AtWar Game

  • Hey everyone! Long time no see. I'm just posting here to let y'all know of a game of atWar I've started for those of us in the EU to play. If you are not familiar with the game, it is similar to Risk. I've chosen for us to play on the Europe+ map with extra cities so there should be enough room for quite a few of us to play. This map should also be intimate enough to guarantee early armed conflict which is always more fun. I'm going to leave the game open on my computer for the entirety of the 1st phase so that more people can enter before the start of the 2nd phase.

    I hope that this link works for everyone, but if not, the game is titled NSEU and it is a CASUAL game. The password for the game is europolis.

    Feel free to jump in and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield smile.gif

  • Admin

    Yay! I love atWar. I also made a map of our EU a long time ago (so it will need updating) which we can eventually play with too.

    Now let's destroy each other. >:')