Commission special by-election

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    European Commission Special by-election

    Commissioner for Economics Xristos Kalabouros was impeached this week, and so we need a new Economics Commissioner to replace him for the rest of this Commission's term. I would like all nominees to make themselves known here. All those interested in the Office, please fill in the following form:


    [Candidate photograph or image]
    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Political Party Affiliation:

    Nominations will begin now and end on 14 June, 20.00 GMT

    The Commission

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    Candidate Name: Sam Gyimah
    Home Nation: Icholasen
    Political Party Affiliation: ECL

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    Candidate Name: Dr. Michael Reed
    Home Nation: The United Republic of Great Britain and Ireland
    Political Party Affiliation: UEC

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    Candidate Name: Anthony Friedsman
    Home Nation: Federal Union of Weselton
    Political Party Affiliation: Member of the Social Democrats (Conservative Right-Wing Ruling Party in Weselton)

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    Candidate Name: Draco Cain
    Home Nation: Terra Mortem
    Political Party Affiliation: UEC

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