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    Following the success of Eurovoice 19: Revenge & Redemption, Inquista will once again be hosting the next Eurovoice competition with a central theme. In celebration of the powerful role women have played not only in the music industry, but in the political world of the European Union, we will promote girl power and feminism in the upcoming Eurovoice competition. This competition is also dedicated to the recently crowned Queen of Icholasen, who has shown that women can lead just as well as men can. Like the Queen of a country, music has sometimes been lead by a Queen. Over 21 brilliant (make that 20, that one in Kryuland was terrible) Eurovoice competitions, Europe has been graced by the appearances of many different "Musical Queens". This upcoming competition will be a Battle Royale to be remembered, as nations will send forth their best musical Queens to compete for the ultimate title.

    We bring to you... Eurovoice 22: Queens of Europe!

    Theme restrictions:

    • Only solo female artists, all-female bands or bands lead by a female vocalist may be entered
    • No songs may be submitted that were produced before 2000
    • All songs bust be in either English, or your nation's most prominent language

    EV22: QoE will start accepting entries on the first day of Summer, June 21st.

    We look forward to seeing the artists that will be competing, and hope that this Eurovoice delivers the entertainment you all deserve. Can't wait! See you then!

    Note: IBC formally apologises for the confusion this theme might bring to the citizens of the Duxburian Union, as there is no such thing as genders in your society, but we hope that your biologist might be able to decipher and explain the theme of this competition.

    ((This is also my 666th post. EV = Satan? Craticus disapproves of this.)))

  • Rumours has it Marrakechia will return to EuroVoice with a song containing both of English & the Marrakechian language.

  • Rumours say that the Iyorian contestant who will be preforming, she will be only 17 years old, and winner of Iyori's Melodifestival, she calls her self simply Nagi and the lead singer of the band Supercell.

  • Rumours say that the person who came second place in the Icholasen Talent show: Has anyone got talent in this talentless country of halfwits and idiots? Will be competing. This is a woman called Paloma.

  • Wilhelma Louve, the famous pop singer of the State of Westphalia is rumored to have possible interest in the new Eurovoice competition.

  • Great Britain and Ireland are rumoured to have someone who believes that "suddenly the Koontz is [her]".

  • It is doubted Inimicus will send an artist, as the nation firmly disapproves of themed EV competitions. However, Inimician Broadcasting Corporation spokesman Ed Harris said this morning: "We may find a....suitable candidate to send to Inquista...".

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    Rumours was an album by a band which cannot enter this EV because of the theme.

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