As the Commonwealth Relations Act of 2012 says, 'The High President is superior in both honour and...'", Solomon paused to remember the quotation, "'...in both honour and title to any leader of any Commonwealth govern-'".

    "Oh for gods sake, if you don't stop quoting yourself I'll have go and talk to the chap from Llanowar we saw on the drive here. You know, the one that was carving stock prices into that stone wall. Probably a damn sight more interesting."

    The High President made an annoyed grunt and appeared to be about to respond. Marie, however, who always had a keen eye for potentially gossip-worthy incidents, attempted to change the subject.

    "Did you see what the Aleksandra was like with Craticus? She just pretty much dragged him away from that nice Inimican. I've been looking around...but I can't see them. Maybe they went off to another room or something..." Marie gasped. "Maybe they're having a thing! You know, like Livia Arcturus and that Frank from Rhine Ruhr! Oh that would be so sweet! They have been acting quite closely recently. Maybe this whole thing with the Sahara was a ruse to give them an excuse to see each other more..."

    Edmund hadn't been paying attention. He was more interested in the graceful figure of Queen Anastasia. Maybe he could speak to her later, see what she's like in person. I bet she's the sweetest girl in this whole country, probably the whole region. Their eyes met for the briefest of moments, and the Duke's heart skipped a beat.

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    HRH the Prince Regent and HRH the Crown Princess

    This was George and Theodora's first major foreign engagement since the start of the Regency, and what a start it had been. King Joseph was unable to attend due to prior engagements, leaving the next generation of royals to face the rest of Europe's great and good alone. Neither of them still fully understood quite what had happened at the coronation earlier, but it was certainly entertaining. There was great excitement in the Regency household, however, when it emerged that one could request one's starter. George and Theodora looked forward, therefore, to their seared foie gras on toasted brioche with jam - Theodora had chosen caramelised apple, while George had pumped for fig - and some of those leaves that chefs always put on starters so it looks arty.

    Before the starters, however, the Prince Regent and Crown Princess were offered "wine, beer, or something else." George asked for wine, beer, and something else - which turned out to be a rather excellent brandy. Theodora cast a disapproving glance, before asking for a glass of champagne. Both holding a drink in each hand, the couple proceeded to the banqueting room and took their seats, nodding to various royals and dignitaries as they passed by. As they awaited their meal, the Regent explained to Theodora that that was the Halsbergian High President's wife - honest, his wife; no, not grand-daughter, wife. They also bonded with fellow newcomer to the scene Emperor Artabanos, and George spent a whole minute sniggering, trying to stifle his laughter after the eccentric Queen Aleksandra made her grand entrance.

    The foie gras was very nice, as it turned out. It went perfectly with beer, wine, and brandy, George eagerly, and perhaps slightly too loudly, told everyone who would listen.

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    The Anitax of the Althanian Polytheistic Religion, and head of state of the Althanian Dominion was at the most likely place for a world leader in her 20s, a local bar. You must understand the Anitax being 24 and all she must have some freedom. She had always been bored of just regular coronations among regular monarchies, but she decided to instead head out to her old home away from home. Many don't know it but in her teens she was a party animal. One night stands, coming home drunk(since 16 was the legal age for everything in Altha), waking up in bathtubs, the list goes on and on. Few know about this, only one of her better friends, Aleksandra, and the head of the temple of her patron goddess.

    She was partying it up, taking her 8th shot of vodka in the last hour. Men feeling her up, her allowing men to feel her up, but then she noticed the time in the middle of her favorite song. "Crap, I'm forty minutes late" she looked around and noticed no guards to take her to the dinner, "Oh yeah, kinda ditched them to head here". She noticed some boys in the parking lot being boys, walking up to them she used her feminist charm(showed a little something) and got a ride to the castle. Once she arrived outside the castle she took off her party dress and put on the more stylish green dress for the dinner with the boys looking completely on. "Thanks for the ride boys," and kissed the three of them on the cheek and left the car.

    Showing a pass to get into the building the guards opened the doors for the much more sexier and graceful Aureliana, once inside she made her way to the dining room and stole a few drinks whenever possible from the servants. She told one whatever the chef suggests for a starter, as she walked into a room the Archbishop and Aleksandra were heading out.

    Dang it she thought, just missed her. Well I feel up the archbishops ass later, I wonder if its firm. Aureliana was back to her old drunken self. she eventually got bored and started throwing peas at the Emperor of Groot- belgie

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    After the Archbishop managed to flinging his last pea at the Belgian Emepror, he moved unto using his cutlery at projectiles. Craticus first chucked his soup spoon followed up an array of forks. Hit. Hit. Miss. Hit. Damn, miss.. Finally, Craticus picked up a knife and aimed it at Emperor Jules. However, the murder was inetrrupted by the entrance of the drunken Aleksandra Van Aries. Craticus couldn't help himself but laugh. The Queen stumbled her way to Craticus and pulled him up by his hand. The two quickly scurried up and followed servants that were carrying back food from the main dining hall, and were heading back to the kitchens.

    Queen Aleksandra was stumbling everywhere, and it was just a matter of time before the Archbishop was dragging her down the kitchen hall. Aleksandra was slurring all her words, but having spent some time in Newfoundland as a child, Craticus understood her perfectly. The kitchen staff were surprised to see the two, but made no objections to the apparent raiding party. Craticus grabbed dozens of small pastries and a few pies and shoved them all down his suit jacket, while Aleksandra started pulling out alcohol from a cellar. After stumbling around and making a mess of the kitchen, the two became giggly and ran down the kitchen hall into the banquet hall.

    "Okay, if you hit him, one point. Head shots are worth three points. If you miss, take a swig from the tequila", Craticus explained to Aleksandra Van Wasted. Craticus pulled loaf of bread from his jacket and took aim at the Belgian Emperor, who was now covered by pea soup and had slight injuries resulting from the thrown cutlery. He threw the bread and totally missed, hitting the Inimican delegations."Oops".

    Aleksandra snorted in laughter and shoved the bottle of tequila in Cratcicus' face. Apparently neither had good aim, because by the 3rd round, both Aleksandra and Craticus had already finished the whole bottle of tequila between the two. It was no surprise Aleksandra was missing, mostly because she was extremely intoxicated, but Craticus was becoming impatient with his aim. Instead, he ran up close and pied the Emperor in the face. Aleksandra fell to the ground roaring, and was unable to get up.

    Craticus then spotted High President Solomon, and his beautiful wife. Craticus thought back to the Zadar conference and how he could practically feel Solomon's feelings toward Aleksandra in the air. Despite having some disagreements about the Sahara, the High President was a bro, and Craticus would have his back. Craticus made his way to the High President and his wife, and put his arms around the two.

    "Heeeeey! Nice to meet you my lady. It's also good to also see you again, Mr. High President". Craticus smiled and leaned in, whispering to the High President. "Aleksandra is one shot away from having her stomach pumped. I'll distract your wife, and Aleksandra will be all yours. I think there are bedrooms somewhere". Craticus then turned his head to the High President's wife. "I've heard so many nice things about you. Please tell me more about yourself while your husband goes and talks... politics... to the Queen of Red Croatia".

  • Phillip sat silently as he twiddled a coin between his fingers. The coin was engraved with face of his late father, and would soon be a collector's item. Nothing exactly like it would ever be minted again. Phillip wasn't a very outgoing person, nothing at all like his loud and boisterous father who relished occasions like these. Mostly, Phillip just sat and watched.

    There's the prince of Angleter, drinking like he just walked out of a desert. Phillip thought to himself, slightly amused by the spectacle. Phillip didn't often drink, but his uncle didn't seem to be as puritanical about alcohol as Phillip. He was right up there beside the prince, drinking like an over-sized red nosed fish, making the prince's insistence on beer, wine, and brandy look like casual drinking. His uncle also seemed to be the only one who found the prince's comment on the foie gras laugh out loud funny.

    Phillip turned his attention to one of the men from Harlsberg, who was staring at the queen with his mouth slightly open. Could he make it more obvious? Phillip thought to himself, shaking his head, trying to suppress a smile. Phillip didn't enjoy events like these, but he loved a good love story.

    Phillip watched the duke drool for a few minutes before turning his attention back to the coin in his hand. "Maximilianus Imperator - 2014" he read aloud, holding the coin close to his face so he could see the tiny text engraved near the edge of the quarter milliard, under the portrait of his father. The portrait didn't actually look like his father. The imperial mint had engraved a powerful jaw and a rather angry looking face onto the profile, nothing at all like the soft faced kind man that Phillip knew. Just as he was imagining his own face on the coin, his mother interrupted his train of thought. "Come and mingle!" she said to Phillip "Come! Let's go talk to the prince of Angleter before he gets as drunk as your uncle!" Phillip looked up, his uncle had a hand on the prince's shoulder and was laughing rather loudly at something the prince had said, the prince seeming more than a little confused. "Alright." Phillip said, standing slowly out of his chair "Let's make some friends."

  • The High President looked in amazement at the Archbishop's offer. He hadn't had an opportunity like this for years. Maybe he should consider it... No. He was a faithful man. A man of integrity and honour. And could you imagine the scandal! He interrupted the Archbishop while he was talking to Marie,

    "Oh dear I think Aleksandra might need your help! She's a bit...oh there goes the priceless ming vase. Yeah, I think you'd better go and help!"

    Craticus moved off to assist the Rechroatian, who appeared to act more drunk as he moved closer.

    "Oh, that's a shame. He's quite a nice man. Wow, look at Aleksandra. She's stumbling about like I don't know what. Oh dear, she's coming up to the steps, I wonder if she'll make it...nope. She must be having so much fun right now." Marie turned to her husband, "I used to be like that. It was great...we would go out all night, party till the sun came up. Then I met you and now I have to behave because of all the cameras."

    The High President looked hurt. "That's not a problem is it? I mean, I'll always choose you over the job..."

    "No, silly!", Marie smiled. "Sure the queen's having a good time, but she doesn't have you!"

    "Aww, I love you Marie! What would I do without you!"

    Edmund picked up Solomon's half finished bowl of soup and pretended to vomit in it. He hadn't seen such a nauseating display since he saw a video of a blue whale give birth. Or was that a Susan Callaghan campaign video? He wasn't sure.
    "Ugh, get a room you two. Everyone is staring at you."

    "You can't talk about staring", the High President teased. "Even the delegation from TerraMortem is talking about you and the new queen. You really weren't subtle at all."

    Marie, sensing an argument was about to begin, stepped in. "Perhaps you should go up and talk to her Edmund. I've seen her look at you a few times. Although, I've noticed Aleksandra looking at you too. How about you go and talk to Anastasia, and I'll go and test the water with Aleksandra?"

    "And leave me on my own?", the High President asked, somewhat offended.

    The Duke's doubts about Marie's plan were erased at this point. "Lets do it", he said. "Thanks Marie."

    The Duke stood up. He slicked back his hair and checked his breath. Minty fresh, as always. He headed towards the Queen's table.

    Marie headed towards where the Rechroatian Queen, Inquistan Archbishop and Althanian Anitax were standing. Well, two out of three were standing. Perhaps her plan to talk to Aleksandra could wait. But there was so little time! She looked over to Edmund. He was standing trying to work up the courage to speak to the Queen, bless him. But he couldn't get involved with her! She seemed nice enough, but a relationship between the head of state of Icholasen! Edmund, and Halsberg, would be much better off entering a union with a well defined and established nation, like Red Croatia. But Aleksandra at least appeared to be too drunk to have anything resembling a civilised conversation on the issue.

    Marie looked around the banquet hall, quickly assessing potential interests for Edmund. Her eyes passed over the entire table, including the High President, who was getting into an argument with the Chief Steward after lighting a cigarette. Marie sighed. She turned around to face the group she had joined, and spotted the Anitax Aureliana. Head of influential, friendly country...check. Female...check. Single...check. Willing...from the looks of it, check. Marie made her move.

    "Anitax! How lovely to finally meet you! This is such a lovely get together, isn't it? I wonder if I might be able to have a wee chat with you, perhaps over by veranda?"

    The two women moved away towards the large, glass doors which marked the entrance to the veranda. chatting as they went.

  • Aureliana smiled, "Oh just please call me Aureliana darling! Anyways what did you need to talk to me about? Need some religious advice? Confession?" she responded with a smile that was partly helped by the amount of alcohol in her. She looked over at a nearby servant and took a few more shots of vodka for good measure.

  • Aleksandra simply continued laughing, right before managing to stand up. And after that, she fixed her hair up a bit - along with her posure.. and after that, it felt like everything was under control. With elegant footsteps which showed off the woman's long, exposed legs, she made her way to the table at which the Archbishop sat: "Well then, this is turning out to be a rather entertaining evening. I however can't help but wonder why is everyone acting so stuck up, or so over-the-top like Anitax over there. Especially people like..." she moved over to boop his nose "..you, who just walk around with servants all day. You people need to learn how to be independent in your relaxation!" she then crossed her legs and got another glass of red wine.

  • @Altha
    "Oh thank you, Aureliana. No, I was wanting to talk to you for a slightly different reason." Marie joined the Anitax and found herself another glass of wine. "My friend over there by the Queen Anastasia, the one that looks quite nervous. Well, he's at the age now where he's looking for a relationship and it seems like he's set on trying to get with the new Queen. Now, as much as I like her and her country, I don't really think an official union between Icholasen and Halsberg would be as beneficial as a union between Altha and Halsberg..."

    Marie wondered if she was being too direct. "So, I was thinking, if you were looking, could you maybe consider Edmund for a relationship? I'm sorry, I'm being too direct! I must have offended you terribly, Aureliana!"

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    Craticus tried his best to help his man Solomon out, but he wasn't going to take the bait. Just like how he conceded in London, he conceded here. But the High President was a man of honour and of integrity. He unwrapped his arms around the coupe and walked over the other side of the table and slumped into an empty chair. Craticus suddenly realised what he had just tried to do. He had basically tried to get the High President to commit adultery. The Archbishop was suddenly flushed over by grief. The Archbishop had been a man of high moral standing all his life, and had devoted his life to God. It must be the Tequila, he began thinking to himself. His knew his behavior was devolving to the very thing he hated. The Archbishop reminds himself that he founded the Crusade Against Corrupt Inquistans, and has sought to eradicate the corrupt morals of Inquistan society, and of the liberal and degenerate Inquistan Church.

    Aleksandra came over the Archbishop and got very close to him. He was starting to become uncomfortable. Her comments cheered him up though, and he laughed as she touched his nose. "It's true. I'm known to be a tight-ass. I'm the Archbishop of Inquista, so it's my job. I could use some relaxation though. Anitax seems too relaxed though. You can tell she's come here for the sole purpose to find a man to sleep with. It's people like her that just...ugh... disgusting with their sexuality."

    The Archbishop stood up and grabbed an entire jug of wine on the table, and sat back down next to Aleksandra. They sat there quiet for a second, before the Archbishop began gulping down the entire jug. Craticus was drunk out of his mind, and it began to haunt him. His thoughts... how they tormented him.

  • Aleksandra smiled at Craticus, deciding not to comment for now. Instead, she patted his head and let him lay on her legs as she moved her fingers through his recently cut hair: "Well, that's simply how she was born, I suppose. I however believe that she might end up being a proper Queen, at least if she decides to put her duties first and her 'desires' second.." she then sighed as she continued moving her fingers through his hair, beginning to speak a few moments after: "But then again, I would prefer if she was more patient. What is love if there is no basis for it, what is 'love' without true passion?" She then looked over at Queen Anastasia and the Duke of Halsberg, smiling once again.

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