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    Aerodimus, Os Corelia
    After some uncalled for drama at Athemas, Henry Von Cavill has found his way to Os Corelia's Aerodimus in secret, where he made a rushed decision to discuss Red Croatia's current situation with Viscount Hargadoon, announcing his arrival.

    "It's quite interesting how these Os Corelians have managed to do it. Even though they're known to be a peaceful nation, they're still a country with some military power. Only if Red Croatia could end up that way. It would be far more convenient then discussing the revitilization that's already in process with those that are hardly involved.. But still, their opinions are not to be discarded. Perhaps discussing this with the Viscount is going to give me an idea." Henry thought as he was driven through Os Corelia, right before he made it to the Leodis Square, the home to Os Corelia's Parlament. Knowing that he should have this run as smoothly as possible, he didn't hesitate to exit his ride and enter the building prior to being guided to the Viscount's presidental office.

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    The parliamentary escort showed Mr Von Cavill tot he Viscounts office where he was asked to wait while the Viscount's PA checked if he was ready. Then she gestured in for Mr Von Cavill to go into the office.

    'Henry a pleasure to finally meet you' he said 'what can I do for you today?'

  • Henry smiles as he shakes the Viscount's hand and has a seat in his office, right before he begins to speak: "Ah, the pleasure is all mine, Viscount." He then gives him a firm nod before getting to the business: "Now, I assume that you've already made your assumptions about my presence here, and I believe that you've been well informed about Red Croatia's current situation.." Soon after, he gets his hands on a double latte.

    "..And that situation is what I want to talk to you about. I'm looking for both advice and a potential future ally in you, Viscount, I won't lie. Therefore, I would like your opinion on all this, and I would appreciate knowing would Os Corelia's military be interested in co-operating with the one of Red Croatia."

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    The Viscount stood up walked round his desk to a pair of arm chairs and gestured for Henry to join him.

    'Well Henry this is a predicament that has long faced our government as you indeed know. How do we protect yet ensure peace. We have a different approach to this problem and think we have a veritable solution. It is about focussing on what your nation needs. In Corelia our forces are not so much military as a defence force purely to protect these isles and waters. They have limitations to their roles and capacities for example our forces are purely equipped for our isles and are not for expansionist purposes or to protect foreign interests although we have a trained reserve to assist nations in defence pact.

    In terms of a defence pact we are open to discussion on it but I cannot promise anything until details are ironed out'

    The Viscount then began to pour Corelian Herbal tea into the two mugs poised on the table.

  • Henry followed the Viscount's speech and movement around his office, beginning to speak upon he has been offered tea: "Red Croatia does also want to have a way of defending itself, and something that can make it's presence in the European Union solid. However, the problem is that the recent issues with Sahara are making some people very sensitive when it comes to discussing war. It's a shame that not many understand that all the WSA Committee wants to do is protect the nation's soverginity, not destroy Marrakechia's. But that's something that we should not discuss... unless, of course, you're willing to do so."

    "And why, of course! Red Croatia would be more then willing to sign a defense pact, but I agree with you when it comes to us needing to iron the details. Who even knows. Perhaps, in the end, Red Croatia won't even have a military. But still, I'm not sure what to take from your wisdom. Should I make even more attempts to convince my people to change their minds with passive decisions which focus on the good sides of having a military, or are you hinting at something else?"

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    'Well my suggestions and advice are certainly to bear no influence in fact I choose rather to detail you how it has worked for my nation as a case study to inform you to make a decision. We don't have military we have a defence force with a specific service and role to do that is armed it is without international ambition. The framing of it is crucial to conveying the parameters to your people'

  • "Well, that is something that I wouldn't mind listening to. Os Corelia has managed to keep it's reputation and influence over the years in the European Union without things such as these causing it issues, so it does set up a quality example - and I'm quite glad that you're willing to share this." Henry then smiles and gets a bit more comfortable in his seat: "Also, I have hear that Os Corelia is concerned about it's waters, correct? It is something that makes quite a bit of sense, seeing as it's a country perfect for transporting troops and has a well developed fishing industry. Therefore, seeing as Red Croatia - despite having not reached the same level of development as Os Corelia when it comes to those things -- is quite protective of it's sea as well. Perhaps this can lead to co-operation on the Atlantic Ocean and the Heraclian Gates when it comes to patroling the area, but also trading. I'm not able to speak on behalf of Red Croatia when it comes to trades, but I'm certain that we could make it work, because Red Croatia is a country that's led on trust. If we co-operate on the european waters, I'm sure that both of our countries will be willing to work with one another, because that's how you establish friendship."

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    'I think it best to recommend to your state department that we have a meeting which I would be happy to host here in Os Corelia.

    In terms of our waters we see it of paramount importance to ensure only our fisherman can fish in our waters as it is our property and a backbone to our industry. We have regular patrols and have specific set fishing lanes and shipping lanes which are uni directional to ensure top security. For example the lanes run anti-clockwise around the main Corelia Isle and vesels have a licensing systme our sea force can scan and ensure its a Corelian vessel or if not that it has clearance form the Seaboard. The force will not hesitate to detain those without the license and impound their ships if caught. These decisions were made with help of our seaboards and maritime unions'

  • "Excellent. In that case, I believe that it's best that we do what you've recommended: simply hosting a state summit in Aerodimus, but that will have to wait at least a few weeks or so, I'm afraid: seeing as this issue alone is the priority. Therefore, it's best if I leave now, but I'll make sure to stay in touch." he then stands up and reaches out to shake the Viscount's hand: "And before I leave, I would like to thank you for your patience and willingness to discuss. It was refreshing to see that quality in a person after all the trouble I've just been through at Athemas." he smiles.

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    The Viscount stood up 'It is always a pleasure to be visited by an esteemed Croachian such as yourself and I'm glad I could be of assistance. I look forward ot your return with the government. Have a safe journey home'

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