Motion of loss of confidence


    Honourable Commissioners,

    You have all noticed the inactivity of our Commissioner for Economics. Since his election he has not acted according to his Office at all. I would therefore urge the Commission to act.

    The motion:

    "The Commission, recognising the unfair conduct of Commissioner Kalabouros and noting the Commissioner has misused the trust the the European people have placed in him, we further note that the Commissioner has not produced a European Budget, forcing European institutions to use valuable surplus money, condemns the Commissioner and loses confidence in him."

    Voting on this motion ends 13 June at 19:00 GMT

  • I, Benny Winters, Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, vote FOR the motion of impeachment.

  • I, Augustus Barrington, Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping, vote FOR the motion of impeachement

  • I, Chasca Nayra, Premier Commissioner, regretfully must vote FOR the motion of impeachment.

  • As Commissioner for Internal Affairs I,the Right Honourable Sir Eric Pickles, do vote for the motion

  • With four votes for, no votes against, and no abstentions, the motion of loss of confidence is passed and Commissioner for Economics Xristos Kalabouris is stripped of his powers. A Commission by-election will be held to determine Mr Kalabouris's successor for the remainder of this Commission's term.

    It is a sad thing it had to come this far, but the Commission has to act if one of its members is not functioning according to the responsibilities and duties of their Office.

    Commissioner Barrington

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