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  • Official Rebuttal Regarding the London Conference:

    Good evening Europeans,

    I have read recent news reports and statements from the European Commission, particularly the Commissioner for Internal Affairs, the Commissioner for Defense, and the leader of Northern Caesarea, and wanted to offer my own rebuttal to the comments.

    If you all are truly dedicated to lasting peace in this region, then you will understand that your statements will only further inflame the situation. There is a treaty on the table where 4/5 of the participants have signed, whom happen to be the only four nations with any capability of a military presence. There are provisions in the treaty for action against those who violate any territorial sovereignty and use any military in an aggressive way.

    The leaders of Inquista and Red Croatia have given their word that their troops are not being used for any aggressive posturing. Perhaps the Commissioners and the leader of Northern Caesarea are looking for an excuse to escalate the conflict and engage in war, rather than looking for a resolution. This treaty is that means to a resolution, and the referendum will be held with observers from the United Republic who are already on their way to prepare the Western Sahara for their referendum.

    If the Commissioners are left pondering their exclusion, perhaps a look at their rhetoric regarding their stance on the situation would lead to the reason why they were not requested to come to London.


    President Cynthia Johnson
    President of the United Republic of Great Britain and Ireland

  • My Fellow Britons and Europeans:

    I congratulate the new Sahwari Union on their successful bid for independence, validated by a referendum as expressed in the Treaty of London. This is a great moment in European politics, a display of the Union at its best.

    I urge the Western Sahara Authority to continue their good work as they continue with the next step, and for all Europeans to stay invested in this budding democracy for years to come.


    Cynthia Johnson
    President of the United Republic of Great Britain and Ireland

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