Operation: Blazenvik

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    Operation: Blazenvik

    Seamaster Adric Selwyn stood on the bridge of the supercarrier, DNS Acennan Aelir, flagship of the Duxburian 1st Fleet. In his sights was the far southern tip of Icholasen and the unknown military presence that had been detected by satellites days earlier. They'd originally been sent out to scout, but the Seamaster wasn't naive, you didn't send 4 of the nation's 9 fleets for just anything.

    Selwyn called in what he saw, it appeared to be some kind of military base, with naval facilities and some warships, Davishire flagged. The 2nd fleet reported finding another, much larger base, still under construction. The Seamaster was aware of yet another area of interest further up the coast, but the 3rd fleet was still trying to locate it.

    He received a response from General Reid, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    "Seamaster, can you confirm that these are all DAV forces and bases?"

    "Yes general, fighters and helicopters from the 1st and 2nd fleets have only observed DAV units. The 3rd fleet is still en route to the PoI in the Pas De Calais. It is currently passing the Icholasen capital.

    "Have any native forces been spotted?"

    "Negative, Icholasen is not known to possess an army and no units have been spotted."

    "I will dial the Steward for orders, let's prime the 1st and 2nd in the meantime. Check Valkyrie."

    "Yes, general."

    Priming a fleet was like cocking a loaded gun. Well, they hadn't come all this way to sit there and look pretty.

    A bell rang and Selwyn walked over to the ship's huge command screen. The real-time positions of his fleets populated the map. 23 corvettes, 39 frigates, 46 destroyers, 11 amphibious assault ships, 2 helicarriers, 4 light carriers, 2 standard carriers, 1 supercarrier, 26 SSNs, and 11 SSGNs comprised each of the nation's 7 assault fleets. With the ability to field more than 520 aircraft, 330 ships, and land 110,000 heavy marines, the 1st and 2nd fleets combined were like a mini-military of their own.

    The screen now showed arrows and waypoints indicating the desired position of each ship. Selwyn altered a few of them in order to keep his carriers better protected, then forwarded the diagrams to his ships, which possessed similar command screens that functioned in the same way. That action also automatically updated the moves at High Command in Fort Lamington.

    This new command system was absolutely brilliant. He was no longer a slave to the phone or radio and captains no longer had any confusion about their orders. Selwyn watched in awe as the ships began their assigned position changes, all in unison. This was a Seamaster's wet dream. Whoever dreamed up this system deserved to be made a grandmaster for it!

    SSNs remained in their positions outside the core of the fleet. The corvettes, frigates, and destroyers began to rotate around the carriers, with 3 outer arms developing. Lamington liked to assume this formation in order to intimidate opponents, as it showed off the size of a Duxburian fleet in the threatening style of a hurricane. It also kept the ships moving, as moving targets were harder to hit, and protected the fleet from all sides. Guided missiles had no problem being launched from this formation, even from ships moving away from the targets.

    During the hurricane swirl, carriers started to put up aircraft, helicopters were put out wide to search for hidden submarines, and SSGNs, guided missile destroyers, and missile frigates locked onto surface targets.

    Selwyn could see all the target locks on the main screen and had to order some units to stand down, not only were all the overlapping locks a waste of missiles, but they were making it difficult to see what anything was on the map.

    He moved to the fleet command panel and switched the "1" button from "green" to "yellow" and waited. About 20 seconds later, the "2" button moved from green to yellow. His eyes locked onto the unlit "red" buttons as he awaited further orders.

    The phone rang, it was Reid.

    "According to Davishire's own newspaper leaks, there are DAV assault forces in Icholasen, subs roaming the Mediterranean, and 100,000 troops in the Western Sahara. This is out of control and the Steward does not want them in these locations. Has the 4th fleet reached the Herculean Gates?"

    "Yes sir, they are in position there."

    "Good, instruct the 4th fleet to blockade the Mediterranean at the Gates. Don't let Davishire forces through, let everything else through. Kindly persuade them to vacate Icholasen using the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Lamington will take care of the Western Sahara.

    Oh, and if they don't fancy leaving, the Steward is not interested in prisoners."

    "Understood, general."

    The Seamaster assigned ships to fire warning shots across the bows of all the Davishire naval vessels and the flagship launched a firework over the land base that started yellow and turned red as the streamers dispersed and faded away, signaling the intentions of his fleet.

    Now, he would have to wait for their response.

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    OOC- I have an agreement to be on Icholasen. Also on Marakkechia

  • The five ships of the Davishire fleet based on Icholasen were in a mild state of shock.

    user posted image
    3 of the 4 patrol ships based in Icholasen, the destroyer is not shown

    The fleet commander, Rear Admiral Westby was in the bridge having a mini panic attack

    "Just support the engineers I Was told ... now a large ruddy fleet or 10 turns up..."

    His second in command Captain William Heald was just nodding sympathetically, he spoke to the captain

    "Has the government been informed?"

    Westby replied in a manner which he was not expected. It was suddenly calm,

    "What do you think? Get me a white flag on the mast of our unarmed patrol vessel. I shall go to the flagship of that fleet of vessels and discuss what is happening with the commander of that fleet. Maybe then we can know what on earth is happening."

    Within minutes a small unarmed patrol ship brandishing two flags, the white flag of parley and a small Davishire Naval Ensign was next to the dock. The vice admiral got aboard, his own pennant was also being flown.

    He ordered the vessel to move at a fast speed so as to be able to approach the fleet in a calm yet fast manner.

    He did not know how the Duxburian Fleet Commander would react to this...


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